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Monday, December 16, 2013


No. R-III/Circular-8/2013                                                     Dated 12-12-2013
          All Circle Secretaries, CWC Members,                                                                            Divisional Secretaries and Branch Secretaries.
Dear Comrades,
                  AIRMS & MMS E.U. Group `C` CHQ congratulates to Circle Secretaries, CWC members , divisional Secretaries , Branch Secretaries and all office bearers and members for participating and making a grand success 11th Dec and 12th Dec. 2013 Parliament March called by GDS (NFPE) and All Central Trade Unions respectively and requested to make the 19th Dec. 2013 day long Dharna , 5 days Relay Dharna from 30th Dec. 2013 to 3rd January, 2014 and other programmes  a grand success.
          Ensure the massive participation of RMS & MMS employees and get ready for indefinite strike.

Report of CWC Meeting held at Puri from  8th to 9th December, 2013.

Central Working Committee Meeting of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` was held at Puri from 8th to 9th December, 2013 under the Presidentship of Com. S.K. Bardhan President R-III CHQ.
NFPE Flag was hoisted by Com. Giri Raj Singh President NFPE & General Secretary R-III and AIRMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C`  Flag was hoisted by Com. B.D. Mohanty Ex Vice President & Circle Secretary R-III  on 8th December, 2013 at 10.15 A.M. Homage was paid to the martyrs.
After the flag hoisting Open Session was started at 10.30 A.M. under the Presidetnship of Com. B.D. Mohanty and  Com. S.K. Bardhan President R-III CHQ on 8th December, 2013.
Com Bishu Mohanty General Secretary CITU Orissa & Vice President All  India CITU inaugurated the Open Session and elaborately spoke on LPG, Price Rise, Outsourcing,, Privatisation, 7 CPC, Attack on working Class, GDS issues, New Postal Policy 2012, NPS and other issues.
Shri P.K. Bisoi PMG Berhampur Region attended as Chief Guest and addressed the Open Session.
Com. Giri Raj Singh President NFPE & General Secretary R-III addressed the Open Session as Chief Speaker. Coms. P.Suresh G/S R-IV, D.B. Mohanty offg. G/S P-IV, Nirmal Singh Working President AIPEU GDS (NFPE) , D.K. Rahate Ex President  NFPE,  B.M. Sunda Ex C/S R-III, Y. Nagabhushnan Ex V/P, B. Samar ACS P-III, M.M. Shamal President COC Odisha, S. Rehman Ex C/S Assam, Kishore Biswal Postal Printing Press leader, Admn Union, Nand Kumar Das C/S Postal Accounts Association, R.C. Mishra C/S P-III and other leaders   addressed the Open Session.
Coms S.K. Behra, M.P. Naik and Nanda Members of Reception Committee also  addressed the meeting.

Com. R.N. Dhal General Secretary Reception Committee , AGS & C/S R-III gave vote of thanks.

Com. S. Rehman Ex Circle Secretary Assam inaugurated the Subject Committee on 9th December, 2013. Com. S.K. Bardhan President R-III delivered Presidential speech. Com. Giri Raj Singh General Secretary R-III presented the Draft Report in the house. Com. D.K. Rahate Ex President NFPE, Com. B.M. Sunda Ex C/S R-III Rajasthan addressed the Meeting . A cultural programme was organized on 8th December, 2013 at 8 PM. CWC adopted the following resolutions.


1.    The CWC Meeting resolved to request the Postal Administration to provide required facilities like good quality computers, Scanners, Printers and UPS in the CRC, Speed Post Hubs and Parcel Hubs so as to improve efficiency and to minimize the difficulties  of the employees.
2.    The CWC meeting strongly protest against the unscientific Norms introduced in the CRCs/SPCC and also request to stop the harassment in the name of new norms against the officials working in CRCs.
3.    CWC meeting resolved to request to provide work material in RMS offices by replacing outdated wax seals, plastic bags and jutes and  also demands timely repair and maintenance of RMS buildings.

4.    Railway authorities at Guwahati have erected a building just on the maingate of the RMS building, there is hindrance in the movements of mails. This CWC demands to construct a new building for Guwahati RMS.

5.    Construction of new buildings at MMS Bangalore premises having more than 45000 Sq.Ft. of land in the heart of the city. Railway authorities at Bangalore occupied space given to RMS for parking area  and causing unnecessary for movements of mails. 

5.(b) Construction of Buildings at Gate Way Mumbai and Sorting Office Bhiwani (Haryana).

6.    This CWC demands that all SPCC Hubs throughout the country should be under the control of SSRMs/SRMs as SPCC is the part of RMS.

7.    This CWC demands that all L-2 offices should be made as Intra –Circle Hubs to avoid back routing of SPCC articles.

8.    P.O. & RMS Accountants are not allowed LSG/HSG-II Accts posts as per the Dte. Letter No. 137-4/2006-SPB II dated 30.5.2006 for the reasons of no specific instructions or amendments made in the recruitment rules for LSG & HSG-II posts. Specific amendments may be made in the Recruitment Rules for LSG/HSG-II Accts in HRO Accts branch in RMS Wing as done in Postal Wing.

9.    All L-2 Offices should be identified as Intra Circle Hubs.

10. The CWC Meeting of All  India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` held at Puri from 8th to 9th December, 2013 unanimously resolved to endorse the agitational programme chalked out by the Confederation to make the programmme a grand success by participating RMS & MMS Employees at Branch/ Division/Circles levels.


(a)  Stop the move to dismantle MMS and outsourcing MMS Drivers, Fill up all vacant Posts of Drivers, Artisans Cleaners, AMM, Manager and Dy. Managers, Supply of  Uniforms and sanction justified posts of Drivers and Artisans and replacement of condemned vehicles.
(b) RMS/MMS officials may be allowed to appear for in PSS Group `B` Examination.
(c)  Early release of HSG-I recruitment Rules and absorb  all  the HSG-II officials  in the existing  HSG-I posts and extend  the  Adhoc arrangements.
(d) 6th CPC had upgraded the scale of HSG-I and placed in the pay scale of Rs. 7450 but the benefit of the same denied to holders of the Posts and arrived their pay for fixation by multiplying of Rs. 6500/- by 1.86
(e)  Specific orders to grant Special Allowance to the Sorting Compilers working in R.O/ Circle Offices.
(f)   Bring all BPCs Speed Posts centers, Logistic posts Centers etc. under RMS  Division and to post LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I as incharge.
(g) Stepping up  the pay of Seniors at par  with juniors in MACP.
(h) LSG, HSG-II posts may be merged and placed in the Grade Pay of Rs. 4600/-
(i)   Fill up the  4 posts of Superintendent Sorting among HSG-I officials.
(j)   Revision of  Over Time Rate and pay ceiling  fixed for performance of OTA Duty to  be ordered at the earliest. Over Time Rates were revised during 1990. Implement the Arbitration Award in this regard. We have no alternative to stop perform Over Time Duty if the rates are not revised immediately with retrospective date.
(k)  Revise the wages of Part-Time / Contingent employees and DRM and stop outsourcing the work  done by Part Time/Contingent/DRM.
                                     The above Resolutions have been submitted to Secretary Posts vide letter  No. R- III/52/45/2013             Dated 12--12-2013.

   The CWC also resolved to request the Confederation to conduct Strike action in the government hesitate to the demands including D.A. merger, Interim Relief, Pension and GDS issues also the CWC decided to endorse the decisions and all agitational programmes of Postal JCA.

All the guests & leaders were welcomed with momento & file by Com. R.N. Dhal General Secretary Reception Committee and his team. All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` CHQ thanks and congratulate Com. R.N. Dhal General Secretary Reception Committee and his team for making the nice arrangements of food and accommodation.  All Circles except H.P., Gujarat and Punjab attended the CWC. Com. R.N. Dhal  General Secretary Reception Committee & Circle Secretary R-III gave vote of thanks.

ON 5TH FEBRUARY DAY LONG HUNGER FAST:-  Day long hunger fast will be held on 5th February, 2014 in front of Dak Bhawan by Secretary Generals of NFPE & NFPO for demanding immediate revision of wages with D.A. and regularization of Casual labour, Par Time , Contingent employees of Postal Department.
GDS COURT CASE FILED:- NFPE has filed G.D.S. court case . Important Supreme court orders and details are on website.
DEPARTMENTAL COUNCIL MEETING (JCM) :- Departmental Council Meeting (JM) was held on 27-11-2013. More than 83 items were discussed. Minutes have been issued and are available on website.
BONUS DONATIONTO NFPE:- the response of Bonus donation to NFPE is very poor. We request the Circle Secretaries and CWC members to direct the Divisional /Branch Secretaries to approach and collect the Bonus donation for NFPE from the remaining members and remit to CHQ immediately.
CHATTISGARH CIRCLE CONFERENCE:- Circle conference of AIRMS & MMS E. U. Group `C` of Chhatisgarh Circle will be held on 24 & 25th January, 2014 at Bilaspur.
JOINT R-III & R-IV CIRCLE CONFERENCE OF WEST BENGAL CIRCLE:- The joint R-III & R-IV Circle Conference of West Bengal Circle will be held from 6th to 9th February, 2014 at Kolkata.
With best wishes.
Yours Comradely,
(Giri Raj Singh)
General Secretary