HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 TO ALL MEMBERS,Viewers & Readers

Thursday, September 9, 2021

                                                             CHQ CIRCULAR-61


No.R-III/Circular-61/2021                                                                Dated 09-09-2021



          All CWC Members, Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries.

 Dear Comrades,

         CHQ R-III Red Salute and congratulation to all CWC members, Circle, Divisional and Branch Secretaries and members for participating and making a grand success dharna / demonstration dated 07th September-2021 called by Confederation and appeal to all to participate and make grand success of coming agitational programmes of submission of memorandum at Divisional, Regional and Circle level by organizing demonstration at all levels on 7th October, 2021 and one day dharna / demonstration on 7th November, 2021 at Divisional, Regional, Circle and All India level at Delhi called by NFPE for the settlement of 18 points charter of demands.

  RTP Case:- Next date of RTP case has been fixed on 8th October, 2021.

 33rd AIC OF R-III:-

           The 33rd All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group ‘C’ which was postponed in the view of prevailing Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) situation from 08.04.2020 to 10.04.2020 vide CHQ letter No. R-III/52/44 dated 18.03.2020 and again postponed vide CHQ letter No. R-III/52/44 dated 22.05.2021 from 11.06.2021 to 12.06.2021 in the view of prevailing Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) situation. Now AIC will hold from 13th to 14th November, 2021 and CWC on 12th and 15th November, 2021. The New venue of the conference has been decided at “FUN POINT RESORT” Mahatma Gandhi Setu Road, Near Chaurasiya Chawk, Hajipur Dist- Vaishali (Bihar) instead of Patna.

           The AIC will be conducted by observing all the precautions of Covid-19 and requesting everyone to get two vaccinations before coming to the AIC.

           All CWC Members, Circle, Divisional, Branch and delegates are requested to book their tickets well in advance and reach Hazipur (Bihar) positively on 12th November, 2021 so that all the delegates can be accommodated properly and no problem will arise on 13th November, 2021 and the conference will start on time.

         Hectic preparations are going on to make the Conference a grand success. Branches may intimate the number of delegates including lady delegates to the Reception Committee under the intimation to CHQ on or before 10th October-2021 positively.

 Delegates fees:- Delegate fee has been fixed as Rs2000/- per delegates.

 AIC Accommodation:-

         The Accommodation will be provided from 12th to 15th (Morning) including lady delegates. If anyone needs accommodation before or after these dates, they will have to bear it themselves.


 The Reception Committee will issue a souvenir of the 33rd AIC  which will be held  at “FUN POINT RESORT” Mahatma Gandhi Setu Road, Near Chaurasia Chowk, Hajipur District-Vaishali (Bihar) from 13th to 14th November 2021. The General Secretary, Reception committee has already sent the tariff and advertisement rates to the Circle and Divisional secretaries for collecting the advertisements for souvenir and they should be sent to the reception committee in advance to help the reception committee to meet the expenses.


           Delegates coming by trains are requested to contact Hazipur RMS/Patna RMS Office. Volunteers will be available from 12th November, 2021 to guide them. Delegates and visitors are requested to bring their Aadhar card or any identity card to book accommodation. For any information please contact the following members of Reception Committee---

 Com. Sunil Kumar Verma,       General Secretary          Mobile No.   7004407878

Com. Shivji Prasad,                  Treasurer                       Mobile No.   9279953469

Com. Vijat Kumar                         D/S ‘PT’ DN                             Mobile No.   9471653790

Com. Umashankar Prasad        D/S ‘U’ DN                     Mobile No.   8987150312

Com. Amresh Kumar Mahto         D/S ‘NB’ DN                             Mobile No.   7739638139

Com. Surendra Prasad Gaya      D/S ‘C’ DN                     Mobile No.   8789146138

Com. Md Lal Babu                    D/S MMS Patna              Mobile No.   9576666288

Com. BrijKishor Prasad            Branch Secretary           Mobile No.   9304636459

Com. Gopal Mehto                   Vice President                Mobile No.   7903521765

Com. S. K. Karan                     Vice President                Mobile No.   9431493212

Com.  Amar Kumar Verma       Hazipur RMS                  Mobile No.   7004887762


      Divisional/ Branch Secretaries and delegates must bring Receipts of Division/ Branch MO / Cheque, Account transfer receipts having paid quota upto July, 2021. Divisions/Branches in arrears will not be allowed to participate in this A.I.C. All Circle/Divisional/Branch are requested to clear the arrears to CHQ without delay otherwise Divisions/Branches which are in arrears more than three months will be declared defunct. So they are requested to remit the quota to CHQ through EMO,/DD/Cheque and Account transfer to CHQ.

 Account details are as under –

Name          ---        All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C`

Bank           ---       Indian Overseas Bank

Branch        ---       Gole Market, New Delhi-110001.

Account No. --       084001000002260

IFSC            ---       IOBA 0000840

           Addressing of DD/Cheque by name may be avoided and send SMS to CHQ regarding quota details remitted.

           The CHQ R-III appeals to all, to mobilize rank & file to participate and make a grand success above noted programmes called by NFPE.


With Greeting,                                                                                

Yours Comrade


General Secretary