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Monday, June 30, 2014

No. R- III/52/ 41/2014                                                 Dated  30-06-2014

Secretary (P),
          Department of Posts,
          Dak Bhawan,
          New Delhi-110116.

Subject:- Resolutions passed by The 30th All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` held at Tirupati, A.P. from 15-06-2014 to 18-06-2014 

Respected Madam,


1.    This 30th All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` held at Tirupati from 15th to 17th June, 2014  views its grave concern to the negative attitude of the Central Government in settling the following 15 Point Chart of demands submitted by Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers to the Government
2.    Revision of wages with effect from. 1.01.2011 all Central Government Employees including GDS.
3.    Merger of DA with pay to the Central Government Employees including GDS
4.    Compassionate appointments
5.    Functioning of the JCM and implementation of the arbitration awards.
6.    Remove the ban on recruitment and creation of posts
7.    Downsizing, outsourcing, contractorisation etc.
8.    Stop price rise and strengthen PDS
(a)  Regularisation of daily rated workers.
9.    (b). Absorption of GDS as regular postal employees
10. Introduction of PLB and removal of ceiling limit
11. Revising OTA  and Night Duty allowance rates
12. Arbitration Awards.
13. Vacate All Trade Union victimization
14. Right to strike
15. Career progression (5 promotions in a cover)
16. Scrap the New Pension Scheme

This A.I.C. resolves to request the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers and JCM staff side to organize serious agitational programmes culminating indefinite strike for realization of the above demands. This A.I.C. further calls upon the entirety of  RMS & MMS  employees to make all the programmes of the Confederation and the JCM Staff side a grand success in the  RMS & MMS


This 30thA.I.C., while vehemently opposing the new pension scheme introduced from April 2004, strongly urges for scrapping of the scheme in toto. The argument advocated by the Government that the total outgo on account of payments for the existing central government employees has gone up from Rs. 5,206 Crores in 1993 / 94 to Rs. 22, 618 Crores in 2003 / 04 and there is need to switch over from defined benefit pension Scheme to defined contribution Scheme does not hold water. The value of money and the Indian currency in the global market, the rise in price index and the rise in the rate of inflation are not taken into account. As the cost of living steadily increases along with the fiscal standards, the increase shown in the payment of pensions is only theoretical. Further, it is argued that many countries are switching to the contributory scheme also is irrelevant. Because, so many western countries which are quite often quoted as models by the ruling elite are paying pension as a social security for its employees ranging from 40 per cent to even 55 percent of the last pay drawn.
This A.I.C. further notes with concern that the amount accumulated in the pension fund by contributions from the employees and the departments they are employed is proposed to be invested in the trade of the share market. It is everyone’s knowledge that the share market is a heartless giant and the gambling is known for its fluctuations, many of the slumps are deliberately orchestrated to suit the needs of the trade gamblers. The fate of the hard earned money of the employees will be at the mercy of these unscrupulous elements. This is highly unfair and un-warranted.
The new pension scheme is against the interests of the employees for the following reason:-
(i)           It displaces the age-old scheme of social security
(ii)  The fund raised in the pension will be invested in private share market for          which there is no security
(iii)    The contributory pension scheme does not guarantee the equal share as that of the employee by the Govt. 

Hence, this 30th All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` held at Tirupati from 15th to 18th June, 2014  strongly feels that this anti-employee new pension scheme may be scrapped once and for all. It further unanimously resolves to urge the  Govt. to drop the proposal and to restore the original defined Benefit Pension Scheme.

With Regards

                        Yours sincerely,

                                                                                              (Giri Raj Singh)                                                                                                      General Secretary

No. R- III/52/ 41/2014                                                 Dated  30-06-2014

Member (P),
          Department of Posts,
          Dak Bhawan,
          New Delhi-110116.

Subject:- Resolutions passed by The 30th All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` held at Tirupati, A.P. from 15-06-2014 to 18-06-2014.

Respected sir, 

The 30th All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` held at Tirupati, A.P. from 15-06-2014 to 18-06-2014 passed the following resolutions  unanimously:-

This A.I.C. seriously observing the inordinate delay in the finalisation of the cadre review proposals in all the cadres by the Department. The Committee constituted by Department on Cadre restructuring of Group `C` employees vide No. 25-4/2012-P-I dated 23rd October, 2013 held its discussions on 4th February, 2014 at 15.00 hrs & on 5th February, 2014 at 14.30 hrs under the Chairmanship of Shri V.P.Singh DDG (P). As on date Department is not ready for any favourable modification we are continuing our efforts to get it modified . The proposal of the Department regarding Cadre restructuring and letter No. JCM (DC)/Cadre Review/Staff Side/264 dated 5-2-2014 submitted by the Staff Side .
This 30th All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` held at Tirupati from 15th to 17th June, 2014 resolves to request the Department to settle the following demands of casual, part time and contingent employees as these issues are pending since long time and in spite of repeated requests and submission of the report by the committee appointed to consider these issues long back. The delay in settlement of the genuine demands of these downtrodden cadres is deplorable and requires immediate sympathetic consideration and justice.
1  Immediate payment of revised wages from 1-1-2006 along with arrears  irrespective of date of entry in the department as per Supreme Court Judgement.
2.  All the Casual Labour either full time or part time may be granted paid W/OFF, Post office Holiday including national holidays.
3.   All the part time contingent posts may be converted as GDS posts and the present incumbents working in that posts may be converted as GDS.
4.   All other PTCL may be regularized by issuing appointment orders so that   they will get job security
5.    All the PTCL may be absorbed against MTS/GDS vacancies by implementing AP High Court Judgment in W.P. no 17048 of 2000 dated 7-9-2010
1.        The following modifications may be made in the latest MTS recruitment   rules. Against 25% open market priority may be given to eligible casual labours.
2.    The condition of prior to 1993 in respect of PTCL may be removed keeping in view AP High Court Judgment in WP NO.17048 mentioned above.
3.    PTCL may be considered against GDS vacancies by reiterating the DG posts order no 17-141/88-EDC&TRG dated 6th June 88.
4.    It may be recommended to issue identity cards to all CL irrespective of their working hours.
10.All the CL may be included in provident fund, gratuity and pensioner benefits  as granted to unorganized sector workers.
11.All the welfare measures granted to regular employees may be extended to casual labor also.

The issue of creation of a separate establishment of Marketing Executive / System Administrator and elevating them to the present status of LSG has already been demanded through the proposal for cadre restructuring. Notwithstanding the creation of separate cadre in higher cadre for the marketing executives/ System Administrator, this A.I.C. urges the Department for consideration of special allowance equal to 10% of pay plus grade pay by recognizing their hard work in the marketing arena.

          After adopting the MACP Scheme in Postal, we have taken many issues affecting the employees and modified to the extent benefitting the employees. The major issue is related to the constitution of Scrutiny committees at divisional levels to review the CRS for five years for upgrading bench mark for those who have not been granted MACP due to application of benchmark. The department has once again reiterated the same order to compile the same where it was left out. The following issues were taken and settled by the Federation during the period under review.
i)    Constituted Scrutiny committees at divisional levels to review the CRS for five years for those who have not been granted MACP due to application of benchmark.
ii)   Clarified that if there is no currency of punishments as on the due date for MACP, it should not be withheld and it should be accorded with retrospective effect.
iii)  Clarified that for promotees they need not wait for completion of 20 years of service and they should be granted MACP on completion of 10 years service in PA cadre,
iv) Clarified that opting for defunct Accountant scale shall not be taken as promotion and not to be counted for MACP.
After serving the strike notice, the Department has once again issued a detailed clarificatory orders on MACP vide its No. 4-7 (MACPs)2009-PCC dt 30.06.2011 in which the following is focused.
i)        Again the process of upgrading CR entries shall be exercised for the left out officials within one month.
ii)       Even after, there is no scope to upgrade the CR entries; the official shall be given an opportunity to represent within 15 days before such ACRs are placed in DPC.
iii)      Screening committee may be constituted to consider the left out cases.
Based on the above, the process of MACP would have been completed in many left out cases.       Still the following main issues are not sorted out.
i)        MACP shall be considered on completion of 10 years service in one cadre. Any promotion acquired by writing the competitive examination shall not be equated with MACP promotion. The Jodhpur Judgment shall be honoured and implemented.
ii)       Application of bench mark shall be dropped up to pay band 2 levels
iii)       Grant of MACP to those declined LSG promotion prior to issue of MACP orders (ie) 18.09.2009.
iv)      Non grant of third MACP by counting 10 years from TBOP in case of Promotees.
This AIC urges the Department to consider and cause orders on the above mentioned items in particular the implementation of Jodhpur CAT judgments. This Federal Council further appeals the Confederation and the Staff side of the JCM National Council to take up this seriously for the immediate implementation of the judgment to all.


The PO and RMS Accountants are discharging the duties of higher responsibility and greater importance. The importance of accounts work has been recognized in every establishment of Govt. But it is an unfortunate situation in the Dept. of posts that the importance of the Accountants working at the field levels has not been recognized. This Federation has been raising the demand to grant higher pay scale to the PO and RMS Accountants, which has not yet been considered. The demand of equating them with the Accountants of the Postal Accounts has also not been considered.

After implementation of recommendation of the Fifth pay commission, due to change of nomenclature of special pay as special allowance, the quantum of special allowance is not being counted towards fixation of pay on promotion. The conditions prescribed for grant of special pay in F.R has not been changed. Thus there is a great injustice to PO and RMS accountants in not counting the special allowance for pay fixation on promotion. Despite the Supreme court has given the verdict to treat the special allowance for pay fixation on TBOP, this has been partially implemented up to 23.04.1998. This should have been extended up to 31.08.2008.
The posts of LSG and HSG in accounts branches in Head Post offices have been manned by officials having qualification of PO and RMS Accountants. On upgradation of 1622 posts into HSG–I, most of the posts of LSG Accountants have been upgraded to HSG II resulting in dearth of LSG in feeder cadre. The DPC for the APM Accounts in LSG could not be held due to want of vacancies in Accounts line and resultantly the qualified candidates are deprived of their due promotion chances.

Various changes in the rules & procedures had taken place in the case of LSG Accountants causing many confusions at field level. To overcome all these anomalies this 9thA.I.C. of NFPE resolves to urge upon the postal directorate to:
1 The PO and RMS Accountants may be granted a higher pay scale of LSG.
2.The special allowance granted to PO and RMS accountant may be counted towards fixation of pay on promotion.

3. As per the Directorate instructions vide its letter No.6/15/60- SPB II dt 16.7.60 read with letter No.6/1/59-SPB. dt 8.5.59, the option prematurely taken from officials may be withdrawn and the officials concerned may be allowed to exercise an option only when their turn for promotion to either lines comes in future. The recent clarification on the subject has not been implemented in the true spirit in many circles.
(i)      Since the Dept. has declared the APM accounts as Circle cadre, divisional cadre & now as circle cadre, and also stated that the TBOP, BCR are only financial upgradations and not LSG & HSG II respectively, fresh option should be obtained from the PO & RMS accountants qualified officials whether they continue to remain in General / or opt to Accounts line. The present provision to exercise options at the time of LSG promotion is insufficient.
(ii)      Based on the 1972 Directorate orders, the date of qualifying the PO & RMS Accountant Exam shall be taken as criteria for LSG APM accounts promotion and the erstwhile Accountant gradation list be revived with updated entities. The provisions laid down in Rule 276 of Postal Volume IV should be adhered in right spirit.
(iii) The LSG / APM Accountants may be allotted the share of 20% as before which was in the recruitment rules in the HSG II promotion.
iv) The special allowance being paid to PO & RMS Accountants shall be courted for pay fixation at the time of promotion/upgradation if he is continuously for 3 years as envisaged in Rule FR – 9 (25) Appendix 8 provision No. 18

This A.I.C. further resolves to declare the PO & RMS Accountant as Promotional Cadre to Postal Assistant with higher pay and a separate Channel of Promotion to the Accounts line may be considered in order to overcome the present anomalies in promotion.

It noteworthy to mention that in the OM. No.2003/5/90 –E.II (B) Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure dated 27.1.93 circulated under Dte. No.P.11/93 – PAP dated 30.3.93, it was clearly mentioned that the compensatory allowance should be given for the period during which he serves in Tribal Areas and shall remain in operation upto the date of withdrawal of such allowance by the State Govt. in respect of  their employees. The allowance was in operation upto 31.3.2002 and till that period Tribal Area Allowance was also paid to the postal staff working in those districts.
After 31.3.2002, the Maharashtra State Govt. sanctioned Naxalist Threat Area Allowance discontinuing the Tribal Area Allowance to their employees working in Chandrapur and Godchiroli districts of the rate of 15% of the basic pay subject to maximum of Rs.1,500/- per  month to the state Govt. Employees.
Active Naxalist forces are in swing throughout Chandrapur and Godchiroli districts in dense and inaccessible forests and the postal employees are also facing the horrified problems as in the case of the state Govt. Employees.
The same is the position in respect of Andhra Circle and the areas like Guntur, Vishakapatnam, West Godavari, Warrangal, Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Adilabad, Mahaboob Nagar, Ongole etc. and the threat is visible.In respect of Jharkhand, the areas like Palamau, Singhbhum, Giridih, Hazaribag, Some Part of Ranchi and Dhanbad should also be identified as a Naxalite threat area and should be granted with such allowance.In Orissa Circle, the areas like Sambalpur, Sundergarh, Koraput and in Chattisgarh, the Bastar areas, the movement is visible. These areas should also be declared as threat area.
Notwithstanding, the matter was taken up at the Directorate level no fruitful action to extend the benefit of Naxalist Threat Area Allowance has seemed to be taken by the Postal Department till date and the same has been set at defiance  ignoring the law of justice and basic horrible feature of the postal employees problems working in all those places..
This A.I.C. demands immediate expeditious fruitful action of the Postal Dte. to extend the benefit of Naxalist. Threat Area Allowance to the postal employees including GDS.


This 30th All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` held at Tirupati from 15th to 17th June, 2014  notes with grave concern that the postal bureaucracy in several places all over the country exhibit tendencies of bureaucratic excesses. Coupled with flouting of several departmental rules and regulations to adopt a rule of whims rather than rule of law, the corrupt practices are on the increase. As always the case, many of the corrupt practices are meticulously planned to escape detection and apprehension. The general policy of the department like closure of RMS offices etc comes in handy to these corrupt bureaucrats who reportedly enter into unholy understanding with landlords to vacate buildings by closures. Purchase of computers in unimaginable proportions for exorbitant prices while the market shows drastic fall in computer prices is an area worth investigating for corrupt practices. The practice of spending in lakhs in the name of developmental meetings in star hotels and in the name of marketing of business  premium products is another area of bureaucratic excess that requires investigation to check wasteful expenditure. The financial powers have been brushed aside by many PMGs in renovating their quarters and beautifying them by spending lakhs of rupees. The funds allotted for staff quarters were diverted and there is no check in spending by such bureaucrats.  The tendency to close the eyes for whatever happens behind the screen of marketing management should come to an end. The wastage of expenditure at every new incumbent occupying a position for decorating and redecorating the chambers of officers to the tastes of new incumbents is also a bureaucratic excess only.
The attitude of the bureaucracy towards unions and staff is antagonistic in general at several levels and we are not talking about the exceptions here.  The antagonism is getting accelerated day by day due to the implementation of neo-liberal policies of the Government in Department of Posts. The liberalization policies attempt to attack the interests of employees severely and the Officers being the implementators of those policies often takes it personally and overzealously to reach targets as fast as they can, let it be closure of the offices or abolition of posts and they consider any resistance from unions as intolerable. This attitude leads to bureaucratic excesses in several places where the vindictiveness of the worst kind is witnessed. Staffs are harassed; they are punished harshly for small lapses too. There are some officers who have scant respect for unions and behave in such a way that they are the monarchs and the unions are unwanted subjects. These officers don’t follow the rules and cancel the monthly meetings at their whims; refuse informal meetings to union office bearers and refuse to discuss in a transparent manner on issues that affect the interests of staff; resort to punish the union office bearers at the first available flimsy opportunity.
The FR 17 (a) awarded in Punjab Circle for holding demonstration on leave and the Rule 16 and punishments awarded to 17 officials for demonstration after working hours in the Andhra Pradesh circle are the glaring examples prevailing in the lower level. The lower officers, without any sense but with full prejudiced mind award punishments by misusing the powers. There is no check by higher officers.
This A.I.C. therefore calls upon the Postal Board to issue proper administrative instructions to correct the tendencies of bureaucratic excesses of all kind and ensure function at all levels transparently and according to rules and guidelines.

Based on international Labour Conference decisions of 1919, the Govt. of India reviewed the problems in depth and suggested its opinion before ILC in 1921.
Pursuant to the decision of Royal Commission Recommendations of 1930, Maternity Benefits Act was promulgated in our country. Thereafter the Government of India extended certain benefits to working women employees.
Nowadays, the percentage of women employees have increased steadily in Government departments by virtue of their merits and qualifications. It is their onerous responsibility to actively involve themselves in the Trade Union movement at all levels and this conference appeals their active role in this august organization.
Due to availing maternity leave and leave availed for pre and post-natal care, there is a greater degree of absenteeism among women employees which is unavoidable. After the introduction of child care leave and enhancing the number of days for maternity leave, the need of more leave reserve is felt in the department Sanction of enhancing the percentage of Leave Reserve strength to the extent of 20% is inevitable. There should be no bar in granting child care leave due to shortage of staff and inadequate LR strength.

The Department has issued orders to subordinate offices to provide Crèches under certain condition. These require liberalization. However the number of employees is small, the Department may on payment, enter into arrangement with crèche houses opened by other Department like Telecom etc. to enable the Postal Women employees to leave their Children under the care of trained matrons when they proceed to work. The grant from the welfare fund shall be revised and it can be paid from the state funds instead of the circle welfare funds.
Though the Government has issued orders that women employees should be transferred to the stations where their husbands are serving etc., at field level, there appears to be much delay to concede their request. Many of their cases have not been considered in practice.
The women employees should not be posted where basic facilities are lacking. Even though, the Department caused order based on our request, this is not being properly adhered to.
This A.I.C. appeals the Department to entertain transfer cases to their native places as requested in respect of unmarried women employees and to the places where their husbands are working in respect of married employees without putting any restrictions, reservations or rejections.
This A.I.C. notes with serious concern on the denial of Sixth CPC recommendation on the Flexi working hours for women employees by the Department at Departmental council meeting. The proposal would have been forwarded to nodal ministries instead of rejection.
Keeping in view that women employees both married and unmarried have to serve away from home-stations due to circumstance beyond their control, the following are suggested.
1.            That women hostels may be constructed if the number of women employees is large and
2.            Rooms may be reserved for women employees in hostels which may be constructed in other Department of Government.
3.            Allotting staff quarters earmarking for women employees who are working in those places out of their native places.

In the case of Leave Reserve period, the women employees are indiscriminately subjected to deputations to single handed offices and other offices where basic amenities are not available and offices which are beyond 8 KM radius resulting in change of Head Quarters. This should be avoided.

This A.I.C.  resolved to appeal to the Department of Posts to consider the women employees problem in depth and settle those, which are within the ambit of powers.

This A.I.C. appeals the Secretary Department of Posts to respond immediately and settle these issues with open mind keeping in view the natural justice.
With regards
                   Yours sincerely,

                                                                               (Giri Raj Singh)                                                                                                       General Secretary

No. R- III/52/ 41/2014                                                 Dated  30-06-2014

Member (O),
          Department of Posts,
          Dak Bhawan,
          New Delhi-110116.

Subject:- Resolutions passed by The 30th All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` held at Tirupati, A.P. from 15-06-2014 to 18-06-2014 

Respected sir,

The 30th All India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` held at Tirupati, A.P. from 15-06-2014 to 18-06-2014 passed the following resolutions  unanimously:-
11.    The AIC resolved to request the Postal Administration to provide required facilities like good quality computers, Scanners, Printers and UPS in the CRC, Speed Post Hubs and Parcel Hubs so as to improve efficiency and to minimize the difficulties  of the employees.

22.    The AIC  strongly protest against the unscientific Norms introduced in the CRCs/SPCC and also request to stop the harassment in the name of new norms against the officials working in CRCs.

33.    AIC resolved to request to provide work material in RMS offices by replacing outdated wax seals, plastic bags and jutes and  also demands timely repair and maintenance of RMS buildings.

44.    Railway authorities at Guwahati have erected a building just on the maingate of the RMS building, there is hindrance in the movements of mails. This CWC demands to construct a new building for Guwahati RMS.

55.    Construction of new buildings at MMS Bangalore premises having more than 45000 Sq.Ft. of land in the heart of the city. Railway authorities at Bangalore occupied space give to RMS for parking area  and causing unnecessary for movements of mails. 

5.(b) Construction of Buildings at Gate Way Mumbai and Sorting Office Bhiwani (Haryana).

66.    This AIC demands that all SPCC Hubs throughout the country should be under the control of SSRMs/SRMs as SPCC is the part of RMS.

77.    This AIC demands that all L-2 offices should be made as Intra –Circle Hubs to avoid back routing of SPCC articles.

88.    P.O. & RMS Accountants are not allowed LSG/HSG-II Accts posts as per the Dte. Letter No. 137-4/2006-SPB II dated 30.5.2006 for the reasons of no specific instructions or amendments made in the recruitment rules for LSG & HSG-II posts. Specific amendments may be made in the Recruitment Rules for LSG/HSG-II Accts in HRO Accts branch in RMS Wing as done in Postal Wing.

99.    All L-2 Offices should be identified as Intra Circle Hubs.

10. AIC resolved to request Stop the move to dismantle MMS and outsourcing MMS Drivers, Fill up all vacant Posts of Drivers, Artisans Cleaners, AMM, Manager and Dy. Managers, Supply of  Uniforms and sanction justified posts of Drivers and Artisans and replacement of condemned vehicles.
11. RMS/MMS officials may be allowed to appear for in PSS Group `B` Examination.
12. Early release of HSG-I recruitment Rules and absorb  all  the HSG-II officials  in the existing  HSG-I posts and extend  the  Adhoc arrangements.
13. 6th CPC had upgraded the scale of HSG-I and placed in the pay scale of Rs. 7450 but the benefit of the same denied to holders of the Posts and arrived their pay for fixation by multiplying of Rs. 6500/- by 1.86.
14. Specific orders to grant Special Allowance to the Sorting Compilers working in R.O/ Circle Offices.
15. Bring all BPCs Speed Posts centers, Logistic posts Centers etc. under RMS  Division and to post LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I as incharge.
16. Stepping up  the pay of Seniors at par  with juniors in MACP.
17. LSG, HSG-II posts may be merged and placed in the Grade Pay of Rs. 4600/-.
18. Revision of  Over Time Rate and pay ceiling  fixed for performance of OTA Duty to  be ordered at the earliest. Over Time Rates were revised during 1990. Implement the Arbitration Award in this regard. We have no alternative to stop perform Over Time Duty if the rates are not revised immediately with retrospective date.
19. Revise the wages of Part-Time / Contingent employees and DRM and stop outsourcing the work  done by Part Time/Contingent/DRM.
220. This AIC resolves to grant two special increments to the staff working in AMPCs.
221. This AIC also viewed with grave concern in the delay of public mail and accumulation of mails in L-1 offices after implementation of MNOP and requests to take steps to review and settle the issue. The Second Class mail hubs, Parcel Hubs introduced as the third stage of MNOP is a total failure and it caused unnecessary back routing of Second class mail bags and accumulation of extra bags, double handling of bags in the sections. This A.I.C. resolved to request to review the necessity of the L-I, L-2 hubs for Second Class mails and Parcel hubs immediately.
222. It is requested to bring all BPCs Speed Posts centers, Logistic posts Centers etc. under RMS  Division and to post LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I as incharge.
223. Problem of TBOP/BCR SA from 5th CP:- The anomaly prevailing between Postal  and Telecom staff may be resolved.
224. Revise the norms for R-Net as the present system is very slow as compared to earlier system.
225. Separate Establishment for NS Hubs.
226. All NSH & Inter Circle Speed Post Hubs should be brought under the Administrative control of RMS.
227. Norms for Parcel Hubs & Mail Agency Branch may be evolved.
228. Withdrawal of “collective responsibility” for the loss & misspent of articles & bags.
229. Drop the proposal to shift Parcel Hubs to old PSD Bangalore premises which lacks basic amenities & having life threat to the staff due to poisonous snakes in the premises.
330. Drop Parcel delivery Hub which is implemented unscientifically at Bangalore.
331. Reattaching BPC & MBC work to RMS which are attached to Postal side in Bangalore against DG (P) orders.
332. Replacemehnt of all condemned vehicles.
333. Construction of new building at Mangalore RMS  and Kumta sorting office.
334. This AIC resolves to cause action to provide basic amenities in all Rest Houses  & RMS sections.
335. This AIC resolves to request the authorities to cause immediate re3pairs to all needy RMs buildings , Postal quarters on war foot basis.
336. This AIC resolves to request to frame clear norms for processing Speed Post/CRC mails without any ambiguity and considering the practical feasibility.
337. Palakkad PSO was the major concentration centre for IInd clss mails for the entire Kerala Circle. But while identifying the L-1 for IInd class , Palakkad PSO was omitted and made it as L-2 outward under L-I Thrissur RMS.
Palakkad PSO is having all the infrastructure and is the gateway office to Kerala Circle . Palakkad PSO should be identified as L-I , IInd class Office.
338.  New entrants after 01/01/2006 are entitled to avail three home town & one All India LTC in a block year for the first eight years. This facility may be extended to officials who are due to retire within 8 years.
339.  Department is considering parcel as the business of hour, ignoring the volume  or size of parcels, a large number of parcels are being booked. This is creating trouble in transmission . Staff on parcel duties , especially ladies are facing hardships in dealing with. It is resolved to fix the norms in size & weight.
440.  This AIC resolves that work of R.P. Sorting should not be merged with work of Parcel sorting  to avoid loss of revenue. Trace and Track  should be arranged separately in R.P.Sorting.
441.  The Postal dispensary at Siliguri is in miserable condition since long. Hardly any doctor or other medical staff are available regularly throughout the year. This matter should be viewed seriously and as early as possible as a large number of Postal beneficiaries are dependent  on it.
442.  Repair/ Renovation of RMS Offices and Rest Houses:-
This 30th All India Conference of A.I.RMS & MMS Employees Union Group-C held at Tirupathi(A.P) during 15l to 18th June2014, notes with deep concern that a good number of RMS offices in West Bengal circle viz. Ranaghat RMS, Kharagpur RMS ,Bankura RMS , Siliguri Junction ,Malda RMS,RLO BLdg.(Kol RMS) etc are almost in wretched condition. Walls and roofs are almost damaged Concrete chunks from the roof are about to fall at any moment and may cause any mishap. The same condition lies in respect of Rest Houses of different RMS divisions of west Bengal circle viz Sahibganj Rest House, Lalgola Rest House, Bankura Rest House,NJP Rest House and Bhagalpur Rest House etc.Repair/renovation of the RMS Offices and the Rest Houses are made immediately as war-footing measure in order to protect the workers from any accident.

443.  This 30th All India Conference of A.I.RMS & MMS Employees Union Group-C held at Tirupathi(A.P) during 15th to 18th .June,2014, notes with deep concern that the budgetary allotment under medical head exhausts only to pay the medical advances / claims for treatment of patients suffering from above noted diseases which require a lot of amounts . Consequently medical claims of general cases are not possible to be reimbursed for scarcity of fund. A huge number of medical bills are pending in various Divisions of this Circle.

Directorate is urged  that special allotment of medical fund is made for treatment of dreadful diseases which require a lot of amounts, in order to enable the general claimants to get their medical bills reimbursed in time from the general allotment under medical fund.

444.  Supply of 40 seated Railway Bogies for R.M.S Sections in place of 20 seated.

Railway Authorities are providing short space of 20 seated Handicapped bogies to R.MS Sections for carrying mails instead of 40 seated S.L.R bogies as required for. Consequent upon such non supply of adequate accommodation for carrying mails, misconnection of mails or non loading of mails occurred very often and thus transshipment of public mails are suffered badly.Directorate is urged  to take up with  the Railway authority to provide 40 seated S.LR Bogies to the RMS Sections in the interest of quick disposal of public mails.

We urge upon you to kindly take necessary action on the above mentioned resolutions at an early date.

With regards
                   Yours sincerely,

                                                                                       (Giri Raj Singh )                                                                                        General Secretary