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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

No. R-III/25/8/2019                                                         Dated 28-05-2019                                                                                            
Member   (P)
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan,
         New Delhi-110 001
Subject:- Amendment of the Recruitment Rules for the post of Lower Selection  Grade ,Higher Selection Grade-II & Higher Selection Grade-I

Refer:-1 X-5/1/2019-SPN-II    dated 10th May, 2019 Regarding Amendment to Recruitment Rules of LSG.

2. . F. No. X3/1/2019-SPN-II Dated: - 13th May, 2019

Respected sir,

          This is regarding the proposed amendments to the HSG I, HSG II and LSG recruitment rules.
           With reference to your office letter numbers cited above on the above mentioned subject we strongly protest and strong resentment against the introduction of 50% through LDCE for the post of LSG. This is nothing but introduction of FTP in other form.

             We also strongly protest and strong resentment against the introduction of LDCE  in HSG-II and HSG-I Cadres. LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I posts should be filled up 100% by promotion through seniority. We are herewith submitting following suggestions regarding the proposed amendment to the LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I Recruitment Rules.

          The present situation of LSG, HSG II and HSG I Cadres

           The amendments in the Rectt rules without proper study,  increasing the length of service in the LSG (Supervisory level I ) for promotion to HSG II and in HSG II to HSG I, misinterpretation of TBOP and BCR Schemes by certain circles and non-conducting of DPCs in time lead to the non-filling of LSG/HSG II/HSG I for long time.  Even though enough and more eligible officials were available  for the Ist level General Line promotion (LSG) majority  of these posts are remaining unfilled.  Perhaps ours is the only  department where there is scarcity of qualified persons for filling up of second  and third level Supervisory Posts, when sufficient  persons were available for the first level supervisory (LSG) posts at all the times.  In the present  scenario it will take at least 30-35 years for SAs to reach the consideration zone of  I level supervisory (LSG) in all most all circles for general line candidates.  The introduction of fast track in LSG, 15 years back was withdrawn due to the complaints from all corners and after the study of a departmental committee.  The proposed amendment will definitely increase the length of service SA cadre for reaching the consideration zone of LSG.

View of the union regarding the proposed amendments

(1)          LSG Cadre  -  As promotional avenues in our sector are limited,inorder  to protect the interests of the seniors and to cater the interests of the young,  this union suggests to fill the 25% of LSG posts by LCDE from SAs with 5 years of service, keeping 75%  for seniority cum fitness promotion

(2)          HSG II Cadre  -  This union agrees with the proposal for the 100% promotion to HSG II from LSG Cadre and also disagrees with the promotion through LDCE in HSG II.  The length of service in LSG for promotion to HSG II may be reduced to 2 years instead of 6 years. The placing of officials in HSG II ignoring the working knowledge and experience in the lower hierarchical   cadre will affect the efficiency of the official promoted.  Further in circles like Kerala no   unreserved category officials will be available for promotion to HSG II cadre for next 2 years  with 6 years’ service  in LSG.  Consequently if LDCE is introduced 100% of the vacancies will be occupied by LDCE candidates for years which  is against the spirit of the recruitment rule.  In the first DPC itself the vacancies will remain unfilled and 100% vacancies will be opened for LDCE Rectt  The reduction of the service in LSG from  6 years  to 2 years will help the filling up of HSG II posts by seniority cum fitness from LSG.

(3)          HSG I    The proposal for the 100% promotion to HSG I cadre from HSG II by seniority cum fitness is agreeable to this union.  The LCDE Promotion from SA cadre may be dropped due to the same grounds put forth for the promotion from LSG to HSG II explained under the caption HSG II cadre as above.  The LCDE will overlook two hierarchical positions even without  holding a single supervisory position.  The minimum service required in HSG II Cadre from promotion to HSG I may be reduced to 2 years.  Otherwise only nominal    numbers of posts can be filled as per the revised recruitment rules.  An enumeration of the available vacant HSG I posts/ HSG II posts and eligible officials available for rectt for the next one year in all circles will prove the facts stated above.

It is  presumed that the revision of recruitment rules are proposed to be amended on the basis observations contained in   a committee report appointed for the study of the Post masters cadre in post offices.  Presently in RMS,  posts  equivalent to Post masters cadre are not in existence.  This union was not given an opportunity to present our views in connection with    the promotion of officials before the committee as the terms of reference was entirely related to Post master grade in post offices. 
          Pre requisites for the implementation of the revised Rectt rules.
1.The cadre restructuring may be implemented as in the case of post offices before the introduction of revised recruitment rules.
2.All the posts of LSG/HSG11/HSG1 occuring up to the date of implementation of revised recruitment rules may be filled up by relaxing the concerned Rectt rules.
3. Identification of 20% of HSG 1 posts as Gazatted Group B
1.75% LSG vacancies may be filled up by seniority cum fitness and 25 % by LDCE from  SA with 5 years service.
2.100% HSG-II  may be filled up by seniority cum fitness from LSG with 2 years service in LSG. The proposal for LDCE may be totally withdrawn.
3.100% HSG-1 posts may be filled up by seniority cum fitness with 2 years in HSG-II. The proposal for LDCE may be totally dropped.
4.The LDCE for LSG may be given affect for the vacancies occurring after the notification of the approved revised Rectt rules.
With regards.
Yours sincerely

(Giri Raj Singh)
General Secretary