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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


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R-II1/52/40 dated             2nd APRIL, 2014

It is hereby notified that the XXX All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Gr.’C’ will be held from 15th June to 17th June, 2014 at Tirupati (A.P). All delegates should reach the venue before 10.A.M. on 15th June, 2014 positively. The Conference will be preceded and succeeded by Central Working Committee Meeting to be held on 14th 18th June, 2014 at the Conference venue for which no separate notice will be issued. The agenda of the Central Working Committee will comprise the agenda of the All India Conference as notified. Accommodation for the delegates has been arranged in Dharamhalas near to the Conference venue. Food will be supplied at the Conference Venue. The provisions of the articles 16 (a), 24, 92 and 93 of the Constitution shall be strictly followed while electing delegates for all India conference. The number of delegates should be restricted according to the constitutional provisions. The list of the delegates including the lady delegates should be forwarded to the Reception Committee well in advance with copy to CHQ.

All Conferences at Branch, Divisional and Circle level, if due should be completed in accordance with article 81 (a), 61(1) and 44 (a) of the constitution respectively and also as per CCS (RSA) Rules 1993. Subject to modifications, as may be done by the CWC and AIC the Agenda of the Conference will be as follows:


  1. Adoption of the Biennial report from May, 2012       to May 2014. 
  2. Adoption of the Audited Statement of Accounts       for the year 2011-2012, 2012- 2013 and               presentation of Accounts from April 2013 to           March 2014    ( Subject to Audit)

 3. Adoption of Budget Estimates. For the year            2013-2014, 2014-2015.

              2.        (A) C.G. Problems:

1.      Amend Sections 5, 6 and 8 of the CCS (RSA) Rules,1993 in order to ensure the freedom of association rights of Civil Servants.
2.      C.C.S. Conduct Rules 1964 , Section 3, 5 & 7 to be scrapped.
3.      Scrapping  of New Pension Scheme.
4.      Privatization, Downsizing, Outsourcing of Government functions.
5.      Withdrawal of CGHS / Health Insurance Scheme.
6.      GPF Interest Rates.
7.      Non implementation of Arbitration awards.
8.      Withdrawal of ceiling on Bonus.
9.      Lifting ban on recruitment.
10.  Anomalies arising  on implementation of 6th CPC recommendations
11.  Removal of cap on compassionate appointments.
12.  Discussion on 7 CPC Terms of reference submitted by Staff Side.

                  (B) Postal Problems:-
                     1.      Privatization and outsourcing of Postal functions,
                     2         New Postal Policy,2012
                     3.      Downsizing of offices and abolition of posts
         4.      India Post Office Act 1898 and amendment thereof.
         5.      Demands of GDS for Status and Pension
         6.      Exempt Department of Posts from purview of reduction of staff     strength.
         7.      Fill up of all vacant posts in all cadres.
         7 (a) Filling of the post of GDS in RMS
         8.      Review of MACPS
         9.      Implementation of agreement on Strike Charter of Demands.
       10.      Compassionate appointments.
       11.      Regularization RTP services.
       12.      Regularization of Casual Labourers and DRM
       13.      Vindictive action and victimizations.
       14.      Drop franchise Postal outlets.
             15.      Enhancement of all pending OTA/TA and enhancement of Fund according to the needs of the staff.
      16.         Administrative attack on Trade Unions.

( C ) RMS Problems;-

1.                  Merger of SROs/ HROs with HPOs/POs
2.                  Technology development, Modernization and Mail Net Work Optimization programme.
3.                  Abolition of RMS Offices, Sections ,Divisions, ROs, Transit Sections, Night sets and to set one Mail Office           in a Revenue District and creation of NSPCS Hubs, L-1, L-2, First Class Mail Hubs, Parcel Hubs.
                         4.        Proper assessment of workload and   sanction of justified staff.
       5.        Processing of mails and other premium products in RMS
       6.        Diversion of all preliminary sorting work from Post Office to RMS.
          7.        Proper and justified accommodation in Transit Sections.
       8.        Improvement of working conditions and environment in RMS offices.
       9.        CRC functioning and norms.
     10.        Computerization in HROs/DOs and TMOs.
11.         Functioning of AMPC and grand of special increment to the official engage in connection with AMPC.
     12.        Filling up of all vacant posts of group `C`, `D`, LSG, HSG-II and   HSG- I, PSS group `B` from General  Line including residual vacancies.
     13.        Cadre Review.
     14.         Full-strength in Project Arrow Offices
                       15.         Revision of OTA and OSA Rates

                 (D) MMS Problems:

1.      Privatization of MMS
2.      Supply of New Vehicles.
3.      Replacement of condemned Vehicles.
4.      Curtailment of Schedules.
5.      Supply of Spare Parts, Tools, equipments.
6.      Filling up of all vacant Posts in all Cadres.
7.      Provision of mail Peons/Guards to the Drivers.
8.      Cadre Review in MMS.
9.      Pay Scale and promotion of Workshop Staff at par with the Drivers.
10.  Holding examination for IMM Posts.
11.  Promotion of Artisan Staff on par with MMS Drivers.
12.  Merger of Charge Hand with Technical supervisor and Despatch Rider with Drivers.
13.  Insurance of Mail Motor Vehicles.

                  3.   Assessment and Review:
1.   United Movements.
2.   Confederation.
3.    Review of Parliament March on 26th July, 2012, One day Strike on 12-12-2012, Two days General Strike on 20th & 21st February. 2013, Two hrs walk out against PFRDA Bill, Mass Dharna w.e.f. 2 to 7 Sept. 2013, Mass Protest on 25th Sept, 2013 against total Ban on creation,filling up of posts and other austerity measures, Dharna on 30th Jan. 2014 at Jantar Mantar, Two days strike on 12th & 13th February, 2014 on 15 Point Charter of Demands , 48 hrs Dharna on 24th & 25th February, 2014, sending Savingrams to P.M. on 7th March,2014, National Convention on 4th April, 2014  at Nagpur and discussion of Indefinite Strike during  June,2014 called by Confederation.

4.         Review and settlement of Strike Charter of Demands called by Postal JCA  (NFPE & FNPO)

5.      NFPE
6.      JCM functions.
7.      Organizational position at all levels.
8.      Re-verification of Membership.
9.   Adoption of Resolution – resolution to be typed neatly, item wise and to the point.
             10.   Amendment to the constitution if any should reach CHQ by  30th  April, 2014.
             11.   Policy and Programme.
             12.   Election of (a) Office Bearers (b) Federal Councilors  and Councilors in JCM           (Department Council)
             13.   Venue of the Next AIC
             14.   Concluding remarks.
             15.   Vote of thanks                                                                                              
(Giri Raj Singh)
General Secretary
                 Copy to :-

1.      All Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries
2.      All Divisional /Branch Secretaries
3.      Secretary General, NFPE,1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001.
4.      The Secretary Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi- 110 116 with the request to issue instructions for grant of Special Casual Leave to the Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries, CWC Members and delegates.

5.      All Chief Postmasters General. with request to issue instructions for grant of Special Casual Leave to the Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries, CWC Members and delegates.