HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 TO ALL MEMBERS,Viewers & Readers


                                  ALL INDIA RMS & MMS EMPLOYEES UNION GROUP `C                              






NEW DELHI-110001



No. R-III/52/44                                                                     Dated   22nd January, 2020

                           It is hereby notified that, the XXXIII Biennial ALL India Conference of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group 'C' will be held from 8 April-2O2O to 1O April-2020 at RAMDEO MAHTO SAMUDAYIK BHAWAN, SHAHEED GHASEETA AUDOTORIUM, MANGAL TALAB, PATNA CITY, PATNA-800 008 (BIHAR). All delegates should reach the venue before 10.A.M. on 8th  April, 2O2O positively.

 The Conference will be preceded and succeeded by Central Working Committee Meeting to be held on 7' and 11th ' April, 2O2O at the Conference venue for which no separate notice will be issued. The agenda of the Central Working Committee will comprise the agenda of the All India Conference as notified.

Accommodation has been arranged by the Reception committee nearby the Conference venue. Food will be supplied at the Conference venue.

The provisions of the Articles 16 (a), 24, 92 and 93 of the Constitution shall be strictly followed while electing delegates for all India Conference. The number of delegates should be restricted according to the constitutional provisions. The list of the delegates including the lady delegates should be forwarded to the Reception Committee well in advance with copy to CHQ.

All Conferences at Branch, Divisional and Circle level, if due should be completed in accordance with article 81 (a), 61 (1) and 44 (a) of the constitution respectively and also as per CCS (RSA) Rules 1993. Subject to modifications, as may be done by the CWC and AIC. The Agenda of the Conference will be as follows:


1. Adoption of the Biennial Report from May-
2018 to March-2020.
2. Adoption of the Audited Statement of Accounts for the year 2OI7-2O18, 2018-2019 and presentation of Accounts from April 2019 to February-20200 (Subject to Audit)
3. Adoption of Budget Estimates- For the year 2019-2020, 2020-2021


1.. Amend Sections 5, 6 and 8 of the CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993 in order to ensure the freedom of association rights of Civil Servants.
2 Scrapping of New Pension Scheme.
3.Privatisation, Down sizing, Outsourcing of Government functions.
4. Withdrawal of Private Health Insurance Scheme
4(a)Cashless medical facility.
5. CCS Conduct Rules 1964, Section 3, 5 & 7 to be scrapped.
6 Non implementation of Arbitration awards.
8. Timely filling up of vacant posts.
9.Implementation of assurance given by Group of Ministers regarding 7tt' CPC.
(B)     Postal Problems:-

1.         Privatization and outsourcing of Postal functions.
2.         New Postal Policy, 2012 and Task Force Committee Report.
3.         Downsizing of offices and abolition of posts.
4.         Demands of GDS for Status and Pension and membership verification.
5.         Exempt Department of Posts from purview of reduction of staff strength.
6.         Filling of all vacant posts in all cadres.
7.         Review of MACPs and Very Good Bench Mark for MACP.
8.         Regularization RTP services.
9.         Regularization of Casual Labourers and daily rated majdoor.
10.       Vindictive action and victimizations.
11.       Drop franchise Postal outlets.
12.       Administrative attack on Trade Unions.
(C)     RMS Problems:-

1.         Technology development, Modernization and Mail Net Work Optimization programme.
2.         Abolition & merger of RMS Offices, Sections, Divisions, ROs, Transit Sections, Night sets and to set up one Mail Office in a Revenue District and creation of NSP Hubs, L-1, L-2, First Class Mail Hubs, Parcel Hubs.
3.         Proper assessment of workload and sanction of justified staff.
4.         Processing of mails and other premium products in RMS
5.         Diversion of all preliminary sorting work from Post Office to RMS.
6.         Proper and justified accommodation in Transit Sections.
7.         Improvement of working conditions and environment in RMS offices.
8.         SPC, PH, MBC and CRC functioning and norms.
9.         CSI implementation in RMS.
10.       Implementation of PNOP.
11.       Functioning of AMPC and stop centralization of mails.
12.       Filling up of all vacant posts of group `C`, `D`, LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I, Superintendent sorting from General and Account Line including residual vacancies and allow to RMS and MMS staff for PSS Group B examination.
13.       Non implementation of Cadre Restructuring in RMS.
14.       Revision of OTA, OSA rates & payment and Special Allowance to PO & RMS Accountant.
15.       Implementation of Supreme Court Judgment regarding MACP
16.       Provide Department vehicle and sufficient staff.
(D)     MMS Problems:
1.         Privatization of MMS
2.         Supply of New Vehicles.
3.         Replacement of condemned Vehicles.
4.         Curtailment of Schedules.
5.         Supply of Spare Parts, Tools and equipments.
6.         Filling up of all vacant Posts in all Cadres.
7.         Provision of mail Peons/Guards to the Drivers.
8.         Non implementation of Cadre Restructuring in MMS.
9.         Pay Scale and promotion of Workshop Staff at par with the Drivers.
10.       Holding examination for post of Assistant Manager of MMS.
11.       Filling of vacant posts of Senior Manager.
12.       Promotion of Artisan Staff at par with MMS Drivers.
13.       Merger of Charge Hand with Technical supervisor and Despatch Rider at par
with Drivers.
14.       Insurance of Mail Motor Vehicles.
15.       Non sanction of outstation allowance to driver

3.       Assessment and Review:

1.         United Movements.
2.         Confederation.
3.         Review of Postal JCA and Confederation programmes including GDS strike from
22 May-2018 to 6 June-2018, Dharna in front of Dak Bhawan on 4 September-2018, Maharally on 5 September-2018, Fifty anniversary 1968 strike, National Convention held on 28 September-2018, Submission of RMS JCA memorandum on 18 October-2018, Demand day on 19 November-2018, 2 days strike from 8 to 9 January-2019, 29 July-2019, 2 August-2019, 21 August-2019 dharna in front of All Divisional offices, 5 September-2019, submission of memorandum to PM, Heads of Departments, 11 September-2019 Dharna in front of All Circle Offices, 4 October-2019 Dharna in front of Dak Bhawan and 15 October-2019 in front of offices at State and District level and one day strike dated 08 Jan-2020 and NFPE programmes.
4.         Review and settlement of Strike Charter of Demands called by Postal JCA (NFPE & FNPO)
5.         NFPE
6.         JCM functions.
7.         Organizational position at all levels.
8.         Re-verification of Membership.
9.         Adoption of Resolution – resolution to be typed neatly, item wise and to the point.
10.       Amendment to the constitution if any should reach CHQ by 20th  March, 2020.
11.       Policy and Programme.
12.       Election of (a) Office Bearers (b) Federal Councilors and Councilors in JCM (Department Council)
13.       Venue of the Next AIC
14.       Concluding remarks.
15.       Vote of thanks
(Pradip U. Khadse)
General Secretary
Copy to :-

1.         All Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries
2.         All Divisional /Branch Secretaries
3.         The Secretary General, NFPE, 1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110001.
4.         The Secretary Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi- 110 001 with the request to issue instructions for grant of Special Casual Leave to the Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries, CWC Members and delegates.
5.         All Chief Postmasters General with request to issue instructions for grant of Special
casual Leave to the Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries, CWC members and delegates.

All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `c

All India Conference

8th April to 10th April, 2020

at Patna

Biennial Draft Report

from May 2018 to March 2020

Dear President, Delegates and distinguished guests,
On behalf of Central Working Committee , I have the immense pleasure  to welcome you all to this 33rd All India Conference held at RAMDEO MAHTO SAMUDAYIK BHAWAN, SHAHEED GHASEETA AUDOTORIUM, MANGAL TALAB, PATNA CITY, PATNA-800 008 (BIHAR).
We had held our 32nd All India Conference at Ram Lila Maidan G.T.Road Ghaziabad (U.P.) from 23rd to 26th May 2018. The Reception Committee had orgsanised the Conference in a befitting manner. Between these two AICs we had successfully organised  two days Nationwide Strike on 8 & 9 January, 2019 on 10 Point Charter of Demands including PJCA Charter of Demands and One Dy Nationwide 8 January, 2020 called by Confederation and NFPE and various other mode of struggles including GDS Strke from 22nd May, 2018 to 6 June, 2018 Dharna infront of Dak Bhawan on 4th September, 2018. Maha rally on 5 September, 2018. Fifty anniversary 1968 Strike, submission of RMS JCA Memorandum on 18 October, 2018. Demands Day on 19 Nov., 2019, Dharna on 29 July, 2019, 2nd August 2019 and 21 August, Dharna  infront of All Divisional Offices, 5 Sept,2019. Submission of Memorandum to Prime Minister, Head of Departments, 11 Sept.2019 Dharna infront of Circle Offices, 4 Oct,2019 Dharna infront of Dak Bhawan and 15th Oct. 2019 infront of offices at State and District level , NFPE programmes and other struggles against the anti worker and Anti people  policies pursued by the NDA Govt. We have also passed  through domestic changes in National and Inter National situation. The Draft Biennial Report is intended to cover all those developments is presented before you for your deliberation , consideration and adoption.

Since the last 32nd All India Conference held at Ram Lila Maidan G.T.Road Ghaziabad (U.P.),many of our leaders and activists have passed away
Com. Dilip Mulkherjee Ex D/S RMS `SG` Dn. Siliguri expired on 27-5-2018 due to blood cancer, Com. G.L.Dhar Ex General Secretary COC Delhi State , Secretary General non gazette staff union, National Council JCM member and Secretary CPI expired on  6-6-18 due to prolong illness. R.K.Dhawan aged 81 years senior Congress leader  expired on 6.8.18 , Sh. Karunanidhi  aged 84 years Ex Chief Minister (5times)  of Tamilnadu and chief of DMK expired on 7-8-18. Com. Somnath Chatterjee aged89 years former Lok Sabha speaker, M.P. ten times and played important role in taking up  the issue of working class expired on 13th August, 2018 at Kolkata after prolong illness.  Sh. Ajit Wadekar Ex Indian captain passed away on 15-8-2018.

Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee former Prime Minister of India and first President of BJP twelve time Parliamentarian (10 times Lok Sabha and 2 times Rajya Sabha) aged 93 years died at AIIMS New Delhi on 16 August, 2018 due to prolong illness.

Former United Nations Secretary General and Noble Peace Prize laurate Kofi Annan aged 80 years died on 18-8-2018.

Sh. Kauldip Nayer aged95 years eminent writer and former journalist born  in 1923 in Sialkot expired on 23-8-2018 due to prolong illness.

Sh. Guru Das Kamat Ex Communication Minister and 5 times MP from Mumbai expired on 22-8-2018 due to heart attack. Com. D.V.Dhaktol aged 84 years Ex Secretary General Postal Accounts & Audit , vice President  NCCPA expired on 30-8-2018 at Nagpur hospital due to prolong illness.

Com. SS Sen veteran and P&T leader, emergency hero and former Circle Secretary R-III Assam Circle aged 86 years who remained in jail more than 16 months during emergency period expired on 27-10-2018. Sh. Ananth Kumar Hon`ble Union Minister passed away on 12 November, 2018 due to prolong illness, Com. Rajinder Prasad Ex AGS R-III CHQ, Ex D/S MMS Dn. New Delhi , Vice President AIPRPA and Circle President AIPRPA Delhi State expired on 11-12-2018 due to prolong illness.Shri Kadar Khan expired on 31-12-2018 due to prolong illness,Com.A.K.Chauhan SA Delhi RMS expired on 3-1-2019 due to heart attack. 

Sh. George Mathew Fernandes Ex Minister  & MP died on 29 January, 2019. Com. S.K.Yadav aged 48 years SA DRMS expired on 4.4.2019.
Sh. Manohar Parikar Chief Minister of Goa from 14  March,2017 until his death expired on 17 March, 2019due to pancreatic cancer.Com. P.Bhagwan Nair Ex Circle Secretary R-IV Kerala Circle expired on 5 April, 2019, Sandeep  Padnekar PA MMS Mumbai     expired on 14.4.2019. N.Gopal Krishnan Ex Working President AIPEU Gr. `C` CHQ expired on 22-4-2019 at Chennai. Amar Singh Meena MTS Delhi RMS expired on 21.6.2019. G.P.Bhajanthri MTS `HB` Dn. Ex D/S & circle Vice President R-IV Karnataka Circle expired on 1.7.2019.
Smt. Sheela Dikshit aged 81 years 3 times Ex Chief Minister of Delhi State expired on 20.7.2019. Smt. Sushma Swaraj aged 67 years former External Affairs Minister and Ex Chief Minister of Delhi State expired on 6.7.2019in AIIMS Delhi.Sh. R..K.Triparhi Senior Manager MMS Delhi  expired on 24.8.2019.
Sh. Arun Jaietly aged 66 years Ex Finance Minister expired on  24.08.2019. Sh. Ram Jethamalani twice Law Minister , criminal lawyer , litigant and Parliamentarian passed away on Sunday 8-9-2019.
This AIC pays respectful homage to them.
Many soldiers sacrificed their lives for our country and also continuing laying down their lives in the recent terrorist activities on LOC by Pakistan. This CWC pays respectful homage and pray for peace to the departed soul.
Many persons were killed in train derailment during this period. This AIC conveys its condolences to the bereaved family members who lost their dear  & near ones.
This AIC pays respectful homage to the workers, who have been murdered by Maoist and Trimool Congress combine in West Bengal and Tripura. More than 1100 Comrades working in various organizations have been killed by them.
During the period under review many personalities , valiant fighters for the cause of democratic values and leaders of Working class passed away. Natural calamities , flood in Bihar,Assam, Kerala and other states more than thousand people lost their lives. Many farmers , Workers and other artisans committed suicide due to sever poverty during this period.
This AIC pays homage in the memory of  these comrades, political leaders, innocent public and other known/unknown leader, public personalities who died during this period.
3. INTERNATIONAL SITUATION :- U.S imperialism continues its economic, political and military interventions to establish its hegemony so as to destabilize governments that stand up to it and ensure a regime change in various countries such as  Venezuala, Iran, Syria etc.  It supports autocratic and dictatorial regimes to suppress their people in Sudan.  Imperialist wars continue in Afghanistan. Syria, Yaman, Libya killing and maiming thousand s, rendering hundreds of thousands home less, driving them out to cross borders and seas in search of shelter and livelihood.  It continues to promote Israeli aggression on Palestine.  It continues to use economic sanctions to cripple economies and arm twist countries into submission.  China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuala, Iran continue to resist and stand firm protect their right to self determination and national soveregnity.

International finances capital across the world support the right wing forces,, Socialist China World’s second largest  economy continue to compete with the USA It is all set to overtake the US in the near future.  All attempts by US imperialism with the collaboration of submissive countries like India are turning out to be futile.  China continues the march ahead with its goal of building a moderately propserous society realizing socialist modernization by 2035 -in 16 years from now.  On this basis it aims to build China as a prosperous, strong, democratic culturally advanced and harmonious socialist country in another 15 years by 2049 the centenary year of its liberation.
The right wing forces continue to gain ground mainly due to the support of big corporate and the ruling classes.  People are in search of alternatives to the disastrous neoliberal policies, the austerity measures , the attacks on their hard won rights all over the world.   Due to the relentless struggles against the attacks on the livelihood of the people.  The people at large and the working  people are in strong militant struggle in most of the countries in Greece, Denmark, UK , USA as neo -liberalism has failed, Capitalism is losing grounds.  The idea of socialism in gaining popularity among the mass of the people.

4. NATIONAL SITUATION:- The NDA II Government at the centre is in the process of being much more aggressive in pushing through the neoliberal economic policies.  After assuming power at the centre after the general election 100 days programme was set up for implementation.  Dis investment of shares of Public sector companies to the tune of  Rs Ninety nine thousand crores was ordered.  Most of the profit making companies are under severe attack.   Privatisation of these companies have also been listed.  The Indian Railway is moving speedily for privatization.  New Delhi-Lucknow Tejas Express has been taken over by them.  Another 150 profit making routes are also under process through out the country.  Railway stations and core sectors are under privatization mode.  Nationalised banks are merged to reduce it to 4 from 23,  Ultimatley privatization of Banks are the immediate task of the NDA Government.  The BSNL and MTNL are under merger and retirement package of enterity of employees.  Majority employees submitted applications to voluntary retirement.  The private and corporate wants free from all liabilities before they purchase the BSNL/MTNL.  The Govt. retirement package is according to fulfill the demand of corporate.  The Govt, is reported to push through the pro-employer Labour Law reforms with every thing being ready with it to place it in the parliament for amendment to the existing labour laws according to the dictators of corporate. The Central Government is enthusiastic in further expanding the free trade agreement exercise in general and the Asia wide Regional comprehensive economic partnership (RCEP) in particular leading to further liberalization of import with aggregate the situation.  This has brought about wide spread protect throughout the country which resulted in withdrawal of RCEP agreement temporarily.  The NDA Government which proved its commitment to the big corporate and business houses , international finance and imperialism in its previous stint by suppressing all  voices of descent and attacking the basic democratic right of the people can only be expected to the more aggressive and brutal this time.  The brute majority in Parliament along with the luke warm approach of the major opposition parties towards neo-liberalism are weapons already in their hands through which the government would search to suffocate and suppress democratic processes and institutions more and more.
The Union Budget presented in the Parliament on 5th July 2019 immediately after they assumed second inning the corporate masters both foreign and domestic appreciated and welcomed the budget proposal as the budget ensure bigger transfer of resources in favour of the rich and the corporate, extract and foot more visiously from the mass of the common people.   The working class in particular who are actually create wealth of the country.
The economy of the country has been slipping into continuous slow down with virtual stagnation in employment generating investments  in real  economy consist entirely increasing unemployment rate reaching above 7.4% in June 2019, pushing employment rate in the country to a 45 year low, budget proposals have not bothered to address any of the basic problem in a substantive way.  The country is facing acute financial crisis.  The Govt. has achieved their pressure by taking 1.76 lakh crore from RBI reserve fund.  The Govt. is demanding further sum from RBI.  Due to the neoliberal policies which are beneficial for the corporates the working class and the common peoplle are under sever social and financial crisisi.  These has forced the working people to resort to agitational path.  The Indian Central Trade Unions have jointly decided to resist this this onslaughts by organizing national strike on 8th January 2020.  All central Trade Unions, Independent Unions and Federations have decided to participate by its workers to express their anger and anguish against the governments anti people and anti- worker policies.

5.     We are passing through very crucial period. The unilateral decisions and moves of Postal Directorate for policy offensives and implementation of various new schemes without taking into confidence of staff side is causing serious concern. The genuine problems in Postal /RMS workers have not been considered despite they are being seriously persued at Directorate level. Many of the problems like as implementation of cadre Review to RMS/MMS Staff, Nonpayment of OSA to the staff running in Sections, Special allowance to P0 & RMS Accountant, MACP etc unsettled and there is a lethargic Functioning which we never witnessed in the previous years.
Now the Postal Department is suffering a lot of problems because of unprepared and hasty implementation of CSI and PNOP without developing proper infrastructure and without a considering the suggestions submitted by the CHQ R-lll. No proper training is being given to the staff. The problems arisen after the implementation CSI. In Mysore Division a pilot project have not been mitigated over these four years. The SAP is not functioning at least 15 days in a month due to which the staff facing a lot of problems to manage the work. In fact the postal department is now working for the vendors and not for its own, and its employees.
 Earlier we have suffered a lot of problems during implementation Speed Post Hubs, CRC Hubs and CBS. But now we are facing an alarming situation due to CSI, RICT and PNOP, The staff, officials are uncertain about their return to their home every day. The SAP problem has not been attended properly despite huge complaints even from the officers and administration besides union. So the lethargic disposal of this serous issue has developed mutual strain among the workers and infect de-motivates them.
There is acute shortage of staff particular SA Artisans Driver cadre. We had asked Secretary Posts to fill up all vacant posts in Postal/RMS/MMS for each cadre by conducting process through our own department. After handing over the job selection through SSC there is an ordinary delay in the process and there is delay over two to three years in PA/SA Recruitment. Due to non filling up HSG-lI, and HSG-l posts by granting one time relaxation of Recruitment Rules and filling all vacant Posts of HSG II, and HSG I. Resultantly due to officiating arrangements could not be filled up. The DOP became having deaf ear in sorting out the issue of shortage of staff as if fire on the roof top of the home and there is no tangible action taken despite all the circle Heads insisting to fill up the HSG-II and HSG-l posts by relaxing the rules as one time measure in the HOC meeting and also through correspondence. The officers at the top finds no time to attend this where as they are fully devoting their time to implement the policies of the Government regarding corporatization, out sourcing and segregation of the posts into various corporation.
More and more new services like Adhar, Pass Port Kendar CSC and others are being implemented without providing infrastructure and adequate manpower. Though the recommendation of Task Force Committee headed by Shri TSR Subramanian Ex Cabinet Secretary were not implemented at that time because serious resistance of NFPE and PJCA and assured that there was no proposal to consider the recommendation and the postal services will function as Government service, but the Government is deceivingly moving to implement the recommendations one by one in the same changed forms. As initial stage Government told that the IPPB will function as the postal department and later on. It was christened as Corporation limited and the person from the Private corporate Institution has been approached as the Chairman of IPPB and the role of the Postal Department became minuscule. The PNOP under which the parcels hubs are being formed in Postal Department. The Minister has announced that Government will convert PLI and RPLI as Separate Corporation Ltd. Now the India Post Payment Bank Ltd. Which is the product of task force Committee recommendations becoming corporate entity. NFPE have opposed this type of set up Bank. In future it may become liability on the shoulders of DOP. As no work is being done in the offices which set up in prime locations of all HPOs. They will monitor only not do the work, and the whole operative work will be got done by the postal Staff only. NFPE have protested it and demanded to send back our postal staff taken on deputation. It is clear cut indication to put the department of posts on the tract of privatization through corporatization. We as R-lll and NFPE have been fighting continuously and consistently to resist all these policies offensives by way of conducting many agitaional programme in a phased manner.
After a long period the result of the membership verification have been declared. DOP is granting trade union facilities to mushroom associations and organizations. Political Even they are being inducted into JCM department council meeting and periodical meetings which is against to the JCM orders and RSA Rule 1993. Where as no trade union facilities have been extended to AIPEU GDS.. which is having more than 80000 membership in the last verification which was held in abeyance after the verification of the membership was over.
In respect of our sectional problems, the draft recruitment rules for PAISA in which the qualification has been enhanced to graduation. In the event of implementation of the revised RRs of PA/SA there is very justification to claim the entry pay of the PAISA to the level of i.e., Grade pay Rs 2800/-. In the draft recruitment rules of Postal Car Driver the special grade to the driver was mentioned and senior manager of MMS were not mentioned in the DPC. CHQ R-lll has requested to include the special grade to drivers and also suggested that senior manager /manager of MMS may be included instead of Asst. Director as he is a technical hand and will give more clarity in the selection vide letter No R-31251512019 dated 19.09.2019. The draft rule for the Group “B” which provide inclusion of RMS/SBCO/CO staff and all to write to Group “B” examination without enhancing the present allocation of post against the demand of staff side. NFPE is demanding 19% should be earmarked for the general line as per assurance made at the time of introduction of direct recruitment to 1/3rd in IP examination during cadre review. Now the Department proposed to amend the in LSG, HSG-II and HSG I cadres in which an element of examination of 50% LSG vacancies is proposed, similarly in the HSG Il & HSG I recruitment rules for unfilled up vacant posts, they proposed to introduce the examination CHQ R-lIl and NFPE had protested vide its letter No R-lIl 125/8/2019 dated 28.5.2019 which published in RMS worker July 19 at page 16.This is being diluted and protected on pretext or other.
All these problems should be discussed in detail in this AIC and future course of action should be decided.

6.     NATIONAL CONVENTION OF WORKERS:- National Convention of Workers was organised by the Central Trade Unions excepts (BMS) including all Independent National Federations of Workers and Employees, viz Banks, Insurance, Central & State Government Employees defence employees etc. On behalf of Confederation. Coms Giri Raj Singh President NFPE , R.N.Parashar S/G NFPE, K.K.N.Kutty Chairman Confederation, M.S.Raja Secretary General Audit , Charan Singh Treasurer CHQ R-III attended this convention and  was addressed by the General Secretaries of each Central Trade Unions and also Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra General Secretary AIRF and Secretary Staff Side, Raghvaiah Secretary NFIR & Leader Staff Side National Council JCM. After thread bear discussion this convention of Workers decided the following programmes :-

1.    Joint conventions  to be held during October/November 2018 at  State level, district level.

2.    Joint gate meetings, rallies etc. during November and December,2018

3.    Submission of strike notice jointly with holding demonstrations during 17-22 December, 2018

4.    Two days countrywide General Strike on 8th and 9th January 2019.

7.   National Convention of Workers:-National Convention of Workers was organized by the 10 Trade Unions except BMS, as INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, TUCE, SEWA, AICCTU, LPF AND UTUC at Constitutional Club, Annexe V. P. House New Delhi-110 001 for adoption of Workers Charter of Demands on behalf of NFPE and Confederation. Coms. Giri Raj Singh President NFPE & G/S  R-III, Charan Singh F/S CHQ R-III, K.C.Verma C/S R-III  A.K.Gautam Ex- F/S CHQ R-III, Sandeep Kumar ACS+2  MMS Dn. New Delhi, M.S.Raja S/G Audit, V.B. Bhattachrjee Treasurer Confederation & S/G Civil Accounts, A.K.Kanojia ITEF, Narsimhan Vice President Confd. And other leaders attended the convention. On behalf on CITU Com. Tapan Sen General Secretary addressed the National Convention. After threadbear discussion this convention adopted the 43 Point Workers Charter of Demands

8.    5TH SEPTEMBER ,2018 MAHA RALLY :- Maha Rally was organised with  a grand success on 5th Sept, 2018 at Jantar Mantar New Delhi to stop the anti Worker anti People ,neo liberal economic policies and also the divisive policies  of communalism and to stop the NPS and regularise the casual  Part Time contingent and DRM. More than 2 lakh workers and peasants of Trade Unions , class and mass organisations participated in the dharna. Near about 5000 C.G. Emp. including NFPE from all states had participated, the participation of   R-III comrades was very good. The rally was very good impressive, colourful, participants were wearing caps, T-shirts with scrap NPS demand on it. The message of this Maha Rally was loud and clear. If the govt. is not ready to change the retrograde policies , the workers and peasants shall intensify their campaign to  change the Govt. CHQ R-III Red Salute to all for participating and making it a grand success.


The Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers is paying a vital role in mobilizing the Central Govt. Emp. During this period under review the Confederation of C.G. Emp. And Workers has efficiently focused the C.G. Emp. problems and conducted various programmes of action against the retrograde recommendations of 7 CPC and other serious issues of the employees including five promotions in a career. The two days Nationwide strike on 8 and 9 January, 2019 and one day Nationwide strike on 8 January, 2020 was also conducted by the Confederation.

9. . NATIONAL CONVENTION OF CONFEDERATION:_ National Convention of confederation of C.G. Emp. and Workers was held at Hyderabad on 10 June, 2018 which declared agitational programme including One Day Strike on 15 November, 2018 for the settlement of 10 Point charter of demands keeping scrapping of NPS. All India State Govt. Emp. Federation also declared One Day Strike on the same date i.e. 15-11-2018

The programme of action mentioned as below:-

  1   1st July  to  14th August,  2018 :-     State/District level conventions.

2.  15th August to 31st August, 2018:-    Submission of memorandum to all MPs, MLAs, Chief Ministers etc. seeking their intervention for settlement of demands. (Draft copy of the memorandum will be exhibited in confederation website after 31st July 2018:

3.     21st  August 2018 – Tuesday:-Mass dharna at all District headquarters.

4.     5th  September 2018 – Wednesday:- Mass rally at New Delhi.

5.     10th  October 2018 – Wednesday:- Serving of strike notice at all levels with mass demonstrations.

6.     17th  October 2018 – Wednesday:- Raj Bhavan March at all State Headquarters or March to an important Central Govt. office situated in the state capital.

7.     3rdOctober to 10th November  2018:- State/District wise campaign  programme of National leaders of confederation and its affiliates. (separate circular will be issued mentioning places and name of leaders)

8.   2nd  November 2018 – Friday:- Mass Hunger Fast at all levels.

9.   15th  November 2018 – Thursday:-Nationwide one day strike.

10.  Confederation Secretariat Meeting: National Secretariat meeting of Confederation was held on 19th Sept 2019 under the chairmanship of Com. K.K.N. Kutty President Confederation at Hyderabad. After threadbare discussion in this meeting endorsed the decision of National Convention of worker held on 30/9/19 of one day Strike in 08-01-2020.

11.   19TH SEPTEMBER, 2018 FIFTY ANNIVERSARY OF 1968 STRIKE :-  As per the decision of Confederation, the fifty Anniversary of 1968 strike was organised in front of main offices in all Circles in a befitting manner by holding flags, homage was paid to martyrs of 1968 strike by conducting gate meetings, General Body Meetings and honoured those leaders who participated in the 1968 strike and victimised by the Govt. As per reports received from Circles.In Delhi it was organised by the COC in DIMC Foreign Post Office under the Presidentship of Com. Giri Raj Singh which was addressed by Coms. Parmal Singh who remained in jail , Shankar Pal Singh Treasurer AIPRPA, V.Bhattacharjee G/S COC,K.P.Singh, A.G.S R-III, A.K.Gautam Ex F/S , Charan Singh F/S, K.C.Verma C/S, Kamlesh Kumari Convenor COC  and other leaders.


12 . CONFEDERATION ONE DAY STRIKE ON 15 NOVEMBER, 2018 POSTPONED TO 8 tO 9 JANUARY, 2019:- As per the Resolution adopted in June 10th Hyderabad, National Convention of Confederation and also in the National Secretariat Meeting held  thereafter the Confederation has decided that the 15th November, 2018 One Day Strike of Confederation will be changed if the Central Trade Unions declare nationwide strike will be syncronized to make it a joint strike. Accordingly, the National Secretariat of Confederation has decided to postpone the 15 November, 2018 strike to 8th & 9th January, 2019 two days strike. There is no change in the Confederation Charter of Demands.


(adopted by the National Convention held at Hyderabad on 10-06-2018)

1.     Scrap New Contributory Pension Scheme. Restore old defined benefit Pension Scheme to all employees.

2.     Settle 7th CPC related issues including increase in Minimum Pay and fitment formula, HRA arrears from 01-01-2016, MACP Bench Mark, promotional and date of effect from 01-01-2006, Option-I for pensioners and anomalies arising out of implementation of 7th CPC recommendations.

3.     Fill up all vacant posts. Reintroduce Regional Recruitment for Group B & C posts. Withdraw orders for abolishing posts lying vacant for more than five years. Revive all posts abolished during 2001 to 2008 under Annual Direct Recruitment plan as per  May 2001 orders of former NDA Government.

        4.     (a)   Regularisation of Gramin Dak Sevaks and grant of Civil Servant status. Implement remaining positive recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra committee report.

        (b)   Regularise all casual and contract workers including those appointed on or after 01-09-1993.

5.     Ensure equal pay for equal work for all. Remove disparity in pay scales between Central Secretariat Staff and similarly placed staff working in field units of various departments.

6.     Stop closure of Govt. Establishments and outsourcing. Withdraw closure orders of Govt. Of India Presses. Stop proposed move to close down salt department. Stop FDI and privatisation of Railways and Defence department.

7.     Implement 7th CPC wage revision and pension revision of Autonomous body employees and pensioners. Grant Bonus to Autonomous body employees pending from 2016-17 onwards.

8.     Remove 5% condition imposed on compassionate appointment.

9.     Grant five time bound promotions to all Group B&C employees. Complete Cadre Reviews in all departments within a time-frame.

      10.   (a)   Stop attack on trade union rights. Ensure prompt functioning of various negotiating forums under the JCM scheme at all levels.

        (b)   Withdraw the draconian FR-56(j) and Rule 48 of CCS Pension Rules 1972.

If necessary, affiliates can add their own departmental wise issues as PART-II of the Charter of Demands.        

13.  Confederation National Secretariat Meeting:-National Secretariat Meeting of Confederation of C.G. Emp. & Workers was held at NFPE office North Avenue Post Office building New Delhi 110001 on 4th July, 2019 under the Presidentship of Com. K.K.N. Kutty, Chairman of Confederation. After threadbear discussions and reviewing the entire scenario prevailing in the Central Govt. Empl. Sector this meeting has decided to organise following phased programme of action for the settlement of long pending 10 Point Charter of Demands:-

1st PHASE:- On 5 September, 2019 Submission of Memorandum with Charter of Demands to Hon`ble Prime Minister , Heads of all Departments.

2nd PHASE:- Mass Dharna in front of all important offices and at all major Central,  State/District level  offices on 15th October, 2019.

14.   Memorandum submitted to PM:- As per call of Confederation memorandum along with 10 point Charter of demands was submitted by holding the demonstration.
2. Phase: - Mass Dharna in front of all important offices at all major Centre, State/District level was organized under the banner o COC Confederation. In Delhi Dharna was held in front of Udyog Bhavan under the presidentship of Com. Giri Raj Singh on 15th Oct 2019.


The 26th National Conference of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers was held at Nagpur from 7th to 8th February, 2020 under the Presedium of Com. K.K.N.Kutty , President , T.Narsinha V/P, Ashok Kanojia V/P, Nageshwar Rao, Geri Raj Singh Vice President, and Com. Usha Banipella, the Chairperson Women Sub Committee.

Confederation Flag was hoisted by Com., K.K.N.Kutty , Chairman Confederation at 10.30 on 7th February, 2020 after that  Tributes was paid  to the Martyrs by flowers.

Open Session was held at 11.00 AM under the President ship of Com. R.K. Shrivastava Chairman Reception Committee. Com. Nilesh D. Nasara General Secretary Reception Committee delivered introductory speech and welcome speech delivered by Com. R.K. Srivastava.
Com. Tapan Sen General Secretary CITU attended as Chief Guest  and inaugurated  the Open Session  and addressed  by Coms . Amarjit Kaur General Secretary AITUC, Subhash Lamba  President AISGEF, R.N. Patne AILCEU, V.V. Assai,     BEFI, M.Krishnan S/G and other leaders . Com. P.U. Khadse Chairman CCGEW Vidharba Region  gave vote of thanks.
After lunch at 3.00 PM Com. M.Krishnan S/G Confd. Presented the draft Report in the house for discussion. 33 delegates of different Organisations  Departments, 13 COC s total 46 participated in the discussion. 256 delegates from All over India attended this Conference . Coms P.V. Rajenderan President NFPE & CHQ, R.N. Parashar S/G NFPE, P.U.Khadse G/S R-III and Com. Charan Singh F/S CHQ R-III participated in discussions  on behalf of COC Delhi .The Conference adopted policy Programme and Resolutions  on Central Govt. Empl. issues  including NPS, NRC , NPR, CAA, wage revision after 5 years etc. and decided future course of  action including agitational programmes for the 10 Point Charter of demands .
The Conference elected following office bearers for the next term:-

1. President                           Com. R.B. Nair (ITEF)
2. Working President           Tapas Bose (Audit & Accounts)
3.Vice President                             1. K.K.N. Kutty   (ITEF)
                                                2. M. Krishnan    (NFPE)
                                                3. T. Narsimhan (NFPE)
                                                4. Yeshwant Purohit   ((ITEF)
                                                5. Usha Bonepalli        (ITEF)
4.Secretary General             Com. R.N. Parashr       (NFPE)
5. Secretary                          Com. Rupak Sarkar     (ITEF)
6. Asstt. Secretary               1.Com. P.V. Rajenderan       (NFPE)
                                                2.Nominee of Atomic Energy)
                                                3. Com. Sree Kumar    (Audit & Accounts)
                                                4. Com. Nilesh Nasare         (IBM)
                                                5. Com. Anoop Chatterjee (BSI_)
Finance Secretary               Com. S.B. Yadav                   (NFPE)
Organisatinal Secretary                1.Com. M.S. Vengatesan (ITEF)
                                                2. Com. D.B. Mohanty (NFPE)
                                                3. Com. P.U. Khadse   (NFPE)      
                                                4. Com.P.Suresh                   (NFPE)
                                                5. Com.Saurav Das     (NFPE)
                                                6. Com.P. Panduranga Rao (NFPE)
                                                7. Com.Anil Kumar      (Audit & Accounts)
                                                8. Nominee of Civil Accounts.
                                                9. Nominee of Civil Accounts.
                                                10. Nominee of Atomic Energy.
11. Com. Janardhan Mazumdar (COCWB)
12. Com.Ajai Wahoo    (GSI)
13.Com.Gurpreet Singh(DMIEA)
14.Com. R.B.Suresh(NFPE)
15. Com. Raj Kumar Roy  (Assam)
16.G.Raj Gopal     (COC A.P)
17. Com. Warlekar   (COC Mumbai)
18. Com. Vinod   (COC Karnatka)
Auditor                                   Com. R.P.Singh  (COC Mumbai)
Chairperson                           Com. Manusha Majumdar
Vice Chairperson                           1.Com. Jaya Shree Raj
                                                2. Com. P.Rama
Convener                               Com. Usha Bonapalli
Joint convener                     1.Com. Jasmin Jalal Begum
                                                2. Cim. Lalitha Narayanswamy
3. Com. Sushmeeta Sarkar

16.   NJCA MEETING:- NJCA Meeting was held on 3rd July, 2018 in the JCM office New Delhi. On behalf of NFPE  Com. Giri Raj Singh President NFPR and R.N.Parashar Secretary General NFPE  and on behalf of Confederation Coms. K.K.N.Kutty  and M.S.Raja attended the meeting. The meeting took note of the inordinary delay in honouring the commitment  made by the Govt.  on 30th June, 2016 in respect of Minimum wage, fitment formula, scrapping the NPS, Option No.1 to pensioners, outsourcing, regularization of contract/casual workers, JCM revival etc. After the detailed discussion the meeting decided to adopt a resolution and forwarded the same  which is in  NJCA circular  published in “RMS WORKER “ AUGUST-2018 issue.

16 (b).       NJCA:- ALL  INDIA DEMANDS DAY  ON 19 SEPTEMBER, 2018:- As per discussion of NJCA All India Demands Day was observed by holding demonstrations in all circles and also infront of C.G./ offices for the following demands:-

To scrap NPS

Enhance minimum wage and fitment formula

Implement option No.-1  as pension fixation.

17.NJCA Meeting:-After that meeting NJCA meeting was held at 11-00 AM on 08-02-2019 JCM office under the Chairmanship of Raghaviah Leader Staff Side on behalf of Confederation K.K.N. Kutty, R.N. Parashar S/G NFPE, Giri Raj Singh President NFPE and M.S. Raja S/G Audit & Accounts attended this meeting. This meeting after threadbare discussions on minimum wage, fitment formula, NPS and other issues decided to write a letter to Govt. of India on these issues and also decided to organize dharna on 13th March 2019 at Jantar Mantar and demonstration dharna on 28th March at Parliament. The details are in NJCA letter which is published in RMS Worker March 2019 at page 5 to 6. Protest Day on NPS was observed by NJCA (AIRF, NFIR, AIDEF, NIDEF, NFPE AND CONFD) ON 13-3-2019 AT Jantar Mantar Delhi & all over India on behalf of Confederation. Com. K.K.N. Kutty Chairman Confederation and Com. R.N. Parashar Secretary General NFPE and Giri Raj Singh President NFPE addressed the Dharna. Participation of R-III was good.

18.Meeting with Home Minister on 08-02-2019:- Hon’ble Home Minister Shri Raj Nath Singh convened a meeting with NJCA leaders. Coms. Shiv Gopal Mishra Secretary, M. Leader Staff Side, Raghaviah, Ashok, K.K.N. Kutty Chairman Confederation, R.N. Parashar Secretary General NFPE and other leaders on 8-2-2019 at 9.20 AM and discussed various issues minimum wage fitment formula, NPS etc.   He assured to discuss with Hon’ble PM these issue

19.Meeting of the National Council:-The 47th meeting of the National Council was held on 13.4.2019 at Rail Bhawan, New Delhi, under the Chairmanship of Shri P. K. Sinha, Cabinet Secretary.  It was held after the most inordinate delay i.e. after the lapse of nine years that the National Council meeting was convened. The decision of NJCA to organize Dharna on28.3.2019 (which was deferred) is what triggered the Government to convene the meeting.

The meeting commenced at 11.30 AM and ended at 2.30 PM. In the introductory remark, the leader and the Secretary Staff Side touched upon the following points.
1. Survival of JCM; revival of Departmental Councils; maintenance of its stipulated frequency.
2. Closure of offices- restructuring consultation with the Staff Side and Unions affected; with particular reference to CPWD, Printing Presses and Defence Industry.
3. increasing-litigations; Governments disregard to its own National litigation policy making employees and pensioners to incur huge expenditure. Non implementation of even Supreme Court decisions- MACP promotional hierarchy, MACP date of effect, increment on 30 June and 31st December etc
4. NPS and other pension related issue
5. Recognition Rules, delay in the grant of recognition
6. Arbitration Awards.
7. Non honoring of the assurance held out by the 0DM to revisit the minimum wage and fitment formula
8. One more option to switch over to the 7’ CPC
9. Non issue of clarification on the question of minimum pay for promotes after 1/1/2006
10. Reduction in the quantum of Night Duty Allowances
11. Ex-Service man pay fixation
12. Compassionate Appointment and its restriction
13. Outsourcing and Casualization of permanent Jobs
14. Regularization of Casual workers- include casual service for pensioner benefits
15. Running Allowance of Railway Workers with tax free benefit
16. CGHS deficiencies
17. Necessity to hold meetings by held and pension Secretary with Staff Side
18. One time relaxation for LTC-80 fare

9.Agenda items and Action Taken Statement items
1. Grant of FMA in lieu of OPD for CGHS beneficiaries beyond 70 years of age                                                                            Not agreed
2.  Sanction of incentive for those working in terrorist infested areas.                                                                                           Will be examined
3. Gandhi Nagar as link city to Ahmadabad                Orders issued
4. Up gradation Jam Nagar                                         Orders issued

5. A-1 status to Bengaluru from 16.1.2007                 Orders issued
6. Upper age limit to be raised from 45 for
 departmental candidates                                            Not agreed
7. Casual labourers-grant of temporary status
and regularization                                                       Under consideration
8. Restricted holiday for industrial workers                Not agreed
9. Applicability of CCS (RSA) Rules to industrial
 workers of Defence         MOD will take final decision within a month
10. Recruitment personnel for erstwhile Gr. D functions Arbitration Awards                                                                     Will be examined
11. Arbitration Awards                     Matter will be discussed bilaterally
                                                  with the staff side to reach a settlement
12. Benefit of Rule 10 CCS (RP) Rules for those completed 1 year service maximum                                                   Will be re-examined
13. JCM coverage for GR `B`                                    Being examined
14. GPF for those recruited after 1.1.2004    Will be considered as                                                                                                     optional
15. Washing allowance                         Subsumed in the dress allowance
16. Running allowance/transport
 allowance to be exempt from IT                           Agreed to reconsider
17. Grant in temporary status to
 casual labourers                                                      Will be considered
18.  Parity in Pay scale of workshop staff in postal with Railways and Postal                                                                      Agreed to reconsider
19. Island/NER spl duty allowance to be
 exempt from Income Tax                                             will be considered
20. Non availability certificate from Estate
officer for HRA                                                         Will be re examined
21. Stepping up of pay with juniors
 under ACP/MACP                                                   Orders will be issued
22. Increase in residency period for
future promotions                                Staff side will give separate note
23. FR 15 (a) protection of pay. Not agreed. New item will be introduced
24. Grant of Med. Advance at 90% for
conventional deceases                                      Orders will be issued
25. Reimbursement of additional charges paid on account of over stay in hospitals.

Chairman suggested considering the following:-
1. Reimburse fully to the patient.
2. Black list the hospital MOH will decide.
26. Reimbursement of oxygen charges.                            Orders issued
27. LTC for dependant parents                             Orders issued in 2017.
28. Revised scheme on
compassionate appointment      Will be examined with reference to the   
                                                       discussion at the meeting

29. Family pension for unmarried
/divorced/widowed sister                                         Will be considered
30. Created of NFSG grade to UDCs,
stenographer                                                          Under consideration
31. Hostel subsidy                                                            Order issued
31. Constant attendant allowance                                    Not agreed
32. Revision of pension for those
who compulsorily retired.           2.57 multiplication factor will be applicable to all. Extension of new option is under consideration
33. Stitching charges                          Subsumed in dress allowance
34. Hospital patient care allowance                           Will be discussed
                                                          in a special meeting with Secretary,
35. Moped allowance                                                             Abolished
36. Sports increment                                                       Orders issued
37. Consultation with UPSC under Rule 9 of Pension Rules       Dropped
38. Litigation issues on service matters.                   The chairman ruled          that where the SC has given decision in rem, it will be implemented in the case of all similarly placed personnel.
39. Revised FMA in border areas                             Settled, order issued
40. Revision of risk allowance to
civilian employees                                Staff side to introduce fresh item
41. CGHS rates                                      Referred to MOH special meeting
42. Revision of funeral advance                                        Orders issued
43. Exemption from payment of income tax for personnel beyond 80 years                                                                                                       Rejected

20.THE 7 CPC  NATIONAL ANOMALLY COMMITTEE MEETING HELD ON 17-07-2018 National Council (Staff Side)No.NC-JCM-201 8/NAC July 17-7-2018                  

The meeting of the 7thCPC National Anomaly Committee was held today (17/7/2018). Shri Chandramouli Secretary (P), DOPT presided over this meeting. The Department of personnel had identified the following six items only for discussion:

1. Item No. 3-Removal of condition of 3% stipulated to grant bunching benefit.

2. Item No. 4-Fixation of pay on promotion.

3. Item No. 5-Removal of Anomaly in Pay Matrix.

4. Item No. 8-Lesser Pay in higher level of Pay Matrix.

5. Item No. 9 -Bunching of steps in the revised pay structure.

6. Item No. 14-Grant of GP 5400 to Sr. Section Officer of Railways and AAOs of IA&AD and Organised Accounts. (Civil Accounts, Postal Accounts and Defense Accounts).

The above items were subjected to discussions and the following decisions were taken.

Item No 3-The Govt. will consider as to how the matter could be resolved after assessing financial implications.

Item No. 4-The suggestion of the Staff Side to fix the pay on promotion at the next higher stage after granting one increment was not accepted. After discussion it was agreed that Govt. would address the issue on case by case basis. Those who are covered by the anomaly described under this item have been advised to make representation to Fin. Ministry directly.


          The meeting of the 7thCPC National Anomaly Committee was held today (17/7/2018). Shri Chandramouli Secretary (P), DOPT presided over this meeting. The Department of personnel had identified the following six items only for discussion:

1. Item No. 3-Removal of condition of 3% stipulated to grant bunching benefit.

2. Item No. 4-Fixation of pay on promotion.

3. Item No. 5-Removal of Anomaly in Pay Matrix.

4. Item No. 8-Lesser Pay in higher level of Pay Matrix.

5. Item No. 9 -Bunching of steps in the revised pay structure.

6. Item No. 14-Grant of GP 5400 to Sr. Section Officer of Railways and AAOs of IA&AD and Organised Accounts. (Civil Accounts, Postal Accounts and Defense Accounts).


The above items were subjected to discussions and the following decisions were taken.

Item No 3-The Govt. will consider as to how the matter could be resolved after assessing financial implications.

Item No. 4-The suggestion of the Staff Side to fix the pay on promotion at the next higher stage after granting one increment was not accepted. After discussion it was agreed that Govt. would address the issue on case by case basis. Those who are covered by the anomaly described under this item have been advised to make representation to Fin. Ministry directly.


The staff side however insisted that the entire anomaly would he resolved if two increments are granted while on promotion/MACR

Item No. 5 & 8-it was agreed by the official side that this is an aberration -and shall be addressed.

Item No 9- Rejected by official side.

Item No 14 -The matter is under consideration of the Govt. After completing discussions on the above items’ the staff side insisted that the following remaining items may also be taken up for discussion:

Item No. 1 Anomaly in computation of Minimum Wage

Item No. 2 3% Increment at all stages

Item No. 6 Anomaly due to index rationalization

Item No. 7 Anomaly arising from the decision to reject option No. 1 in pension fixation

Item No. 10 Minimum Pension.

Item No. 11 Date of Effect of Allowances-HRA, Transport Allowance, CEA etc.

Item No. 18 Anomaly in the grant of D.A installment w.e.f 1.1.2016

          After discussion on the above items, the official side informed that the DOPT had already examined those issues and have come to the conclusion that those items will not come under the ambit of the definition of Anomaly. The Staff Side contested this. It was decided that the DOPT will convey the reasoning to the staff side and hold meeting with the Staff Side to sort out the differences.

          The following items has been referred to Departmental Anomaly Committee of the respective Department/Ministries.

Item No. 15. Technical Supervisors of Railways.

Item No.16 Anomaly in the assignment of replacement of Levels of pay in the Ministry of Defense, Railways, Ministry etc in the case of Store Keepers.


Item No.17 Anomaly in the assignment of pay Levels in the case of Research Assistants in Ministry of AYUSH, Homoeopathic Department.


The staff side then raised the following other issues.

1. Central Govt. employees may be granted one more option to switch over to 7th CPC from a date subsequent to 25th of July 2016- the official side informed that the matter is under consideration and a decision would be taken shortly.


2. The issue of pay fixation of ex-servicemen in the last pay drawn by them before retirement from armed forces is remitting unsettled - the official side informed that the matter has been referred to Mm. of Defence by DOPT for their comments. Decision would be taken after receipt of comments from MOD.


3. The Staff side raised the issue of not convening meetings of the National Council, JCM and Standing Committee.


4. The Staff Side also informed of the decision taken by the NJCA in its meeting held on 3-7-2018 of the revival of the deferred indefinite strike by the Central Govt. Employees if no settlement is brought about on major demands like upward revision of minimum pay, fitment factor and NPS before 7-8-2018.
21  .Minutes of the First Meeting of the National Anomaly Committee for Seventh Central Pay Commission:-Held On 17.07.2018 under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Personnel):-The meeting of the National Anomaly Committee was held at 11:00 AM on 17.07.2018 in Conference Room-S No. 119, North Block, New Delhi under the-chairmanship of Secretary (Personnel) with the representatives of Staff Side of the National Anomaly Committee and Senior Officers from concerned Ministries/Departments. The minutes of the meeting are in Annexure “A” and published in RMS worker July 19 at page 5 to 11.
22. Implementation of the recommendation of 7th CPC on Over Time Allowance — reg. The undersigned is directed to say that as per Dept. of Expenditures Resolution No. 11-1/2016-IC dated 06.07.2017, following is the decision of Government on Overtime Allowance (OTA)
1.Ministries/ Departments to prepare a list of those staff coming under the category of Operational Staff. Rates of Overtime Allowance not to be revised upwards
’2. Further it has been clarified by the Dept. of Expenditure that the Government has decided that given the rise in the pay over the years, the recommendations of the 7th CPC to discontinue OTA for categories other than Operational Staff and industrial employees who are governed by statutory provisions may be accepted.
3. Accordingly, it has been decided to implement the aforesaid decision of the Government on Overtime Allowance across all the Ministries I Departments and attached and subordinate office of the Government of India. The following definition shall be used to define Operational Staff. “All non-ministerial non-gazetted Central Government servants directly involved in smooth operation of the office including those tasked with operation of some electrical or mechanical equipment.
4. The concerned Administration Wing of the Ministries / Departments will prepare a list of operational Staff with full justification based on the above parameters for inclusion of a particular category of staff in the list of operational staff with the approval of IS (Admn.) and Financial Adviser of the concerned Ministry? Department.

5. The grant of OTA may be linked to biometric attendance subject to the conditions mentioned below.

a) OTA should be paid only when his? her senior officer directs the concerned employee(s) in writing for staying back iii office to attend urgent nature of work.

b) The OTA will be calculated on the basis of biometric  attendance.

c) The OTA for Staff Car Drivers should be link biometric system as normally, the designated pa allotted in the office building. However, in cases

the parking lot is provided far from office, the Staff Driver would mark his? her attendance while leaving his office and a grace time of not exceeding 2 hours be allowed to cover the distance travelled after leaving office, including the time to drop the officer and then reaching the parking lot. In such cases, calculation can be & from log books, duly verified by the officer concerned.

d) The OTA to field officials should be calculated on the basis of biometric attendance, as normally, such officers are given facility of official transport to attend the field work. Such officers are supposed to report in office before proceeding to field. In cases, where officials are required to attend the field work directly from home, they may be extended facility of official transport from home in lieu of transport allowance and OTA may Be given on the basis of the log book of that vehicle, duly verified by their senior officers.

6. Since, the Government has decided not to revise the rates of OTA, the rates as prescribed in this Department’s CM dated 19th March, 1991 for Office StafL Staff Car Drivers and Operative Staff will continue to operate subject to their fulfillment of the above conditions.

7. All the existing instructions, except to the extent superseded by this CM., will continue to remain in force.

8. These instructions will be applicable with effect from 01 July, 2017.

9. In so far as persons serving in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department are concerned, these instructions are being issued after consultation with the Comptroller & Auditor General of India.

10. Hindi version will follow.


(Pramod Kurnar Jaiswal)

 Under Secretary to the Government of India

23.   GDS STRIKE:- Due to protracted delay and continuous betrayal on GDS demands, the GDS JCA took decision to  conduct  indefinite strike demanding full settlement of Kamlesh Chandra  Committee report. 16 days Historic Strike was conducted by GDS unions from 22-5-2018 to 6-6-2018. AIPEU GDS led by Com. P.Panduranga Rao G/S played an important role in making this strike a grand success.

NFPE and R-III extended full solidarity support ,help and co-operation to make the GDS strike a grand success. We extended full support in discussion forum and also  with officers in the Directorate by solidarity action extended by the Circles and Divisions. The Federal Secretariat of NFPE held at North Avenue New Delhi on 16-5-2018 took the following decisions to extend solidarity support to GDS strike:-

Massive demonstration at all work places during lunch hour every day during the period of strike.

All members of NFPE will wear black badges to protest in ordinate delay  in implementation of positive recommendations of GDS Committee during the period of strike.

24.   TWO DAYS NATION WIDE STRIKE:- All India RMS & MMS Employees Group C’ CHQ Conference and Red Salute to all CWC Members, Circle, Divisional and Branch Secretaries, office bearers and members for participating and making it a grand success of 8th & 9th January, 2019 two days Nationwide Strike called by Confederation, Postal JCA and RMS JCA




NAGAR, BNPLNew Delhi PSO, NEW DELHI RMS on 9th January2019 90% in


P.(Total Strike in Varanasi RMS, Aligarh RMS, Saharanpur RMS,Allahabad

RMS, Jhansi RMS, Basti RMS and MMS Varanasi


When we compare the 23 August,2017 Strike participation was very good except J&K and Delhi Stg. Dn.

All India RMS & MMS Employees Group `C` CHQ congratulates  and Red Salute to all CWC Members, Circle, Divisional and Branch Secretaries, office bearers and members for participating and making  it a grand success of 8th  January, 2020  One  day Nationwide Strike called by Confederation and NFPE
Information received from Circles is as under:-



PARTIAL STRIKE:_ DELHI (EXCEPT MMS DELHI 80%,) J&K., H.P.AND  GUJARAT, When we compare the two days  Strike 8 & 9 January, 2019 participation was very good except Gujarat, H.P., J&K and Delhi Circle except Mail Motor Dn. Delhi.
 When we compare 2 days Strike  8 & 9 Januart, 2019 participation was very good except J&K, Gujarat, H.P> and Delhi except MMS.
26. PJCA (NFPE & FNPO)  :-  PJCA (NFPE & FNPO) has also  served the Strike Notice for two days on 8th & 9th January, 2019 to Secretary Posts on 12-12-2018 alongwith charter of Demands as per the decision of Postal JCA meeting held in NFPE Office . Charte of Demands is as under:-
1.    Implement all positive recommendations of Sri Kamlesh Chandra Committee report and grant Civil servant Status to GDS.
2    Fill up all Vacant Posts in all cadres of Deptt of Post i.e P.A/S.A, Postmen, Mail Guard ,  Mailmen, MMS, MTS, GDS, Postal Acctts, P.A  Admn Offices, P.A SBCO & Civil Wing etc  within a time frame  and separate identity of all cadres.
3.    Settle all the problems arisen out of implementation of C.S.I & R.I.C.T.
4.    Withdraw NPS and Guarantee minimum pension 50% of last pay drawn.
5.    Membership verification of G.D.S and declaration of result of regular employees membership verification conducted in 2015.
6.    Implementation of orders of   payment of  revised wages and arrears to the casual , Part time, Contingent employees & daily rated mazdoors as per 6th and   7th CPC and Regularize Services of  casual Labourers.
7.    Implement Cadre Restructuring for left out categories i.e RMS, MMS, Postman/MTS, PACO, PASBCO, Postal Acctts, Postmaster Cadre and Civil Wing etc.
8.    Stop Privatization, Corporatization and out sourcing in Postal Services.
9.    Scrap Bench Mark in MACP .

10. Implement 5 days week in Postal and RMS

11. Enhancement of higher pay scales to those categories whose minimum qualification has been enhanced e.g Postmen, Mail guard.

12. Grant of pension to the promoted GDS based on Supreme Court Judgement in SLP No (C) 13042/2014

13. Withdraw orders of enhancement of cash conyance limit without security.

14.  Implement all High Court and Supreme Court decisions in C/W MACP, RTP and others.

15. Cash less treatment under CGHS  and allotment of adequate fund under head MR & T.A

16. Retention of Civil wing in the Deptt of Post.

17. Holding of Deptt Council Meetings and periodical meetings at all levesl.

18. Stop Trade Union victimization and in the name of unscientific targets.

19. Provide 40 percent SCF quota promotion in AAO cadre and amend RR incorporating the modifications demanded by AIPAEA.

20. Status of audit to SBCO.

21. Restore Special Allowance to PO & RMS Accountants and OSA to RMR/MMS Staff.

22. All NSH and I.C. Speed Post Hubs should be under the administrative control of RMS and All L-2 Mail Offices should be identified as I.C. Speed Post Hubs and as Parcel Hubs.

23. Permission to all Staff of Circle Office, Postmaster Cadre and RMS/MMS Staff to appear in Departmental Examination for promotion to PSS Group-B.


      1.  Urgent measures for containing price rise through universalization of         public distribution system and banning speculative trade in commodity          Market.

      2. Containing unemployment through concrete measures for employment   generation.

3.    Strict enforcement of all basic labour laws without any exception or exemption and stringent punitive measures for violation of labour laws.

4.    Universal social security cover for all workers.


5.    Minimum wage of not less than 18000/- per month with provisions of indexation (for unskilled worker).

6.    Assured enhanced pension not less than 3000 P.M.  for the entire working population (including unorganized sector workers).

7.    Stoppage of disinvestment in Central/State public sector undertakings

8.    Stoppage of Contractorisation in permanent /perennial work and payment of same wage and benefits for contract workers as that of regular workers for the same and similar work.


9.    Removal of all ceiling on payment and eligibility of bonus , provident fund and increase in quantum of gratuity

10. Compulsory registration of trade unions within a period of 45 days from the date of submission application and immediate ratification of ILO conventions C-87 & C-98.

11. No FDI in Railways, Defense and other  strategic sectors.

12. No unilateral amendment to labour laws.

Department of Posts convened meeting with PJCA leaders on 7-01-2019 on the Strike Charter of Demands. All the items were discussed and reply given vide No. 08-08/2018-SR dated 04-04-2019  - Annexure –A  and published in RMS WORKER February 2019 issue. 

27. PJCA Meeting:-PJCA meeting was also held on 13-7-2019 afternoon in FNPO office in which the General Secretaries of NFPE, FNPO-GDS and NU GDS participated. After through discussions on the issue and problems being faced by the staff after introduction of technology in the form of MNOP, CBS, CSI, PNOP and RICT, the PJCA decided to submit a Memorandum to the Secretary (Posts) requesting him to arrange a meeting with the office bearers of PJCA to discuss 24 Points Charter of Demands and settle as early as possible. The PJCA decided the following programme of Action:-

1. Submission of Memorandum addressed to the Secretary (Post) by PJCA, all Divisional/Branch/Secretaries in all Divisions by holding lunch hour demonstration on 29th July-2019.

2. Holding one day Dharna at Divisional level on 21st August-2019.

3. Holding of one day Dharna at Circle level on 11th September-2019.

4. One day Dharna at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 4th October, 2019 by All India Office Bearers of all Unions of NFPE, FNPO, AlPEU GDS & NUGDS.

Even than if no fruitful result comes out the PJCA will decide serious programme of action including indianite strike.

The following agitational programmes were conducted by NFPE for settlement of 16 Point Charter of Demands:-
Agitational Programmes.
1.    25.-09-2018 : One day country wide hunger fast infront of Divisional Offices
2.    04-10-2018 : One day country wide hunger fast in front of Circle Offices.
3.    10-10-2018 : One day massive hunger fast in New Delhi.
1.    GDS committee report as a whole be implemented with effect from 01st of January 2016.
2.    Change the formula already adopted for calculation of arrears.
3.    Change of upper limit of gratuity from Rs 1,50,000/- to Rs 5,00,000/-
(a)  GIS limit should be enhanced to Rs. 5,00,000 with the subscription of Rs. 500/-
4.    10% of the TRCA of the GDS should be recovered towards SDBS contribution and the Government to  contribute equal share.
(a)And also EFP Scheme to be introduced to GDS as recommended by the GDS Committee. This was also recommended by the previous GDS Committees.
5. GDS should be granted 30 days paid leave in a year and the leave should be    allowed to be carry forward subjected to the maximum of 180 days and provide encashment of the leave.0
6 .Grant Children Education allowance Rs 6000/- per child per Annum.
7. Enhance composite allowance to the BPMs  from Rs500/- to Rs 1600/- also grant composite allowance to ABPMs & GDS working in classified cities and the GDS working in Departmental Offices etc., wherever applicable.
8. GDS employees should be granted financial up gradation on completion of 12,24, and 36 years of service in the form of grant of additional increments.0
(a)  Point to point fixation to be ordered instead of bunching of TRCA scales.
9 Limited transfer facility to GDS on request should be relaxed. There shall not be any drop in wage scale on account of a request transfer. The transfer of GDS will be approved by Divisional head if the transfer is within the Division, by regional PMG if it is within the region by HOC if the transfer is within the Circle.
10 Voluntary discharge schemes for the GDSs’ 3 types of voluntary discharge schemes as recommended by GDS committee for the GDSs’ who are willing to quit the post before the discharge at the age of 65 years should be implemented.
11 All discharge benefits (retirement benefits) should be implemented retrospectively , w.e.f 01January 2016.
12. Put off duty may be averted by transferring the GDS to another place.0
13 Incentive system should be abolished for India Post Payment bank (IPPB) work. Enhance the working hours of branch post office and GDS officials concerned after introducing the IPPB.

14. GDSs’ should be  allowed to get discharge from the service on the last day of the month in which He/She attains the 65 years of the age.

15. All single handed branch post offices should be provided with one more hand to upgrade to double handed office.

16. ‘Employees’ state Insurance (ESI) facility to be extended to Grameen Dak Sevaks wherever E.S.I dispensaries and hospitals are available the country.


Because of the strike conducted by the GUS for their demands and also the participation of circle and divisional union, further programme of action could not be further declared. But this is to time to revive the programme to arrest the menace of corporation and other moves of the department and Government to stop them

29.  Federal Executive Meeting:-of NFPE was held at NFPE Office, North Avenue, New Delhi on 21st February, 2019. After thorough discussion on all agenda items and problems prevailing in Department of Post, the Federal Executive has come to a conclusion that the Postal Administration is not serious to settle the long pending genuine problems of employees. For settlement of 23 points charter of demands on 2 days nationwide strike on 8 & 9 January 2019, a meeting was convened at Directorate on 07th January, 2019, under Chairmanship of Shri P.K. Bisoi, Member (P). Thorough discussion took place on all agenda items, but there was no concrete assurance on any issue, thereby we decided to go on 2 days strike on 8&9 January, 2019. The strike was grand success.

After strike is over a period of more than one and half month has been passed but nothing has been done by the Department so far.

Therefore, it was decided unanimously that agitational programs should be conducted in phased manner culminating in indefinite strike. As the Lok Sabha Election can be declared at any time and election Code of Conduct will come in to force after that.

So as a 1st Phase of agitaional programme was  decided to conduct  One Day Dharna at all Divisional  Headquarters on 07th March-2019 by the NFPE Co-ordination Committee jointly.
It was also decided that Resolution for settlement of 24 Points Charter of demands should also be sent addressed to Secretary (Post) , Director General (Post) and Minister Communications and IT:

1.    Withdraw NPS and Guarantee minimum pension 50% of last pay drawn.
2.    Implement all positive recommendations of Sri Kamlesh Chandra Committee report and grant Civil servant Status to GDS.
3.    Fill up all Vacant Posts in all cadres of Deptt of Post i.e P.A/S.A, Postmen, Mail Guard, Mailmen, MMS, MTS, GDS, Postal Acctts, P.A  Admn Offices, P.A SBCO & Civil Wing etc  within a time frame  and separate identity of all cadres.
4.    Settle all the problems arisen out of implementation of C.S.I & R.I.C.T.
5.    Membership verification of G.D.S and declaration of result of regular employees membership verification conducted in 2015.
6.    Implementation of orders of   payment of  revised wages and arrears to the casual , Part time, Contingent employees & daily rated mazdoors as per 6th and   7th CPC and Regularize Services of  casual Labourers.
7.    Implement Cadre restructuring for left out categories i.e RMS, MMS, Postman/MTS, PACO, PASBCO, Postal Acctts, Postmaster Cadre and Civil Wing etc.
8.    Stop Privatization, Corporatization and out sourcing in Postal Services.
9.    Scrap Bench Mark in MACP.
10. Implement 5 days week in Postal and RMS
11. Enhancement of higher pay scales to those categories whose minimum qualification has been enhanced e.g Postmen, Mail guard.
12. Grant of pension to the promoted GDS based on Supreme Court Judgment in SLP No (C) 13042/2014
13. Withdraw orders of enhancement of cash conyance limit without security.
14.  Implement all High Court and Supreme Court decisions in C/W MACP, RTP and others.
15. Cash less treatment under CGHS and allotment of adequate fund under head MR& T.A
16. Retention of Civil wing in the Deptt of Post.
17. Holding of Deptt. Council Meetings and periodical meetings at all levesl.
18. Stop Trade Union victimization and in the name of unscientific targets.
19. Provide 40 percent SCF quota promotion in AAO cadre and amend RR incorporating the modifications demanded by AIPAEA.
20. Status of audit to SBCO.
21. Restore Special Allowance to PO & RMS Accountants and OSA to RMS/MMS Staff.
22. All NSH and I.C. Speed Post Hubs should be under the administrative control of RMS and All L-2 Mail Offices should be identified as I.C. Speed Post Hubs and as Parcel Hubs.
23. Permission to all Staff of Circle Office, Postmaster Cadre, SBCO, Postal Accounts and RMS/MMS Staff to appear in Departmental Examination for promotion to PSS Group-B.
24. Amendment in Transfer Policy guide lines and under Rule-38 Transfer guidelines.

Further the Federal Executive has endorsed the following call of NJCA.

1.    One day dharna and Demonstration on 13th March 2019 at Jantar Mantar , New Delhi - focusing main demand as Scraping of NPS and Restoration of Old Pension Scheme: All are requested to take part in large number.

2.    One day Dharna 28th March- 2019 by the All India leader of all constituent organizations of National Council, JCM at Jantar Mantra, New Delhi, for revival of JCM forum at all level.

All India leaders, Circle Secretaries, Divisional Secretaries of NFPE unions are requested to take part in Dharna.

The Federal Executive has also endorsed the following agitational programmes called by Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers.

1.    Campaign Fortnight from 15th March to 30th March, culminating in Mass Rally at all District and State Headquarters for settlement of Charter of demands mainly focusing on demand “Scrapping NPS and restoration of OPS.

2.    (i) Day long Mass Dharna on 11th April 2019 at all District and State Headquarter.
(ii) Candle light protest on 23rd April-2019 at all District and State Headquarters.

31    .NFPE Secretariat Meeting:- NFPE Secretariat meeting was held at NFPE office on 13.7.2019 under the Presidentship of Com. Giri Raj Singh . In which the General Secretaries and available NFPE Office bearers participated after thread bare discussion a review was taken in the meeting and Federal Secretariat came to unanimously conclusion that a Memorandum on pending demands of should of Postal/RMS/ MMS Employees, should be submitted to the Secretary (Posts) and agitational programmes should be conducted in a phased manner along with PJCA. Meeting in PNOP with staff Side in 02-07-2019 RMS Worker August 19 Page 25.

11th Federal council of NFPE
            11th Federal council of NFPE was held at Shreeji Bawa Ashram, Bhuteshwar, Mathura (UP) from 25th to 27th November-2019. Federal Executive meeting was also held on 24 November-2019 at the same place.
            On 25-11-2019 at 10.30 AM, National flag was hosted by Com K.K.N. Kutty Chairman Confederation and NFPE flag was hosted by Com M. Krishnan S/G confederation. After that floral Tributes were paid to the martyrs by all leaders, Federal Councillors and visitors. The inaugural session was started at 11.00 AM on 25.11.2019. Com Giri Raj Singh, President, Presided over the meeting. Homage was paid to all leaders, union activists and common man who expired during this period. Com K.K.N. Kutty Chairman Confederation CGE and workers inaugurated and elaborately spoke on present political and economic situation of the country and the working class in general and CG Employees in particular, 7th CPC issues and criticized the policies of Government who is going ahead on the path of corporatization and privatization in various government sectors and public sectors undertaking.
            Coms M. S. Raja working president confederation, Vergu Bhattacharjee Treasurer Confederation and S/G Civil Account, C.C. Pillai Ex S/G NFPE, K Raghvendran Ex S/G NFPE and G/S AIPRPA, Post Master General, Agra Shri Ambesh Upamanyu also greeted the Federal council as representative of Department of posts. He was accompanied by Shri Umrao Singh SSPOs Mathura, Shri Sengar, ADPS RO Agra and Sr Post Master Mathura, Shri Arun Kumar Yadav.
            On behalf of Reception Committee Com. V. B. Pachauri circle President PIII welcomed all the leaders, guest, Federal Councilors and visitors.
            Com R. N. Parashar S/G NFPE gave introductory speech about the functioning of NFPE and he also welcomed the leaders, Guest, Federal councilors and visitors on behalf NFPE. Open session ended at 2.00 on 25.11.2019. Vote of thanks was given by Com Shesh Mani Tripathi C/S P-III UP.
            At 4.00 PM on 25.11.2019, the delegate session was started. Com Giri Raj Singh President, Presided over the session. First of all agenda was approved by the house. Com Giri Raj Singh President asked Secretary General to present triennial report and to initiate the discussion. Com R. N. Parashar S/G NFPE presented the triennial report, Accounts and initiates the discussion on agenda items. After that deliberation was started by the Federal Councilors. About 36 Federal Councilors took part in the discussion and they raised the issues related to then sectors. Delegate session continued from 25.11.2019 after noon to 27.11.2019. In between the delegate session Com K. V. Sridharan Ex G/S P-III and M. Krishnan S/G confederation also delivered then speech. After deliberation of Federal councilors, all General Secretaries of affiliated unions to NFPE, Office bearers also spoke in the agenda. At last Com R. N. Parashar SG summed up the discussion and replied the queries and questions raised by the Federal Councilors. He appealed to all to mobilize rank and file to participate and make a grand success of one day nationwide strike 8th January-2020 in Department of posts.
            Beside this he declared following Agitational programmes in a phased manner.
1.         Submission of memorandum on the problems prevailed in the Department by making a charter of demands in the month of December-2019
2.         Divisional level Dharna in the month of January-2020.
3.         Circle level Dharna in the month February-2020.
4.         All India Dharna in New Delhi in the month March-2020.
5.         After that strike will be called for if the demands are not settled.
Dates will be finalized in federal Secretariat meeting to be held soon.
Com Janadhran Majumdar convernor, resolution committee presented the resolutions on important subject where were approved by the house unanimously.
Com Balwinder Singh, Convenor, Credential committee persecuted the credential report in the house.
Com Giri Raj Singh President composed the house and declared the whole business transacted under composed house. After that election of office bearers was held for next three years term. The following office bearers were elected unanimously.
President                                           Com P. V. Rajendran            R-III Kerala
Working President                           Com U. K. Tiwari,                  P-III Bihar
Vice President                                  Com K. K. Sharma    R-IV Delhi
Vice President                                  Com S. B. Yadao                   O/O DAP Lucknow
Vice President                                  Com A. Srinivasa                  R-III Karnataka
Secretary General                           Com R. N. Parashar  P-III Mathura UP
Deputy S/G                                        Com D. B. Mohanty   P-IV Orisa
Assistant Secretary General         Com Janardhan Mujumdar P-III West Bengal
Assistant Secretary General         Com S. Verma                       P-III Tamilnadu
Assistant Secretary General         Com Balkrishna Chalke      P-IV Maharashtra
Financial Secretary             Com Ashwini Kumar            P-IV Delhi
            After election felicitation was given to the outgoing office bearer i.e Com Giri Raj Singh President, A Manoharan working President, R Seetha Laxmi Dy S/G and Com S. Raghupathy ASG by the Reception committee by garlanding and presenting shawl and mementos. 11th Federal council ended with the presidential speech and vote of thanks was given by Secretary General.



As you know the DOP is not at all sympathetic towards the settlement of long pending genuine grievances of RMS & MMS Employees. They were compelled to go on agitational programmes as already organized in a fourth  6 phased programme. Now as per the decision of 32 AIC held at Ghaziabad from 23 to 26 May, 2018 we discussed /tallied with General Secretary NUR-III and NUR-IV to organize One Day massive dharna on 4 September, 2018 on RMS/MMS Employees 21 Point Charter of Demands infront of Dak Bhawan under the banner of RMS JCA.

Memorandum on problems pertaining to RMS & MMS Employees along with 21 Point Charter of Demands was submitted by RMS JCA of R-III & R-IV (NFPE & FNPO) on 9-7- 2018 vide its letter No. RMS /AGTN/2018 dated 9-7-2018 which was published in “RMS WORKER”  for August, 2018.


A massive Dharna was conducted by RMS JCA R-III & R-IV (NFPE & FNPO) on 4th September, 2018 in front of Dak Bhawan under the Presidentship of Com. P.V.Rajenderan  All India President CHQ R-III, this dharna was addressed by Com Giri Raj Singh General Secretary R-III, Nirjesh Kumar Tyagi, G/S NU R-III, P.Suresh G/S R-IV, Prithuiroj Damodar Bavikar  G/S NUR -IV.

More than 300 comrades all over India participated. After this dharna JCA met and reviewed the situation and decided the future course of action including indefinite strike in the month of December, 2018 or January-2019 for the settlement of 21 Point Charter of Demands. JCA appealed to form the JCA at Branch, Divisional and Circle level immediately and intimate to respective CHQ. All India RMS & MMS Emp. Union Gr. `C` Red Salute for participating and making it a grand success.


34. . RMS JCA again submitted the memorandum to Secretary Posts along on 21 Point Charter of Demands and Agitational prograamme vide its letter No. RMS/AGTN/2018 dated 14-9-2018 which is under:-


No. RMS /AGTN/2018                                   Dated: 14 - 09 -  2018


Secretary (Posts)

Department ot Posts,

Dak Bhawan.

New Delhi- 10001


Subject: Indefinite strike action by RMS and MMS Employees —Submission of Memorandum.


Kindly refer to this union letter No. RMS/AGTN/ 2018 dated 09-07- 2018 regarding the problems pertaining to RMS & MMS Employees. Our unions conducted several agitational programmes at Division/Region/Circle level and a massive dharna infront of Dak Bhawan on 04-09-2018. The administration is not ready to settle the genuine demands raised by the unions. It is sorry to mention that no discussion was arranged till date on the Charter of Demands submitted by the RMS JCA. Unilateral Implementation of PNOP without considering the suggestions submitted by the staff side and not providing adequate space and infrastructure in hubs resulted large scale back routing of parcels, accumulation of parcel bags in hubs. Simultaneous implementation of PNOP and CSI caused enormous miseries to working and our business deteriorating.

In this circumstance, the joint Council for action of RMS Unions held on 4th

September 2018, decided to resort higher form of trade union action including indefinite strike for the settlement of below mentioned issues of RMS/MMS employees.

1. Consider the suggestion submitted by the staff side in connection with implementation of PNOP (Copy of the suggestions enclosed), and take Immediate changes and remedial actions to avoid back routing, accumulation of bags in parcel Hubs. Provide adequate space and other infrastructures In all hubs. More LI and L2 hubs required in all circles to avoid delay in parcel movements.

2. Stop the move for merger/closer of mall offices stating decreased volume of mails after implementation of PNOP. Karnataka circle administration proposed merger of Madikerl and Mandya sorting with Mysore RMS immediately after PNOP implementation.

3. Non-payment of Out Station Allowance and Accountant Allowance.

4 Discrimination to RMS/ MMS employees  in cadre- restructuring.

5 Settle the problems due to the Implementation of CSl in RMS.MMS Divisions.

Working atmosphere is badly affected due slowness in network. inadequate Bandwidth, non availability of server connectivity. Our staff are compelled to work even in excel format due to the above issues.

6. Revision of Overtime Allowance

7. Fitting up the vacant posts in all categories of RMS & MMS

8. Repair and maintenance  of RMS & MMS buildings.

9. Replacement of condemned vehicles in MMS. introduce more  MMS schedules for conveyance of parcels.

10 Provide good quality of Computers. scanners, printers, UPS and Generators.

11. Regularise all part time casual labourers. contingents and DRM.

12. Stop outsourcing and contractorisation of RMS & MMS functions.

13. Withdraw NPS and guarantee 50% of last pay drawn as minimum pension.

14. Stop victimization and harassment for  contributory negligence and trade union victimization.

15. Withdraw Bench Mark for granting MACP.

16, Provide 40 seats RMS compartments in all sections.

17. Drop the  proposal for shifting  of Headquarter of RMS ‘SH`Dn. from Saharanpur to Ghaziabad.

18. Grant Dress Allowance@Rs.10,000/- per year to MG/MTS/MMS staff as per the recommendations of 7 CPC.

19 Provide adequate man power to RMS/MMS units.

20. Supply adequate  good quality Canvas Bags. Providing uniform size bags for handling business mails in RMS offices.

21. Grant 3 MACP to the officials who get promotion after appearing competitive examinations.         


(1) 10TH October, 2018

Submission of memorandum regarding demands of indefinite strike at Divisional and Circle Heads with mass demonstration.

(2) 19th November,2018 DEMANDS DAY

Badge campaign and serving strike Notice.

(3) December, 2018  Indefinite Strike in the month of December-2018/January-2019 . Date of strike will be decided later.


Yours sincerely


34.  R_III UNION Organisation Activities


R-III UNION ORGANISATIONAL ACTIVITIES:-R-III Union is implementing all the decisions, programmmes of NJCA, Trade Unions, Confederation, PJCA and NFPE. All informative /developments are also posted regularly in our website and timely Circulars are also being  issued and published in our journal “RMS WORKER”. All CHQ office bearers and Circle Secretaries including Divisional Secretaries are kept in touch BY PHONE/MESSAGES.
The 32nd All India conference  of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group `C` was held at Ram Lila Maidan Ghaziabad  U.P. hoisted by Delhi Circle from 23 to 26 May, 2018 under the Presidentship of P.V. Rajenderan where nearly 900 delegates and visitors coming from different corners of the country participated. All the Circle Secretaries except H.P. attended this Conference. All office bearers and CWC members attended this Conference. The Reception Committee under the leadership of Com. K.C.Verma , K.P.Singh, A.K.Gautam, S.P.Singh, Virender Kumar, Dhanpal and comrades of Delhi Circle had made excellent arrangements for successful conducting 32 A.I.C. including food, accommodation and transport which deserves appreciation.  
                        The Central Working Committee Meeting was held on 22 and 27 May, 2018 and in between the Conference discussed the various issues connected to this AIC. Let us debate discuss and review the activities of the CHQ after the 32 AIC and decide our future course of action. I on behalf of the CHQ present this report on activities for the consideration of this CWC.
On 23rd May, 2018 at 10.00 AM National flag was hoisted by Com. C.C.Pillai Ex S/G NFPE. NFPE Flag was hosted by Com. R.N.Parashar S/G NFPE and R-III Flag was hoisted by Com. P.V. Rajenderan President CHQ R-III. After the flag hoisting homage was paid to the Martyrs on the Martyrs Column.

                   Open Session was started at 11.00 A.M. on 23rd May, 2018. Com. P.V.Rajenderan President CHQ presided. Sh. Pawan Yadav Chairman Reception Committee who donated Rs. One Lakh to Reception Committee of AIC  delivered welcome speech and welcomed all the guests, leaders, delegates and visitors. Coms. K.C.Verma General Secretary , K.P.Singh F/S Shankar Pal Singh Working Chairman alongwith other members of the Reception Committee welcomed all the guests, leaders with momento ,file and bags.

                   Com. Dr. K.Hemlata President CITU inaugurated the Open Session and spoke in details on anti people, anti worker policies persued by NDA Govt., LPG, Price Rise, downsizing , NPS, GDS strike, C.G. Postal, RMS MMS Employees problems, 7 CPC issues and appeal to all to mobilize rank & file to participate and make a grand success of the coming programmes.

                   Coms. K.K.N. Kutty Chairman Confederation, R.N.Parashar S/G NFPE, M.Krishnana S/G Confederation, C.C.Pillai EX S/G NFPE, M.S.Raja S/G Audit , Giri Raj Singh President NFPE, Virender Kumar Sharma President GDS NFPE, Naresh Gupta Chairman Postal Co-op Bank Ambala , J.P. Yadav D/S P-III,Kailash Chand D/S P-III Meerut and Director U.P. Postal Co-op Bank addressed and elaborately spoke on present developments in the Department of Posts, outsourcing of Postal functions,closure of RMS/POs offices C.G. Emp. problems, 7 CPC issues including maximum wage Rs.26000/-, Allowances, advances ,LTC, Cashless Medical facilities, Casual Labour issues and other issues.

                   Com. K.C.Verma General Secretary  Reception Committee gave vote of thanks.

                    After lunch at 16.00 hrs subject Committee was started under the Presidentship of Com. P.V.Rajenderan. Com. Giri Raj Singh General Secretary R-III placed the Draft Report from June 16 to April,2018 before the house for discussion and adoption. Com. A.K.Gautam F/S placed the Audited Statement of Accounts for the year  from 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and Accounts from April 2017 to March, 2018 subject to Audit. Budget Estimates 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and GDA Building Accounts from April 2017  to March 2018 for acceptance.

                   A cultural programmes was organised by the Reception Committee on 23rd and 24th May, 2018. 

                   On 24-5-2018 Subject Committee was started at 9.30 AM. Com. P.N.Rai General Secretary CITU U.P. State, inaugurated the Subject Committee. Coms. S.B.Yadav G/S Postal Accounts, P.Suresh G/S R-IV, V.Bhattacharjee S/G Civil Accounts & G/S COC Delhi State, Dinesh D/S CITU Ghaziabad, S.K.Bardhan Ex President CHQ R-III, Com. Geeta Bhattacharjee Chairperson Women Committee COC Delhi State and other leaders addressed the subject Committee. 71 delegates  including Circle Secretaries and CWC members participated in the deliberations in the Subject Committee on 24 & 25 May, 2018. Names published in RMSWORKER July, 2018.        This AIC adopted the policy and programmes published in RMS WORKER of July 2018 issue at Page 8.       The 32 AIC adopted the Resolutions on common demands of C.G. Employees, 7  CPC issues, Minimum wage Rs.26000/-, fitment formula, MACP, Bench Mark, NPS, Option 1 for Pensioners, filling up vacant posts, Regularisation of GDS, Part Time Casual labours, Remove 5% cut on Compassionate appointments, 5 time bound promotions to all employees on completion of 8,7,6,5, and 4 years of service, stop attack on Trade Union rights, declare the result of membership verification , stop closing of Govt. establishments, out sourcing and privatization. Provide required facilities like good quality computers, scanners, printers & UPS in CRC, SPC and Parcel Hubs, CRC, SPC and Parcel Norms, Timely repair and maintenance of RMS/MMS office buildings, Rest Houses, Postal quarters, All SPC hubs should be under the control of SSRMs/SRMs, All L-2 offices should be made as Inter Circle hubs to avoid back routing of SPCC and Parcel articles, Revise the norms of R Net, separate establishment for NS hubs and Parcel Hubs, withdrawal of collective responsibility  for the loss and missent of articles and bags, stop supply of polythene  bags to RMS offices, supply  40 seated  Railway bogies for RMS Sections in place of 20 seated, increase  of band width of CSI Net work , reintroduce old sorting cases in place of Sorting cases, grant of compensation off in respect off O.T.duty performed on weekly days, stop  closer/merger of RMS offices under PNOP implementation, Cadre Restructuring report to RMS & MMS staff, MACP, problems of women employees, payment of OSA, Special Allowance to  PO & RMS Accountant, RMS /MMS staff may be allowed to appear in PSS Group `B` Examination, allot sufficient Medical & OTA funds, Reject Task Force Report, fill up the posts of Superintendent Sorting among HSG-I officials in the Grade Pay of Rs.4800/-Allow Drivers/ Artisans in LGO examination, stop disciplinary action on non performance of  O.T.duty, keep RMS/MMS offices closed on holidays and Sundays, stop recovery of loss from drivers in case of accident.

Old sorting cases inplace of sorting cases, grant of compensatory off in respect of duty performed on weekly  days, stop closer/merger of RMS offices under PNOP implementation , cadre Restructuring report to RMS & MMS staff, MACP, problems of Women employees, payment of OSA, Special Allowance to PO & RMS Accountants, RMS/MMS staff may be allowed to appear in the PSS Group `B` Examination, allot sufficient Medical & OTA funds, Reject Task force Report, fill up vacant posts of Superintendent Sorting among HSG-I officials in the grade Pay of Rs.4800/-, allow Drivers/Artisans to appear in LGO examination, stop disciplinary action on non performance of over time duty, Keep RMS/MMS offices closed on holidays and Sundays, stop recovery of loss from drivers in case of accident etc.

35.  FELICITATION TO COM. A.K.GAUTAM FINANCIAL SECRETRARY CHQ R-III AND COM. JALALLUDIN CIRCLE SECRETARY  TELENGANA:- The felicitation to Com. A.K.Gautam F/S R-III CHQ and Com. Jalalludin Ex circle Secretary  R-III Telengana Circle by the 32 AIC Reception Committee and CHQ. Com. Giri Raj Singh General Secretary, P.V.Rajenderan President CHQ,  K.P.Singh AGS, K.C.Verma G/S Reception Committee aand other leaders garlanded, praised and recalled their yeoman services to the organisation. 32 AIC records its appreciation and gratitude to Com. A.K.Gautam F/S CHQ and Com. Jalalludin.

During this period two CWC meetings were held
1. CWC Meeting at Hyderabad  from 17 to 18 January, 2019
Central Working Committee Meeting of All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Grooup `C` was held at Seth Thanmal Lunia Jain Dharamshala, Hanuman Tekri, Hyderabad -500 001 (Telengana) from 17 to 18 January, 2019 under the Presidentship of Com. P.V. Rajenderan President CHQ R-III. All the Circle Secretaries except Assam, H.P. and Rajasthan and all the CWC memebrs except Com. G.Talukdar AGS and Com. Anuj Kumar Asstt. Finance Secretary participated.
On 17-01-2019 at 10.30 AM national Flag was hoisted by Com. P.V.Rajenderan President CHQ R-III and NFPE flag was hoisted by Com. R.N.Parashar Secretary General NFPE.
After the Flag hoisting Open Session started . Com. P.V. Rajenderan President delivered Opening address. Com. T. Narsimhan  Chairman Reception Committee delivered welcome speech. Com. R.N.Parashar Secretary General NFPE  inaugurated the Open Session. Coms. C.C.Pillai, Ex Secretary General NFPE & General Secretary R-III, P.Suresh General Secretary R-IV, Venkata Subbu General Secretary  Admn union and other leaders addressed the Open Session and spoke in detail on Govt. Anti people, Anti Worker policies, NPS, LPG, C.G. Emp. problems ,filling up vacant posts, OSA, PO& RMS Accountant Special Allowance, , 7 CPC issues, 2 days Historical  Grand successful Strike Charter of Demands and appeal to all to mobilize rank & file and be ready for serious  long struggles. Com. Giri Raj Singh General Secretary presented the Draft Report, covering important issues like PNOP, CSI, OSA, OTA Special Allowance to PO & RMS Accountants, filling up vacant posts of SA, LSG, HSG-II & I, Driver, Artisans, MACP   Bench Mark Very Good, Counting Training Period , MACP for promoted staff, one increment for LGO, LSG, HSG-II & I , implement Cadre Restructuring Report to RMS, MMS Staff and left out categories, 7 CPC issues and other issues and appealed to increase membership   in coming modification in April, 2019.
On 18 January, 2019 Coms S.K.Bardhan, Ex President Jagdish Prasad EX Treasurer, A.K.Gautam EX Treasurer CHQ R-III addressed the subject Committee. All the Circle Secretaries , CWC memebrs, MMS Divisional Secretaries Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahamedabad and Hyderabad  and women Sub Committee memebrs Krishna Kumari Joint convenor,Swati Roy Bera Convenor  and AGS in West Bengal.
 Com.K. Shardha  and Com.P.Krishna Kumari women Committee member               Telengana participated in the discussions. Com. T.Narsimhan Chairman Reception Committee  alongwith Coms. Jalalludin, Working Chairman, K.Yadgiri General Secretary , K.Manohar and other members of Reception Committee welcomed  above noted leaders by garlanding and presenting memento and shawl. The Reception Committee also welcomed Com. B.D.Gupta Circle President , Com. Sarjiwan Kumar Office Secretary CHQ R-III .

Com. R.N.Parashar S/G NFPE replied and clarified the points raised by the CWC members. After that Com. Giri Raj Singh General Secretary replied all the questions raised by the CWC members.


On 18 January, 2019 After Noon the felicitiation was given to Com. K.R.Ganesan F/C NFPE to be retired on 31 January, 2019, A.K.Gautam Ex F/S CHQ R-III, to be retired on 28-2-2019  Com. Krishana Kumari Joint Convenor to be retired on 31 March, 2019 by the Reception Committee.
Reception Committee had made nice arrangement for boarding and lodging. Com. Jalalludin  Working Chairman Reception Committee gave vote of thanks and CWC was concluded with shouting slogans.

This CWC adopted a large of number of  Resolutions on different issues which have been forwarded to Department of Posts and are published elsewhere in this issue

2. CWC Meeting at New Delhi from 29th  to 30th November, 2019
Central Working Committee meeting of All India RMS & MMS employees Union Group C was held at Ambedkar Bhawan, New Delhi-110055 from 29 to 30 November-2019 under the President ship of Com P. V. Rajendran All India President. All the circle secretaries except Assam and HP and all the office bearers except Com G. Talukdar AGS were participated.
On 29.11.2019 at 10.00, Open session was started under the President ship of Com P. V. Rajendran. Com K. C. Verma General Secretary Reception Committee delivered welcome speech and Com P. V. Rajendran President delivered Presidential speech.
Com R. N. Parashar Secretary General NFPE inaugurated the open session and elaborately spoke on present political and economic situation of the country and working class in General C.G. Employees and Postal RMS/MMS Employees in particular. He deliberated the issues related to 7CPC, Postal JCA charter of demands, confederation 10 points charter of demands including filling of all vacant posts, MACP, OSA, OTA, PNOP, Cadre restructuring to RMS/MMS Staff, PO & RMS Accountant special allowance etc and criticized the policies of the Government who is going ahead on the path of corporation and privatization in various Government sector and Public sector undertaking and appeal to all to participate and make a grand success of the 8 January-2020 one day strike. After the inauguration Com R. N. Parashar S/G NFPE released the book on NPS written by Com Shantanu Nandy Circle Secretary R-III West Bengal Circle preface by Com C. C. Pillai Ex S/G NFPE and published by Com Giri Raj Singh General Secretary.
          Coms C. C. Pillai Ex S/G NFPE, K. Ragvendran Ex S/G NFPE & G/S AIPRPA, P Suresh G/S R-IV, D.B. Mohanty G/S P-IV, R. Seeta Laxmi Ex G/S P-IV, A. Srinivasa Vice President NFPE and other leaders addressed the open session and spoke in details in present development in the Department LPG, 7CPC, IPPB etc and appeal to participate and make a grand success one day strike on 8th January-2020.
          Com K. C. Verma G/S Reception Committee, Com K. P. Singh Treasurer and his team of Reception committee welcomed the above leaders with garlanding, shawl. Memento and file cover. The open session ended with vote of thanks by Com K. P. Singh ACS and Treasurer Reception committee at 2.00 PM.
          Delegate session started at 3.00 PM. Com Giri Raj Singh General Secretary presented the draft report covering important issues like as PNOP, CSI, OSA, OTA, Special allowance to PO & RMS Accountant, filling of vacant posts of SA, LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I, Driver, Artisan, AMM, MACP Bench Mark, Very good, Counting Training period, MACP for promoted staff, One increment for LGO, LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I, Implementation of cadre restructuring report to RMS/MMS staff and left out categories. 7th CPC issue and other issues and appealed to all to increase membership in coming membership verification/modification in April-2020 and also appealed to mobilize rank and file to participate, lead and make a grand success of coming one day Nationwide strike on 8th January-2020. All the circle Secretaries, CWC Members, MMS Divisional Secretaries Delhi, Ahmadabad, Mumbai and Com Swati Roy Bera convener and AGS, the Reception committee also welcomed to all CWC members, Circle Secretaries and MMS Divisional Secretaries with memento, bags.
          Com R. N. Parashar S/G NFPE replied and clarified the points raised by CWC Members. After that Com Giri Raj Singh General Secretary replied all the questions raised by the CWC members. After that many other items Com Giri Raj Singh proposed the name of Com Pradip U. Khadse AGS for the post of General Secretary and seconded by Com P. V, Rajendran President in the house. The house unanimously elected Com Pradip U. Khadse AGS as General Secretary in place of Com Giri Raj Singh due to his retirement on 30.11.2019 A/N. The CWC ended with Presidential speech and vote of thanks was given by General Secretary.
38.  Felicitation of Com Giri Raj Singh General Secretary R-III
          On 30th November-2019 afternoon at 3.00 PM, the felicitation of Com Giri Raj Singh G/S R-III started. Com Shiv Gopal Mishra inaugurated this function and elaborately spoke on present developments in the country, LPG including railway, 7th CPC issues, filling up vacant posts and other issues and appealed that there is need a strong struggle including indefinite strike to stop anti people, anti workers policies perused by this Government. Coms R. N. Parashar S/G NFPE, C.C. Pillai Ex S/G NFPE, M. S. Raja working President present and read out the massage sent by com K. K. N. Kutty, D.B. Mohanty G/S P-IV, Com D. K. Rahate Ex President AIRMS & MMS EU GR C and President, AIPRPA, Com A. M. Khan Ex Circle Secretary, R-III MH Cricle, R. Seetha Laxmi Ex G/S P-IV, I.S. Dabas Ex G/S P-IV, K. Ragvendran Ex S/G NFPE and G/S, AIPRPA, V. Bhattachaya G/S alongwith COC Delhi State ladies Smt Geeta Bhattachaya Chairperson COC and P-III CHQ, Giri Raj Sharma G/S Passport Employees Association, Anil Kumar G/S Audit Delhi circle. Reception committee, all CWC members, all circle Secretaries and Divisional Secretaries MMS Division Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Ashwin Kumar Treasurer NFPE, Romil Dabas Treasurer P-IV CHQ, Balwinder Treasurer P-III CHQ alongwith J Rama Murty Ex President P-III CHQ, V. Raman C/S P-III Tamilnadu, S.P. Singh Tresurer APRPA CHQ, Dupehad G/S AP CHQ and other retired leaders welcomed Com Giri Raj Singh with garlanding, shawl, memento etc and praised the su rendered by Com Giri Raj Singh. This CWC adopted the resolution and addressed the decision of 11 Federal Council agitational programme.

ELECTION OF GENERAL SECRETARY: This CWC held at New Delhi from 29.11.2019 to 30.11.2019 unanimously elected Shri P.U. Khadse Account Supervisor  LSG  RMS `F` Dn. Nagpur  and Asstt. General Secretary as the General Secretary  of this union  vice Sh. Giri Raj Singh retired from Govt. Service on 30.11.2019.Com. P.U Khadse has taken over the charge of General Secretary on 01.12.2019
LOCAL AGITATION:-     RMS `N` Dn. Cuttack RMS & `L` Dn. Bhusawal RMS , `T` Dn. `CB` Dn. and other Divisions and Circles Maharastra, Kerala, Orissa, Gujarat, Tamilnadu and other Circle have conducted agitational programmes for the settlement of long pending issues., shifting Headquarter, merger of Mail Offices, abolition of Sections etc. . The CHQ congratulates and Red Salute  to them for conducting agitational programmes.


39.   During this period following AIC, Circle Conference Circle Council Meeting, Divisional Conference, Study Camp and Conventions were held and attended by the General Secretary

1.  National convention of Confederation of Central Govt. Emp. and Workers was held at Hyderabad on 10 June, 2018.

2.   P-IV CWC of U.P. Circle was held at Moradabad  (U.P.) on 7 July, 2018.

3.   Circle Council Meeting of R-III Bihar Circle and Joint Divisional Conference of R-III & R-IV of RMS `C` Dn. Gaya on 13-7-2018.

4.  Joint Circle Conference of R-III & R-IV of Orissa Circle was held at  Bhubneswar from 24 to 25 June, 2018.

5.   Divisional Conference of R-III New Delhi Stg. Dn. was held on 14 & 15 June  at DIMC Fgn. Post  office New Delhi.

6.  The 29th Circle conference of R-III  of Rajasthan Cirle was held at Pushkar from 24 to 27 July, 2018.

7.  Joint Circle conference and divisional conference of R-III & R-IV of Chhatisgarh and RMS `RP` Dn. was held at Raipur from 30 to 31 July, 2018.

8. The 35th R-IV circle Conference of Maharastra Circle was held at Parbani from 1 to 3rd August, 2018  attended by Com. P.U.Khadse  AGS R-III.

9.   Divisional Conference of RMS `F` Dn. was held at Nagpur from 28 to 29 July, 2018  attended by Com. P.U.Khadse.

10.    Divisional Conference of R-III `M` Dn was held at Chennai on 5-8-2018 attended by Com. K. Sankran AGS R-III.

11.   Divisional Conference of R-III RMS `MP` Dn. was held at Gwalior  on 1  and 2nd September, 2018 attended by Com Manoj Kumar Gupta V/P R-III.

12.   CWC of AIPCPCCWF was held at ITEF office Rajouri Garden.

13.   P-III Circle Conference of Haryana Circle was held at Ambala GPO Complex.

14.   Divisional Conference forms `T` Dn. was held at Trichy  on 9th September, 2018 which was attended and inaugurated by Com. P.V.Rajenderan President R-III CHQ.

15.   Circle Conference of Admn. Union of Delhi Circle was held on 23-8-2018 at Meghdoot Bhawan New Delhi.

16.   P-IV CWC was held Sant Tulsi Devi Daya Dharamshala Khatu Shyam (Sikar Rajasthan)  from 8 to 9 Sept., 2018.

17.  AIC of All India Loco Running staff Association (AILRSA) was held at Jodhpur from 24 to 25 Dept. 2018.

18.       R-IV CWC was held at Amritsar from 28 to 29 Sept. 2018 attended by Com. K.P.Singh AGS R-III.

19.    National convention of Workers was organized by Cenrtal Trade Union.

20.   DWC of R-III RMS `A` Dn. was held at Allahabad U.P. on 29-9-2018.

21.           R-III Delhi Circle Council Meeting was held on 8 Oct. 2018.

22.  R-III Haryana Circle Conference was held at Karnal from 15 to 17 Oct., 2018                attended by Com. K.P.Singh AGS.

23.   The 37th Divisional Conference of RMS MMS Dn. was held at Recreation Club Narayana from 25 to 26 Oct. 2018.

24.  23rd All India Conference of AIPAEA was held at Binani Bhawan Kolkata  from 27 to 29 Nov. 2018.

25.   31st AIC of Admn was held at Guwahati Assam from 28 to 29 Nov. 2018.

26.  The Divisional conference of R-III RMS `W` Dn. Vadodra was held at Satpura Hotel Vadodra from 23 to 24 Nov. 2018 attended and inaugurated by Com. H.A.Rajgour AGS R-III.

 27   U.P. Circle R-III Circle Council Meeting held from 26 to 27 January, 2019 at Allahabad.

28.   34th Circle Conference of R-III Maharashtra Circle held at MLA guest House Nagpur from 30 January to 1 February, 2019.
29   P-III & P-IV Fgn. Post Office Joint Divisional Conference held at New Delhi on 20.2.2019.
30.    33 Circle Conference of R-III AP Circle held at Vijaywada from 25 to 26 Feb., 2019.
31   Divisional Conference of R-III Delhi Stg. Dn. held at RMS Bhawan from 27 to 28 Feb., 2019.
32    CWC of All India Postal SBCO Emp. Association held at MP club North Avenue New Delhi on 3rd March, 2019.
33.   National convention of workers organized by the 10 Trade Union Exept BMS at New Delhi.
34.   7th Conference of AIPRPA of Delhi State held at Gurdara R.K.Puram Sector-6 New Delhi.
35.   Seminar on NPS and felicitation of com. Virendera Tiwari G/S of SBCO organized by   NFPE unions of U.P. Circle on 7th April, 2019 at Lucknow.
36   3rd Conference of COC Viderbha held at Nagpur on 12.5.2019.
37.  DWC of RMS `B` Dn. and felicitation of Com. R.D. Dalve Circle Vice President & Ex D/S R-III held at Solapur on 31.5.2019.
38.  The 5th AIC of SBCO held at Hardwar from  5 to 6 July, 2019.
39.  P-4 CWC Delhi Circle held on 10 July 2019 which was also attended by Com. P.U.Khadse  AGS R-III.
40:-  32nd Circle conference of R-III T.N. Circle held at Trichy on 17 July, 2019 which was  attended by Com. P.V. Rajenderan All India President  and Com. A. Srinivas AGS R-III CHQ.
41. R-III CWC of Rajasthan Circle was held on 20.7.2019 at Alwar also attended by Com. P.U. Khadse AGS R-III.
42. 32nd Joint Circle Conference of R-III & R-IV of HP Circle held at Pathankot  on 28.7.2019 also attended by P.U.Khadse AGS R-III.. The Circle Conference of MP Circle held at Jabalpur from 25 to 26 August, 2019.
43  The Divisional Conference of Air Mail Stg. Dn. New Delhi held at New Delhi from 30 to 31 August, 2019 also attended by Com. K.P. Singh AGS R-III CHQ.
44 The DWC of RMS `SH` Dn. held at Meerut  Cantt RMS on 31.8.2019also attended by Com. Charan Singh F/S  and Com. Pardesi Lal Working President CHQ R-III.
45. The WC of GDS NFPE held at Puttukottai from 8 to 9 Sept. 2019 which was attended by Com. K. Sankar AGS on behalf of CHQ.
46  The Joint Circle Conferene of NFPE Unions of Assam Circle held at Tejpur from 11 to 13 Oct. 2019.
47. The 32 AIC of P-III held at Hyderabad from 20 to 22 Oct. 2019.
48. Joint Circle Conference of R-III & R-IV of Karnataka Circle held at Belagave from 3 to 5 Nov. 2019.
48. Divisional Conference of SH Dn. held in 8/11/19 at Saharanpur
49  R-III CWC of Gujarat Circle held at Satpura on.11.11.2019.
50. Joint Circle Conference of R-III & R-IV of West Bengal Circle held at Kolkata from 14 to 16 Nov. 2019.
51.  R-III circle Council Meeting of Bihar Circle held at Motihari from 17 to 18 Nov. 2019.

52.  CWC Postal Account: - CWC of AIPAEA was held at Patna from 17 & 18 Nov 18
53   Federal Council of NFPE held at Vrindrawan Mathura (U.P.) from 25 to 27Nov.2019.
54. R-III Circle Conference of Delhi Circle held at N. Delhi on 28 to 29 Nov. 2019.
55. Circle Council Meeting of Haryana Circle  held at N.W. Stg. Office office on 6 & & Dec. 2019
56. Joint R-III & R-IV Circle Council Meeting of Maharastra Circle held at Malwan on 9 & 10 Dec. 2019
57. R-III DWC of RMS `D` Dn. was held at Hissar on 31.01.2020.
58. 36 Joint Conference of NFPE Unions of Assam Circle  held at Guwahati from 1 to 3rd Feb., 2020.
59. 26 National Conference of Confed.held at Nagpur from 7 to 8 February, 2020.
60. Joint Divisional Conference of `L` Dn. held at Chanderpur on 10 Feb., 2020.

61. 10th Circle Conference of R-III Jharkhand Circle held at Patna from 14 to 16 February, 2020.
62. 32nd Circle Conference of R-III U.P. Circle held at Allahabad from 16 to 19 Feb. 2020.
63. 36th AIC R-IV  held at N. Delhi from 24 to 26 Feb. 2020.

40  . SOLIDARITY WITH KERALA PEOPLE:- This CWC extends our solidarity to the people of Kerala who faced the devasting floods, never seen in the last 1000 years. 13 out of14 districts of the State are effected by floods. 439 people have lost their lives. At the height of the flood, 1450707 people from 391494 families have to be shifted to relief camps across the State, the livelihood of lakhs of people  has been destroyed. We Red Salute and congratulate the LDF government of Kerala  which had dealt with this unpredicted situation with  great efficiency and alacrity. The floods in Kerala brought to the for the best aspect of humanity and feeling of class

Solidarity of the people. People  of all faiths, religions and regions in Kerala joined  together in the rescue and relief operations and reconstruction work.

41.  All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association: - As per the decision of NFPE, AIPRPA has been formed and there is a tremendous response of Postal & RMS pensioners. Branches have been formed at Divisional & Circle levels.AIPRPA has conducted the dharna on 17-02-2017 under the banner of NCCPA. The Second All India Conference was held at Vijaywada (AP) from 17 to 18 September, 2017. As per the decision of 2nd AIC AIPRPA has conducted the dharna under the banner of NCCPA at Meghdoot Bhawan New Delhi-110 001 against rejecting first option of 7th CPC report and other issues.  This CWC appeal to all the Circle/Divisional Secretaries to extend all co-operation for formation of branches and settlement of their demands
42.  ALL INDIA POSTAL EMPLOYEES UNION GDS (NFPE):- The newly formed AIPEU GDS (NFPE) has Circle unions in more than 19 Circles and has Divisional branches around 380. It seek the cooperation  and assurances of our grass root level leaders in the formation in all the remaining Divisions and Circles. This CWC appeal to all Circle  and divisional level leaderships to extend full fooperation to AIPEU GDS (NFPE) union seriously and severly and complete the task at the earliest  in order to focus the GDS demands very effectively at all levels. We are committed in the settlement of GDS demands.

43.  MEMBERSHIP VERIFICATION:-Membership verification is over. Subscription was deducted from the Salary of October, 2015 on 31-10-2015. Due to hard working of all Branch/Divisional/Circle Secretaries except MMS Chennai and ‘MA’ Dn Madurai more than 1 % membership of our union may increase in this membership verification. This C.W.C. should discuss seriously and request to all Circle secretaries, CWC members to send the detail report Division wise membership to CHQ. This C.W.C.. also request to all Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries and office bearers to make a special drive to collect declaration from all non members. New members and the members who may be willing to join our union in the membership modification to be held in the month of April, 2019.

44.  CONTINGENT PART TIME EMLOYEES DEMANDS:- The main demand of Casual Part Time Contingent DRM Workers on the wage system at par with minimum of Group `D` (MTS) scale as per 6 CPC. Due to the continuous struggles by NFPE orders have been issued by DOP. Even then till date in some circles payment of arrears was not made. NFPE has taken up the issue and also to revise the minimum at par with Gr. `D` (MTS) as per the 7 CPC.

This AIC appeal to all AIC members, Circle Secretaries to extend all co-operation for formation of branches and settlement of their demands.

45.INTERNARIONAL WOMEN`S DAY:- International women`s day was observed on 8th March, 2019 & 2020.
46    PROBLEMS OF WOMEN EMPLOYEES:-There are thousands of women working as sorting Assistants, MTS, Postman in our Department. Most of the women employees are members of our great Organisation and always show their loyalty by participating in all struggles. However their participation in Trade Union is far from satisfactory. From Branch union to CHQ the women are playing only an insignificant role as Office bearers. This situation cannot be changed automatically. This requires meticulous educative work to be under taken amongst them and encourage them to take up responsibilities. To gain their confidence the office bearers should take up the special problems of women employees. As they face innumerable difficulties. They are denied leave, they are exploited more in office work, childcare leave is not easily available to them, they undergo sexual harassment at work spot. They look after their children at home, they are unsecurable to their in laws  even they  go some time late to their homes, they cannot set and attend late meeting of union executive  or General body  meeting etc. We have to attend the problems of women and gain their confidence. We should understand the problem of women employees and than should guide them to take up leadership . At All India level R-IIICHQ has constituted an All India Mahila Committee in 30th AIC held at Tirupati in 2014. This CWC discuss seriously and direct to CWC members , Circle Secretaries to constitute   Mahila Committee from Branch to Circle level where till date not constituted.
47.CONFERNCE OF TUI:-      The Conference of TUI –Public Services was held at Laranca Cypress on 16th & 17th November, 2019 . Com. R.N. Parashar Secretary  General NFPE  and Asstt. Secretary Confd. And Com. V. Bhattacharjee Secretary General Federation of Civil Accounts  Emp. and Financial Secretary Confederation attended the Cypress meeting.

The All INDIA Conference of NCCPA was held at Jaipur on 1 & 2 November, 2019 under the Chairmanship of Com.Shiv Gopal Mishra . Coms. Shiv Gopal MIshra, K.K.N. KUtty and Com. H.L. Sidhu Ex V.P. CHQ R-III were elected President, Secretary General and Financial Secretary respectively.

49.  3RD OCTOBER 2016 & 2017  WFTU INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION:- Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) has been observing the “International Day of Action” every year  on 3rd October, since 1945 to unite the working class through out  the world for action on certain important ,contemporary class issues. This year also on 3rd October, 2016 and 2017  (WFTU) International Day of Action was observed in the Circles.
This AIC appeal to all Circle Secretaries to observe next 3rd October, 2018 (WFTU) International Day of Action in the Circles.

50. Counting of Reappointment Induction training Period as regular Service for MACP:- CHQ R-III and NFPE has taken up at Directorate level; for counting of pre-appointment induction training period as regular service for the purpose of MACP vide its letter NO. R-III/25/16/2017 dated 22-5-2017 and 6-3-2018 published in RMS Worker for April 2018.

51.  Revision and Payment of OSA:-Orders have been issued on Revision and Payment of OSA by Directorate w.e.f. July, 2017CHQ 25.PO & RMS Accountant Special Pay:-
Subject:- Continuation  of Outstation Allowance to the staff working in RMS Sections of Railway lines –reg
The outstation  Allowance payable to the RMS staff was discontinued w.e.f. 01.07.2017 vide Department of Expenditure , Ministry of Finance OM No. 29/1//2017 –E.II (B) dated 11.07.2017.and circulated vide Directorate letter No. 7-2/2016-PCC dated 14.07.2017.
2.  The proposal for continuation of Outstation Allowance to the staff working in RMS Sections of Railway lines was referred to Department of Expenditure , Ministry of Expenditure , Ministry of Finance has considered and approved for continuation of Outstation Allowance (OSA) at the following revised rates  for a period of absence from their headquarters, on duty exceeding six hours (for every six hours or part thereof ) as given below:_

Sl.No.    Categories of RMS staff                             Revised    rates
                                                                             (Amount in Rs.)
i.        MTS                                                            61.87 or 62
ii. Mail Guard                                                       61.87 or 62
iii Head Mail Guard                                             66.82 OR 67
IV.     Sorting Assistant                                                66.82 or 67
V LSG Sorting Assistant                                     70.87 or  71
3. The revised Outstation Allowance (OSA) would be payable with effect from 01st  July, 2017
4. This issues with the approval of Department of Expenditure , Ministry of Finance vide their ID NI. A-27023/5/2017E.IIB (7th CPC dated 04th February, 2020.

52.   PO & RMS Accountant Special Pay:-CHQ and NFPE has already taken up at Directorate level and it is an item of two days strike Charter of Demands to restore the Special Allowance to PO & RMS Accountant. A committee  has been  constituted by D.O.P. and this committee has finalized its report  and the report has been forwarded to DOP&T

53  .Bench Mark Very Good:-CHQ and NFPE has written a letter to DOP to grant of MACP to the Postal/RMS Employees after implementation of 7 CPC recommendations vide CHQ letter No. R-III/25/Misc/2017 dated 30-12-2017 &27.8.2019 and this was an item of two days  One Day strike January, 2020  . Consolidated guide lines regarding MACP for C.G. Emp.  by DOP&T  and D.O.P. on 22/10/20`19 which was published in RMS Worker  December, 2019 issue at  Page 16 to 20 Charter of Demands. Instruction has been issued by DOP.

54 Postal Net Work:-  India has the largest Postal Net Work with 154910 Post Offices (as on 31-3-2016) out of which 138955 (89.70%) are in rural Area. At the time of independence there were 23344 Post Offices which were primary the urban Areas. On an average a Post Office serves an area of 21.22 sq. Kms and population of 8364.

55.  Attack on RMS:-During the period under review the Govt. has intensified attack on Postal services by downsizing staff strength, abolition of offices, out sourcing of Postal functions and non filling up of vacant posts. These policies have aggravated inefficient functioning of the Department of Posts. The total strength of Group ‘C’ & ‘D’ on 31-3-2016 has been declared to be 193811. The GDS strength has been declared 2,55,029 with other staff Postal employees are 4,48,840 as on 31-3-2016. During the year 2000 total Group ‘C’ & Cr. ‘D’ were 2,94,301. GDS Total strength during period was 3,09,649.

The mail traffic during 2001-2002 was 1103.16 crore. It has declined to the tune of 624.04 crore in 2015-2016. All our eftorts are needed to improve mail volume which would be the major source of revenue.

The total revenue during 2015-16 was 12939.79 crore against net working expenses of the previous years. Rs.19654.67 crore against the previous year’s expenditure of  Rs.18556.56 crore (i.e. an increase of about 5.92%) core in comparison to the previous year 2014-15 deficit of the Department during 2015-16 is 6007.18 crore against the previous year (2014-15) deficit of Rs. 6258.60 crore.

The Govt. of India has deciced to stop payment of deficit to the Department of Posts which will cause a financial crisis to the Department. The CHQ/N FPE has demanded to meet the expenditure of Pension to Postal employees and cost of U.S.O. obligation from consolidated fund so as to function the Department in an efficient manner.

IT Modernization Govt. of India approved the IT Modernization Project of the Department of Posts with a total outlay of Rs.4909 crore in November, 2012 for computerization of all Post Offices, Mail Offices, Administrative and other offices establishment of IT infrastructure and development of software applications in the 11th Plan. The major thrust of the 12th Plan is ro implement and sustain. The IT Projects also aims to provide customer interaction through multiple channels like call Centres and internet, ATM, mobile banking and net banking for Post Offices Saving Bank customers.

The iniplementaton of the Project was initiated in the year 2012-2013 and is expected to be operational by 2015. It is being implemened in eight States form which Six RFPs have been awarded and two are in final stage.

56. Computerization and Net Work:-Upto 31 March 2013, 25145 Post Offices which are 16-24% of the total Post Offices of the country have been computerized. About 28000 locations which include all Departmental Post Offices, Mail Offices, Speed Post Hubs, RMS offices, Administrative offices will be brought underthe Wide Area Network (WAN).

57. .India Post Payment Bank:-In the budget 2016-17 speech in Parliament the Union Finance Miniter announced the Government’s intention to set up the Payments Bank by D.O.P to promote the Financial inclusion and care the access of the people to the formal financial system. The Department of Posts received  in principal approval from RBI on 7’ Sept., 2015 and also Cabinet approved on 1st  June 2016 for setting up of a Payment Bank.Recentrly recruitment process is being done for the same.

58 .DATA CENTRE :-The Data Centre set up in Navi Mumbai was dedicated to the Nation by the Hon’ble Minister of Communications and Information Technology on 241h Jan, 2014.

59.  SAP Net Weaver Portal:- Department of Posts is now going to digitalize all services records of employees ,Administrative offices and Account offices. In few days we have to make one day business in line i.e. applu for loan, GPF and other service matters.

The CRC ,Parcel NET, Speed NET software were also replaced with IPVS (India Post visibility  System).

i Enterprise vide trace ability  platform.
ii Tracks valuated mail articles as well as mail bags ,Postal Net Work chain.
iii.Capture data from the first sorting hub , the article enters till the delivery  postoffice.
iv. Ascertain the situational and locatioal contract  associated with  bags and articles as they transvise from  induction to delivery.

60. .IPVS Funtionality:- The IPVS System provides functional related to the followiung:-
Transaction:- Bags recipt to bag despatch.
Reports:- Office abstract, article consolidated report and so on.
Forms:- Mail List , bag manifist and so on.
Bag and articles- miscellaneous.
Due Mail List.
Master data.
Tracking information.National sort programmmes.

61.PNOP:-The Directorate has proposed to redefine the existing Parecl Net Work and to replace it with new optimised network for parcel and instructed to submit views and suggestions to HOC on the changes if any required in the proposed structure of PNOP.

In the proposed PNOP project recommended by Project Consultant some Post Offices of other districts and mapped to other districts setalite parcel hubs due to which mail arrangements will become very ambiguity for conveyance of Parcel bags between RMS offices and Postal Divisions if other districts post offices are mapped to other district SPHS, there, is no direct connectivity among these offices.

Further parcel bag is unusual bag that the post offices will close/despatch as and when parcels are booked to RMS offices which cause extra expenditure and man power for only transmission of parcel bags , the risk factor also involved in transmitting these separate parcel bags.  CHQ had submitted suggestion on PNOP on  27-06-2018. Reply given by DOP vide its letter No. 28-3/2-18-D dated 12-10-2018 is as under:-

62 A. Meeting on PNOP with Staff Side on 20 June, 2019:- A Meeting on PNOP with staff side was convened at Dak Bhawan under the Charmanship of Member (O). Com. Giri Raj Singh President NFPE and Com. R.N.Parashar Secretary General attended this meeting. After establishment of Parcel Directorate the Department wants to improve the Parcel delivery through PNOP and Nodal Parcel delivery. As the Department is dealing only 4% Parcel business in the country and it should be raised to 15% by 2026. To reach this goal we have to ensure prompt delivery with reliability. Software supplied to all Circles to determine how many Nodal delivery hubs required based on volume and distance. Above 2 kg Parcels will be delivered through 4 wheelers and remaining through 2 wheelers. Union welcomed the proposal with the following suggestions as nowadays there is drastic increase in Parcel business.

1. Necessary steps to be taken to overcome acute shortage of staff in RMS/Postman cadre.
2. Department should have own transportation not to depend on Railway/State Transport.
3. Review should be done in the present mail connectivity.
4. Financial powers should be given to overcome transportation related problems.
5. Upgradation of Bandwidth, SAP, Provide I.D./Password to out siders. All L 2 offices should be as L-2 Parcel Hubs to avoid back routing and all L-2 Parcel hubs may be allowed to close the bags with in Circle.
6. Adequate space and other problems in PLH. Extra accommodation for transportation of Parcel through Railway.
7. Supply of adequate computer, scanners, printers, sufficient bandwidth, trays, Plastic labels, paper etc.

8. Minimize steps for bags closing, opening NDCS, may be attached to RMS, PHS Norms on scientific basis etc.
The minutes of the meeting published elsewhere in this issue.

63. .Setting up of Automated mail Processing Centres:-The Departmenl has established (AMPC) Automated Mail Processing Centres in Delhi and Kolkata in order to expedite mail Processinç. These Centres are equipped with a letter sorting Machines (ISM) and a Mixed Mail Sorter CMMS) each with the Sorting speed of 35000 and 18000 items respectively per hour. DOP has plans to set up such cemres in Sangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai in the near future.

64.DIGITIZATION OF MAPS:-The Department has digitized the maps of Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi Hyderabad, Kolkala and Mumbai during the year and plan to take up digitization of Maps of other major cities.

65. Remotely Managed Franking Machine:-As on 11th January 2016, 10665 RMF MS. tor Private Sector users and 767 by the Department are licensed for use. The Department plans to meet the requirement of RMF MS during 12th Plan period by allotting funds to Circles for their procurement and deployment in the Post Offices across the country.

66  .MAIL MOTOR SERVICES:-The Mail Motor Service (MMS) came into existence in the year 1944. The functions of the MMS include serihces like conveyance of mail bags between Post Offices, RMS offices, TMOs, Railway Stations, Air Mail Soring and delivery of Speed Post Bulk Mail and logistic Post Services, repair and maintenance of Staff Cars/ Inspection Vehicles.

The MMS is also responsible for operation and maintenance of 1230 MMS vehicles of which 264 are CNG propefled environment friendly vans in Ahmadabad, Delhi and Mumbai. 96 MMS Units in the country operate the fleet of Mail Motor Vehicles of which 16 MMS units have full fledged Workshops. The MMS Vehicles covered 3.459 crore KMs for conveyance of mails during the year 2013-2014. The utilization of Vehicles increased by 2.95% .i.e. .0722 crore Kms. over the previous year. Expenditure Rs.110.96 crore in 2013-14 against previous year 2012-13 Rs.96.59 crore. 96 condemned vehicles of various circles were also replaced during the financial year and body fabrication work tor 36 chassis was also taken up at the cost of Rs.50 million .turther 77 vehicles were condemned on the basis of MVDC reports of C,rcles. Eleven (11) additional vehicles were procured during the year 2014-15 under the plan scheme for speed Post mail delivery and collection at a cost of Rs. 6.6 Million. Now 206 new Vehicles have been supplied to Circles.

67.  RTP CASE- CHQ R-III, P-Ill and NFPE has jointly filed RTP case in the CAT Principal Bench Delhi on 8th  October, 2013 for counting of RTP Services as Regular Service for all Promotion and pensionery benefits. Next  date has been fixed on 27-03-2020 due is chang of  govt. by Advocate.

68.  Filling up the Vacant Posts of HSG-I, HSG-II and LSG :-The revised Recruftment Rules of HSG-l has been approved by the UPSC and released. Accordingly we must ensure that the DPCs have been constituted and promotions are accorded in HSG-l cadre. The ear marked posts for IP0 line has been brought under General Line and such posts shall be replaced with General Line.

Despite the issue of clear instructions from the Directorate to ensure DPC for the promotions of HSG-II and LSG, the process has not been completed in some circles due to dearth availability of eligible candidates. The CHQ/NFPE requested Department to keep a provision for keeping a waiting list for LSG by the DPC in order to fill up the posts on declination of LSG by the promoted officials . As the non filling of supervisory posts reflect shortage in basic SA/PA cadre, it is imperative to fill up all such vacant posts forthwith. The Department has accepled our plea and caused instructions to keep waiting list at the time of deciding in the DPC. The Circle Secretaries are requested to take care of this provision and see all the vacant posts are filled up then and there as per the DPC rules.

69.  Filling up Vacant Posts of PA/SA, Mail Guards, Postman, MTS Including MMS:-The CHQ and Federation has taken up this at Directorate level. Instructions have been issued to fill up all the vacant posts upto the anticipated vacancies of 2014 and therefore, requested to watch its implementation in respect of all Circles Again CHQ/Federation has taken up this issue at Directorate level and this is an item in the Charler of Demands of PJCA two days strike 8 and 9 January,2019..

70. Filling up the Posts of Drivers in MMS:-CHQ has taken this issue at Directorate level and D.O.R has issued instructions to all Heads of Circles to till up the vacant posts ot Drivers. CHQ/Federation has taken up this issue at Directorate level and this is an item in the Charter of Demands of PJCA two days strie 8 and 9 January,2019.

71. Despatch Riders:-CHQ has taken up this issue in the Departmental Council Meeting for merging this cadre with Drivers. It was discussed and the Secretay Posts was not agree as the RRs are different. CHQ has again taken up in MMS Cadre Review Committee. It was discussed and Committee is agree . The Committee has recommended for merging this cadre with Drivers. MMS Cadre Review Committee file is under process.

 72. Holding of Examination For Filling up Vacant Posts of Admn: CHQ has taken up this issue at Directorate level and it was discussed in the Standing Committee Meeting. Secretary Posts replied that no RRs are currently available for AMM (MMS) and feeder Cadres. This is preventing the Department for holding examination. However, required documents and inputs to frame the RRs are being obtained by DDG (F) & DDG (Estt).

73. Filling up the Posts of Manager MMS:-CHQ has taken this item in the Departmental Council Meeting items and also regarding transfer. DOP has issued orders of transfer and posting of Manager Mail Motor Service vide its letter No. 65/2015 SPG dt. 27-12-2016 and 2019.

74. Replacement of all Condemned Vehicles:-CHQ has taken up tnis issue at Directorate level. Directorate informed that during this financial year 96 condemned vehicles have been replaced. CHQ has again taken up this item in the Departmental Council Meeting items.Now 206 new Vehicles have been supplied to MMS divisions.

75.  COMPASSIONATE APPOINTMENT :The Govt has stub barely refusing to lift 5% ceiling. However efforts are being made to remove the discrimination between Railway employees and other Central Government Employees. In this regard this issue is pending in JCM National Council.

76 REVISION OF O.T.A.:-CHQ and NFPE has taken this issue at Directorate level. It was discussed during the meeting held with Secretary Posts on Charter of Demands. She agreed to examine proposal keeping in view the OTA that are being observed in the Ministry of Railway and Ministry of Defence. The CHQ/Federation has again taken up this in the NFPE Memorandum on pending issues which was submitted to Secretary Posts on 17th Nov, 2017. This was an item of Two Strike on 8 & 9 January, 2019. Now D.O.P constituted OTA Committee.

77.  SPC Parcel & CRC NORMS :-D.O.P. has issued the orders to revise the norms for activities at Speed Post Sorting Hubs, Intra-Circle Hubs and CRC. Vide its letter No. 0G. Posts No. 28-8/2011-0 dated 17-1-2013 published in RMS Worker March 2013 issue at Page No. 25. CWC held at Ambala Cantt requested to all Circle Secretaries, CWC members & Divisional Secretaries to discuss at Circle, Divisional level and send their views/suggestions upto 15 May, 2013. Aftef waiting for a fortnight CHQ submitted the suggestions vide letter No. R-lll/25/SPC Hubs/2013 dated 15-5-2013 published in RMS Worker June, 2013 and again submitted the suggestions vide letter No. R-lll/25/3/2014 dated 3-2-2014. This was an item of Two Strike on 8 & 9 January, 2019. And PJCA Charter of Demands.

78. Filling up the Vacant Posts of Superintendent Sorting in RMS Among HSG-I Officials:-CHQ has taken up this issue at Directorate level. DPC was held and orders have been issued and posts of Superintendent Sorting have been filled up among the HSG-l officials. The CHQ has again taken up this issue at Directorate level vide its letter No. R-III/25/10/2016 dt. 30-08-2017.CR files have been called for by DOP.It is hoped that DPC may be held very  shortly.

79. Implement Cadre Restructuring Proposal in all Cadres Including Postal Accounts and MMS in Department of Posts: (D.G. Posts reply vide his letter No. 08/13/2015-SR dated 17th September, 2015 is as under) Cadre restructuring proposal of Group ‘C’ employees: The proposal is pending with the Department of Expenditure, MO Finance at present.

80. MMS  Staff Cadre Review: The file of MMS staff is pending in Department of Expenditure who raised some queries on stagnation of Artisans, Drivers, Despatch Riders and Technical Supervisor . Director MV is preparing reply on these queries. This was an item of Two Strike on 8 & 9January, 2019and PJCA Charter of Demands.

81.Trade Union Facilities to BPEF :-Within 36 days after coming to power, the new Communications Minister Sh. Ravishankar Prasad issued an order to grant Trade Union facilities to BPEF which got only 4%membership in the 2010 membership verification. While granting recognition to the Unions/Associations who participated membership verification the Govt.has made clear that the Trade Union facilities granted to all other Unions/Federations stands withdrawn with immediate effect. The orders of the Department granting Trade Union Facilities is in total violations of the orders of the Govt. NFPE has strongly protested against this orders.

82. Membership Verification:-Membership verification is over. Subscription was deducted from the Salary of October, 2015 on 31-10-2015. Due to hard working of all Branch/Divisional/Circle Secretaries except MMS Chennai and ‘MA’ Dn Madurai more than 1 % membership of our union may increase in this membership verification. This C.W.C. should discuss seriously and request to all Circle secretaries, CWC members to send the detail report Division wise membership to CHQ. This C.W.C.. also request to all Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries and office bearers to make a special drive to collect declaration from all non members. New members and the members who may be willing to join our union in the membership modification to be held in the month of April, 2020.

83.  NPS & Extension of Benefits of Retirement/Gratuity and Death Graduity  to the C.G. Employees Covered by  New Defined Contribution Pension System (NPS Regarding Orders Issued By Dop&T).

Confederation of C.G. Employees and Workers have been continuoslyfighting against pensio  reforms implemented by Govt in tune with neo liberal policies demanding scrapping of the new Pension System (NPS). Further we have been demanding that those employrees whoare covered by NPS should be eligible for payment of Death Cum Retirement Graduity (DCRG) and family  Pension and compensation for price rise. Now the Govt. has conceded one of our demand  and Govt of India has issued ordrs to extend the benefit of Graduity to all NPS Employees . further the Cabinet has also constituted a Committee for stramlining the implementation of NPS. We shall present the remaining issues before that Committee. Scrapping of NPS is our main demand of 2 September, 2016 Strike and 16 march, 2017 One Day Strike.2 days strike on 8 and 9 January2019 and One day strike on 8-1-2020  No struggle will go in vain.

84. LAND MARK JUDGEMENT BY SUPREME COURT FOR PAYMENT OF “EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK” TO THE DAILY WAGES EMPLOYEES ADHOC APPOINTEES, EMPLOYEES APPOINTED ON CASUAL BASIS , CONTRACTUAL EMPLOYEES AND LIKE THAT. The Supreme court in its historical 102 pages judgement in a Civil Appeal No. 2143 of 2013 dated 26-10-2016 has directed that Temporary Employees adhoc appointees, employees appointed on casual basis,contractual employees and like that if thes concerned employees are rendering similar duties and respnsibilities as were discharged by regular employees are entitled to draw wages at the minimum of the pay scale extnded to regular employees holding the same posts.

85.  Financial Review, Remitance of Quota and Special Donation:-Even after reminders from CHQ huge sum of due of quota arrears is still outstanding from the Divisions. Circle Secretaries were also requested several times  to take take interest to get the quota  arrears cleared. CHQ gave the call of Special Donation of Rs.100/- per member from the arrears of 7 CPC and Bonus payment but response is very  poor. ThisCWC should discuss seriously and once again appeal to all CWC members , Circle Secretaries to take interest to get the quota cleared and direct the Divisional/Branch  Secretaries  to clear the quota and collect the Special Donation from remaining members and remit to CHQ.

86.  CHQ R-III Building:-R-III CHQ has own 3 bed room flat. 402 Shivalik Apartment Kaushambi Ghaziabad (UP) now it is on rent. It is in good condition. Repair work , flooring of tiling, windows doors completed . Only replacement of old pipes is remaining.

We request the Circle Secretaries that they should guide the members to represent their cases to the appropriate authority? authorities and pursue the same. The CHQ will certainly pursue the cases at Directorate Level. For this purpose the first requirement is that the case should have been taken/represented earlier at the Circle level. The Circle Secretaries may please prepare the list of cases represented at higher level within a reasonable period.

Coms. Charan Singh F/S, A.K. Gautam Ex Treasurer CHQ, Jagdish Prasad Ex Treasurer & Com. K.P. Singh AGS  are regularly attending and assisting the General Secretary at the Central Head Quarter. Sh. Sarjiwan Kumar is rendering excellent service to the union.

The CHQ is having cordial relationship with all the sister unions and NFPE. We are working as single team in the past period. We will maintain the same cordiality with others in the future. Coms. M.Krishnan Secretary General Confederation, R.N. Parashar Secretary General NFPE & Com. C.C.Pillai Ex-Secretary Generai NFPE & G/S R-III, Com. S.K. Barthan ex-President CHQ R-lll, Com. P.V. Rajenderan President  are guiding the CHQ properly and this CWC records its gratitude to the Secretary General and Ex Secretary General and President for their unlimited cooperation extended to this union.

While concentrating the Sectional issues of RMS & MMS Employees as we represent those cadres in this Oganisation. We shall also keep in mind the total interest of the Postal Employees as a whole. The policies and Programmrnes of the Department and the Government that effect the interest of services and staff are to be properly understto and opposed.

Under the neo liberal policies is the major reason for the downsizing. The GDS are denied even the historic pro rate wages in comparison with the Postmen and Mailguard and the discrimination on the matter of bonus ceiling was deliberately createad by the Department of Posts. The several issues as Cadre Review, MACP (or Promoted Staff, counting of RTP service, Despatch rider merger with drivers that require constant agitation with total unity of Postal employees under the banner of NFPE and we pledge our total support to stand like rock and respond and respect magnificently to all the calls of the Federation for the cause of the Postal Employees.

The entirety of C.G. Employees has innumerable problems. The 7th CPC has created new problems instead of solving the old problems. The Govt is once again moving in the direction for rejecting all arbitration Awards. As a general policy the out sourcing of many operations of Group ‘D’ & ‘C’ employees and other works and the attack on Social Security will be one of the major problems we are going to face. The path of the united struggles and joint activities of all C.G. Employees and State Govt. Employees will have to increase. We pledge our total support in building such a powerful movement in defence of our issues under the banner of the Confederation of Central Government Employees.

 87.       CONCLUSION:- We have to strengthen our organization to resist the onslaught on the services and staff due to the new liberal economic policies pursued by the Govt. under the dictates of imperialist finance Capitals. The task of the working class today is to unify the working class and put up resistance movement in order to protect The hard earned benefits and facilities. We have to vigorously carry out campaign and propaganda amongst employees for massive participation for all the programmes of sponsoring committee of Trade Unions, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and National Platform of mass organization to all the attack on services and staff which are to be resisted through relentless struggle and strikes by uniting entirety of Postal workers.
We have to evolve concened efforts to rally women workers in the forefront of the Union activities thereby strengthening our organization more strong. We should also guard against communal, castiest and other divisive forces activities against dividing the working class.
On behalf of this CWC of our Union we present this report for consideration and adoption.

Comradely Yours

General Secretary
For and on behalf of the Central Working Cornmttee

Year         Venue of                President             General Secretary                      Treasurer

1954         New Delhi               A.P. Thulasiram                  R.P.Chatterjee                         B.L.Raina
1955         Bombay                   G.K.Joshi                                         -do-                                     -do-
1956         Lucknow                 Nawab Singh Chauhan,  M.P.  Laljee Chaubey       Harkishan Lal
1957         New Delhi                     -do-                               R.P. Chatterjee                                -do-
1958         Vijaywada                         -do-                                       -do-                                         -do-
1959          Bangalore                         -do-                                        do-                                          -do-
1962          Muzaffarpur                   -do-                                         -do-                                       -do-
1963           Amritsar                 S.M.Banerjee                              N.J.Iyer                                P.N.Mehta
1965          Jaipur                 -do-                                                       -do-                                          -do-
1966          Calcutta                             -do-                                       -do-                                          -do-
1967          Cuttack                              R.P.Chatterjee                  -do-                                          -do-
1971          Madras                              -do-                                       -do-                                          -do-
1974          Guwahati                         -do-                                       -do-                                          -do-
1976          Trivandrum                      -do-                                      -do-                                          -do-
1978          Ahmedabad                    -do-                                       -do-                                          -do-
1980          Allahabad                         -do-                                       -do-                               K.K.Tiwari
1982          Pune                                  -do-                                       -do-                                          -do-
1985       Jabalpur                               -do-                                       B.K.Banerjee                        -do-
1987          Hubli                                   V.S.Joshi                              -do-                                          -do-
1989          Calcutta                             -do-                                       -do-                                         -do-
1992          Hyderabad                       S.R.Shukla                           -do-                                         -do-
1994          Pushkar                             -do-                                       -do-                                         -do-
21.12.94 New Delhi                         -do-                                       C.C.Pillai                                 -do-

1997          New Delhi                        -do-                                       -do-                                         -do-
1999          Kozhikode                        -do-                                       -do-                         Giri Raj Singh

2001          Patna                                 -do-                                       -do-                                       -do-
2003          Chennai                            P.S.Pandey                         -do-                                       -do-
2005          Guwahati                         -do-                                       -do-                    Jagdish Prasad

1.11.2006 Mysore                            -do-                              Giri Raj Singh                               -do-
2008          Nasik Road                       D.K.Rahate                         -do-                                       -do-      
2010          Mysore                             --do--                                    -do-                                       -do-
2012       Kanpur          S.K.Bardhan                                              -do-                                       -do-
2014       Tirupati                      --do--                                              -do-                       A.K. Gautam      
2016 Gandhi Nagar             P.V.Rajenderan                             -do                                          -do-      
2018Ghaziabad                      -do-                                                    -do-                        Charan Singh-II