HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024 TO ALL MEMBERS,Viewers & Readers

Thursday, December 13, 2012


The periodical meeting with NFPE affiliated unions was held on 29/11/2012 in the Committee Room, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi under the chairpersonship of Secretary (Posts).  The following were present:-

Official Side
1.  Smt. Manjula Prashar, Secretary (Posts) - Chairperson.
2.  Ms. P. Gopinath, Member (Technology)
3.  Sh. Kamleshwar Prasad, Member (HRD)
4.  Ms. Yesodhara Memon, Member (Personnel)
5.  Sh. S. Sarkar, Member (Operations)
6   Ms. Kaveri Banerjee, Member (PLI)
7.  Sh. S.K. Sinha, CGM (MB & O)
8.  Ms. Kalpana Tiwari, CGM (BD &MD)
9.  Ms. Saroj Punhani, JS &FA
10.  Sh. A. S. Prasad, DDG (FS)
11. Tilak De, DDG (Estates)
12.  Sh. Alok Saxena, DDG(Estt)
13.  Sh. Manish Sinha, DDG(PAF)
14.  Sh. L. N. Sharma,DDG (Training)
15.  Sh. Rajkumar, Director (Staff)
16.  Sh. Arun Malik, Director (SR & Legal)
17.  Sh. V.C. Kajla, Consultant
Staff Side
Sh. T. Satyanarayanan,Sh P. Bhattacharjee ,Sh P. Suresh
Sh. Giri Raj Singh, Sh K.P. Singh,Sh M. Krishnan ‘Sh R. Sivannarayan
Sh Balwinder Singh’ Sh.I. S. Dabas

The Chairperson welcomed all the Members and permitted to take the agenda without wasting time.  After deliberations on each item, following decisions were taken:-
S.L. No.
Name of the union/Association
Decision taken
Action ,if any to be taken by
All India Postal Employees Union Gr. ‘C’
Filling up the Posts of APM Accounts & Promotional avenue to Accounts line officials
 Discussed.  It was explained that    there is no separate Accountant cadre.  They are borne on the cadre of General Line. Further, date of passing the Accountant examination cannot be reckoned as date of seniority
Item closed

Non grant of Training allowance for instructors posted in WCTC of regional headquarters.

The proposal relating to grant of training allowance @ of 15% of the basic pay to the trainers in WCTC has been taken up with the Department of Personnel and Training.
     DDG       (Training).

Bringing all the Senior / Chief postmasters’ posts under the Postmasters cadre hireachical line.
. The item was discussed and was not agreed to, as Postmasters cadre is distinct from IP cadre and Postmasters’ cadre has its own promotional hireachy.
Item closed

All India RMS and MMS Employees Union Gr.’C’

Fixation of Norms for CRCs, EPP, Logistic and SPCs etc
It was explained that these are work study norms and have been fixed after detailed study.  However, Staff side may indicate the specific instance wherever there is a problem.  CPMG concerned will be addressed to strengthen manpower, if justified.
CGM     (BD&MD)

 Staff side

Stop privatization / out sourcing.
It was explained that there is no surplus staff.  Heads of Circles have been emphasized to outsource works with expertise as per the administrative exigency subject to Department having complete control over the operations, data, assets and security.  Further, regular vacancies are not filled through outsourcing.
 Item closed

Provide adequate Motor Vehicles for conveyance of mails / logistics etc., and fill up vacant posts in MMS.
(a)  It was informed that the proposal for replacement of 105 condemned vehicles has been taken up.
(b) Detailed instructions have been issued by the Directorate to all the Circles for filling up the vacant posts of Drivers.
CGM(MB) /                 Director             (MV
All India Postal
Employees Union Postmen and MSE Gr.’D’.

Bottlenecks for efficient Delivery.
Norms for various items in respect of Postmen Establishment based on the intensive scientific work study conducted by IWSU were communicated to all the Circles in 2010.  Recently in July, 2012 also the revised norms have been circulated in which the time factor has been increased for less congested areas.  However, it was decided that DDG (Estt) will himself visit three representative  beats in Delhi and Haryana Circles to be intimated by the Staff side to assess the position
Staff side
DDG (Estt)

Grant of incentive for delivery of Aadhar Cards.
The proposal is under consideration and the decision will be communicated shortly regarding grant of incentive for delivery of Aadhar cards.

Timely payment of individual claims.
This matter may be taken up at  Divisional Office level.
Item   closed
All India RMS & MMS Employees Union, Mail Guards and MTS

Supply of shoe instead of chappals to the staff who are eligible for uniform
  The consent of all Group ‘D’ employees for wearing shoes will be submitted by the Staff side.  On receipt of the same the proposal will be examined.
(Estates &   MM)

Request for imparting training to non-matriculate Gr.D Canteen employees in Delhi and Assam Circles.

The Department of Posts has no objection to the proposal. However, it is a time barred case, and approval of Department of Expenditure is required for which the proposal will be submitted

Filling up of Multi Tasking Staff vacancies in accordance with the latest Recruitment rules
The RRs have since been amended and notified. The examination scheme and syllabus to fill up posts of MTS have also been notified. Posts will be filled up as per revised calendar of examination.

All India Postal Accounts Employees Association
Recruitment in Postal Accounts Offices.

The proposal will be examined within a period of one month.


Implement the Hon. Principal CAT, Delhi order in OA 1066/2011 filed by AIPAEA.

As per the directions of Hon. CAT, speaking order has been issued.  Request of the staff side for referring the proposal to DOPT does not have merit.
Item closed

Financial upgra-dation (ACP) as per the existing hierarchy in the Post Accounts to the officials appointed through surplus cell.
The detailed proposal may be sent to DDG(PAF) for consideration
DDG   (PAF).

All India Postal SBCO Employees Association
Regarding mis-utilization of PA (SBCO)

It was explained that the work of reconciliation of balances, settlement of OMs going on in the Circles has become mandatory.  However, role of SBCO will be redefined after introduction of CBS

Request for reevaluation of the issue of administrative control over SBCO staff.

Since India Post Technology project will have a major impact on SBCO functioning, it was explained that the status quo for the SBCO cadre will be maintained for the time being.

Regarding maintenance of RD ledgers for HO / SOs in V2SBCO
It was explained that the maintenance of duplicate ledgers of all schemes will be dispensed with once CBS is implemented.

All India Postal Admn. Officers’ Employees Union Gr. ‘D’
Fixation of pay of MTS (Gr.C officials) who were granted ACP-I and ACP-II upgradation prior to 01/01/2006.
It was informed that the issue is  currently  under examination in consultation with DoP&T.


Providing norms for BD, Technology, RTI oriented works and Project Arrow works done by the Co and ROs and arrangement for manning the BD section exclusively.
It was explained that it is not feasible to fix any work norms for RTI oriented works which is statutory in nature.  Further, no additional manpower can be provided for BD, Technology, Project Arrow and RTI oriented works.

Item  closed

Filling up vacant Posts in the cadre of PACO, holding DPC for LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I Grades.
It was explained that :-
(a)   Instructions have been issued to all Circles to ensure promotion / upgradation whenever it becomes due to them and also follow the calendar for holding the DPC meetings.
(b)     The revised RRs for PACO and PASBCO have been approved by the Secretary (Posts) and sent to Ministry of Law for vetting.  Once the revised RRs are notified, further process will start.