HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 TO ALL MEMBERS,Viewers & Readers

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


No.R-III/Circular/2013                                                            Dated   16-04-2013
          All Circle Secretaries, CWC Members and  Divisional Secretaries,
Dear Comrades,
                      We red Salute and congratulate to all the comrades who participated in two days  strike on 20th & 21st February, 2013. Let us keep this  tempo  and improve further in the coming nation wide mass demonstrations at all important  cities on 29th April, 2013, called by AIRF, AIDEF and Confederation.

7TH CPC & PFRDA BILL, JOINT AGITATION BY RAILWAY , DEFENCE AND CONFEDERATION :-  Due to the consist efforts made by the CHQ of Confederation as a follow up action  to the 12th December, 2012, a joint platform of action all Group C.G. Employees including Railway , Defence and other C.G. Employees has emerged under the banner of All India Railway Men`s Federation (AIRF) , All India Defence Employees Federation (AIDEF) and Confederation of C.G. Employees and Workers. Mainly only two demands i.e. constitution of 7 CPC and withdrawal of PFRDA  Bill. A meeting of Central leaders of AIRF, AIDEF and Confederation held  and has given a joint  call to all C.G. Employees to organize nation wide mass demonstration at all important cities  on 29th April, 2013 and also to send Telegrams to Prime Minister of India on the same day.
          All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C`  CHQ call upon all entirety of RMS & MMS Employees to make the 29th April, 2013 mass demonstration  programme a grand success by taking a lead role in mobilizing maximum number of employees at all  important cities under the banner of joint platform  of action comprising AIRF, AIDEF and Confederation. Telegrams demanding constitution  of 7 CPC and scrapping of PFRDA Bill may also be sent to the Prime Minister of India by all Circle ,Divisional and Branch Secretaries.

24TH AIC OF CONFEDERATION:- The 24th All India conference of the Confederation of C.G. Employees and Workers will be held at Kolkata from 4th to 6th May, 2013. The delegate fee is Rs. 500/- per head.

9TH FEDERAL COUNCIL OF NFPE:- The 9th Federal council of NFPE will be held at Hyderabad from 9th to 12th June, 2013. All the Federal Councilors elected in 29th AIC held at Kanpur  in May, 2012 are requested to book the up and down travel  tickets immediately.

FEDERAL SECRETARIAT OF NFPE:- Federal Secretariat meeting of NFPE will be held at Guwahati on 26th April, 2013.
1st AIC of AIPEU GDS (NFPE) :-  First AIC of AIPEU GDS (NFPE) as a associate member of NFPE was held at Chennai on 21st & 22nd March 2013. Coms. Bijoy Gopal Sur, P.Panduranga Rao and Com. Murugan were elected as President, General Secretary and Financial Secretary respectively.

REVISED NORMS FOR ACTIVITIES AT SPEED POST SORTING HUBS, INTRA CIRCLE HUBS AND CRC:- Department of Posts has revised the norms for activities at SPC hubs, intra Circle hubs and CRC vide its letter No. 28-8/2011-D  dated 17-1-2013 published in RMS Worker March, 2013 issue at Page-25. The Circle/Divisional Secretaries are once again requested to send their views/Report/suggestions to CHQ immediately.

ENROL MAXIMUM NEW MEMBERS TO OUR UNION:- All Circle,Divisional and Branch Secretaries are requested to enroll maximum new members to our Union during the month of April, 2013.

2ND AIC OF AIPSBCOEA:-  Second All India Conference of SBCO Employees Association was held at Haridwar (Uttrakhand) on 2nd & 3rd March, 2013. Coms. S.P.Kulkarni, Virender Tiwari, and Com. Rajiv Kumar were elected as President, General Secretary and Financial Secretary respectively. The Department of Posts has confirmed the recognition granted to SBCOEA and the rival union`s attempt to de-recognize our union has failed in the Chennai High Court.

CENTRAL JCA SUBMIT JOINT MEMRANDUM TO THE NEW SECRETARY DEPARTMENT OF POSTS:-  The Central JCA (NFPE & FNPO) has submitted a joint memorandum to the new Secretary Department of Posts on the long pending major demands of the Postal & RMS Employees including GDS and Casual, Part Time contingent employees. Copy of the Memorandum  published on the website. JCA has decided to organise agitational programmes , if the demands are not settled in a time bound manner.

NFPE EASTRN ZONE STUDY CAMP AT GUWAHATI:- The Eastern Zone Study Camp  of all NFPE affiliated unions will be held at Guwahati (Assam) on 27th & 28th April, 2013. A Seminar on Postal Services will be organized in connection with the Camp. Delegates attending the seminar are eligible for Special Casual Leave.
          Northern Zone Study Camp will be held in U.P. in the month of May/June-2013. West Zone Study Camp will be held in Rajasthan and dates will be finalized shortly.

PAYMENT OF QUOTA:- All Divisional/Branch Secretaries are requested to clear arrear of quota to CHQ without delay  and remit quota to CHQ @ Rs.14/- PM from July, 2012                                
Federation               Rs. 2-00
CHQ                         Rs. 12-00
RMS Worker will not be posted to those branches in arrear for more than 3 months.
                             With warm greetings

Yours comradely,
(Giri Raj Singh)                                                                                                  General Secretary