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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Minutes of the meeting taken by Member(Operations) with Staff Side representing NFPE and FNPO, on 14.11.2011


As a protest against closure of F-28 and L-26 sections in Maharashtra circle with effect from 31.10.2011, the staff of RMS in the circle remained on strike till 09.11.2011. As a fall out of the above, the unions representing NFPE and FNPO gave a notice of observing hunger fast in front of Dak Bhawan on 15 and 16th November, 2011. On receipt of the above notice, it was decided to discuss the matter with the staff side in the forenoon of 14.11.2011.

2. The meeting took place as per schedule in the chamber of Member (Operations) which was attended by the following:-


Official Side

Staff Side


Member (Opertaions)

Shri R.N. Parashar, Asst. Secretary General, NFPE


CGM(Mail Business)

Shri Giri Raj Singh, General Secretary, All IndiaRMS and MMS Union Group-C


Director (Mail Management)

Shri P. Suresh, Circle Secretary, All India RMS and MMS Union and MTS Staff



Shri Devender Kumar, Circle Secretary, National Union RMS and MMS Union, Group-C

The meeting started with Member (Operations) welcoming the staff side, thereafter the staff side raised the issues of : (i) restoration of F-28 and L-26 Sections; (ii) regularisation of period of strike by granting leave; (iii) withdrawal of application of FR-17A in case of employees absenting during that period; (iv) Withdrawal of notices issued in terms of Temporary Govt. Service Rules; and (v) placement of Staff dislocated by closure of sections, as per choice stations given by them;

3. The above issues were examined in details based on which the following decisions were taken.

Restoration of F-28 and L-26 Sections was ruled out especially in view of the closure already having taken place and surrender of premises to the Railways. Regarding regularisation of strike period, the staff side was apprised that in such a case, the principle of no work, no pay applies, which is in the form of direction of the Cabinet and any deviation in the matter lies within the competence of the Cabinet only. However the staff side was assured that in future, before taking any decision in regard to closure of sections, staff side would be consulted and the Circle Office referring a proposal to this office would be required to indicate the process of consultation with staff representatives. As regards break-in service envisaged under FR – 17A, Departmental instructions inter alia provide for applicability of the aforesaid rules only in case of employees who are involved in incitement, violence/sabotage etc. In the instant case, no such incident has been reported. However the Circle office may be advised to consider these cases as per the standing instructions of the Department. The Circle office has already agreed to withdraw notices issued under Temporary Govt. Service Rules.

Member (Operations) assured the Staff side against victimization of the officials as also placement of the dislocated staff if any as far as possible, to the nearest office, for which they will be required to give their request.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.