Thursday, August 24, 2017

STRIKE 23-08-2017

All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` CHQ congratulates and Revolutionary to all CWC members, Circle /Divisional/ Branch Secretaries and Members for participating and making One Day Strike on 23-08-2017 a grand success. After a long gap  NFPE has conducted this strike alone and only for the settlement of Postal/Sectional demands and it has made grand success by our comrades. Circle wise strike is as under:- 

TOTAL STRIKE :- Assam, Kerala, Telengana.

MORE THAN 80%:- M.P., Maharasthra, Bihar, Chhatisgarh and                                         Orissa.

MORE THAN 50%:- West Bengal and Jharkhand.

MORE THAN 40%:-A.P., Haryana and  Tamil Nadu (`CB`  & `T`                                      Dn. 90%)

PARTIAL STRIKE:- Delhi, (MMS Dn. 80%), Gujarat, U.P. Total in Varanasi RMS & MMS Varanasi, Punjab (Total in MMS Chandigarh) and Rajasthan.

            PHOTOS OF STRIKE IN RMS ON 23-08-2017


Com. S.V. Pai SA Hubli RMS died due to heart attack on 20th August, 2017. On behalf of NFPE & All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` I convey heartfelt condolences to his bereaved family members & friends.

Giri Raj Singh 
President NFPE  &
General Secretary R-III